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SSC CGL Tier 2 : Previous Year English Practice Set

SSC CGL Tier 2 : Previous Year English Practice Set

Directions:(Question 1-10) Each set of the following sentences comprises four alternatives labelled as ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ and ‘d’. It is required to select the most suitable alternative which coveys the correct meaning in accordance with the correct grammatical rules.

Q1. The supreme control of law and maintaining order in a State is in the hands of a Minister who is responsible to the State Assembly and acts through the Inspector General of police.

(a) Law and orderliness

(b) No improvement

(c) Law or chaos

(d) Law and order

Q2. I missed the train which I usually catch and had to travel, by the next

(a) Catch and usually had to travel

(b) Usual catch and had to travel

(c) No improvement

(d) Usually catch and have to travel

Q3. By June next year the manager will have been working in the office for twenty years.

(a) No improvement

(b) will be working

(c) Have been working

(d) Will being working

Q4. He went to the whole sale market and cheaply bought rations.

(a) Bought the cheap rations

(b) Bought the rations cheap

(c) Bought rations cheaply

(d) No improvement

SSC CGL Tier 2 : Previous Year English Practice Set
Q5. I have gone to the bank to collect the pass book

(a) No improvement

(b) Went

(c) Had gone

(d) Having gone

Q6. The principal appointed him as a peon in the college

(a) No improvement

(b) Appointed him a peon in the college

(c) Appointed him in the college as a peon

(d) As a peon appointed him in the college

Q7. The team is confident to win the match

(a) For winning

(b) Of winning

(c) Of win

(d) No improvement

Q8. He is one of the best policemen that have ever lived

(a) He is one of the best policeman who has ever lived.

(b) He is one of the best policeman who have ever lived

(c) He is one of the best policemen that has ever lived

(d) No improvement

Q9. My sister is the poet and the philosopher of my family

(a) No improvement

(b) A poet and the philosopher

(c) A poet and a philosopher

(d) The poet and philosopher

SSC CGL Tier 2 : Previous Year English Practice Set

Q10. Meena seldom or ever refuses an invitation

(a) No improvement

(b) Seldom or always

(c) Seldom or never

(d) Seldom if never

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