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SSC CGL Geometry Questions Part 2/10: Pinnacle

SSC CGL Geometry Questions Part 2/10: Pinnacle

SSC CGL Geometry Questions Part 2/10: Pinnacle  Click Part 1/10 

Geometry Practice questions are divided into 10 parts. Each part contain 50 questions. For answer and explanation, properties in PDF format and Videos you can join our “ Online Coaching Batch“.

Geometry Topics that needs to be covered to understand the concept.

  1. Lines
  2. Angles
  3. Triangle
  4. Quadrilateral
  5. Polygon
  6. Circle

You may look other articles on this website on geometry for properties.

Geometry properties part1 , Geometry Properties Part 2, Geometry properties Part 3.

There 7-8 questions on Geometry in Tier 1 but 5-6 questions are directly associated with properties. In other words if you properties task will be easier on geometry. You must learn our project 400 questions related to geometry with short cuts and alternative methods technique to have a grip on it.

The level of difficulty of questions in SSC CGL exam is upto 10th standard. Questions may not be difficult but it will take time if you don’t do much practice. That is why we always say that you must prepare thoroughly our 500 series questions for advance maths in a perfect way. You should learn techniques to 500 questions in 50 minutes.If you can do this nobody can stop you to score 45+ in tier 1 and 180+ in tier 2.

In next article on Geometry I will explain 5 points agenda for geometry that you should work upon.

SSC CGL Geometry Questions
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