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SSC CGL Maths study plan Tier 1, Tier 2

SSC CGL maths

SSC CGL Maths Tier 1 Preparation Tips

SSC asks around 60% questions from just four chapters according to new trends. These chapters are Geometry, Mensuration, Algebra and Trigonometry. If you include data interpretation then 34-36 questions out of 50 questions are asked from this major contributor. SSC CGL Maths

What is advance maths?

Geometry, trigonometry, algebra and mensuration are called by some people as advance maths. However there is nothing like advance in it. SSC asks only basic questions up-to 10th class standard. If you are in touch in the recent past then it will be easy for you. Otherwise you need to brush up. But you are preparing for Banking exam and any coaching wala has misguided you that maths is maths when you do banking maths it will cover SSC maths also. Then you will be in big trouble as these two competition exams have totally different pattern and many a times banking coaching center exploit unemployment fear. But that is a different story I just want to highlight to be careful and well guided.

What about other topics ?

Number system again playing big role SSC has started to ask 4-6 questions from this topic if see 2014 trends. Work and time, sequence, profit and loss, discount, compound interest are the most important topics in arithmetic. For details you must see our analysis of question papers of 2014 on this website itself. We have given topic wise questions.

Which books or study material should be used?

You can use previous years questions which are being asked in 2013-2014 exams. No need to dig 10 years as trend is changing fast. The last 3 years are only useful. Work your strategy around these questions. Develop your own ways and methods/tricks. Since books have generally long methods for explanation but these methods may not help you to score high. So research and develop your tricks. We also publish on regular interval questions and solutions on this website. You can take our help. If you need any special tricks or solution then write to us in comment section we will reply. But you can straight forward discard/ reject M.Tyra style short cut otherwise you will be in trouble. This is my advice. Designing suck quicker methods will puzzle you more. Keep simple things: less the formula you use, better will be your score. Develop concept.

Practice a Lot

Practice at least 50 question papers. Only practice full length paper will help you. This will also decide and correct  your speed and accuracy issues. Practice makes a man perfect.  Believe me this is true for any competition exam. Only knowledge is not enough but implementation art matters.

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