SSC CGL 2014 Tier 1 Answer Key evening shift 26th Oct

SSC CGL 2014 Tier 1 Answer Key evening shift 26th Oct

SSC CGL 2014 Tier 1 Answer Key evening shift 26th Oct

 SSC CGL 2014 

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121 MJ 3

232 NK 4

343 SL 5

454 TH 6

565 QM 7

676 RL 8

787 PK 9

NH 0

Evening Shift Code

654 SL 8

765 PK 3

876 QJ 2

987 RH 1

Evening Shift 26th Oct SSC CGL 2014

We are publishing key of 654 SL 8 code paper. All other codes have the same question only sequence is different.

Answer key

1 A 51 d 101 b 151 B
2 C 52 a 102 b 152 C
3 B 53 b 103 b 153 B
4 A 54 a 104 c 154 A
5 D 55 d 105 a 155 A
6 C 56 d 106 a 156 B
7 B 57 b 107 b 157 A
8 A 58 b 108 b 158 A
9 A 59 d 109 a 159 D
10 C 60 d 110 a 160 D
11 A 61 d 111 d 161 A
12 B 62 b 112 c 162 A
13 C 63 c 113 d 163 B
14 D 64 c 114 d 164 A
15 B 65 b 115 a 165 C
16 C 66 d 116 b 166 D
17 D 67 117 c 167 A
18 B 68 d 118 b 168 A
19 A 69 119 b 169 A
20 B 70 b 120 c 170 C
21 C 71 b 121 b 171 A
22 A 72 c 122 b 172 A
23 B 73 a 123 b 173 B/D
24 B 74 d 124 b 174 B
25 D 75 c 125 c 175 D
26 A 76 d 126 d 176 A
27 A 77 b 127 d 177 B
28 A 78 b 128 b 178 A
29 D 79 d 129 a 179 C
30 D 80 b 130 d 180 C
31 A 81 b 131 c 181 C
32 D 82 c 132 b 182 D
33 A 83 b 133 c 183 A
34 A 84 d 134 a 184 C
35 D 85 d 135 c 185 B
36 B 86 a 136 c 186 C
37 D 87 d 137 c 187 A/C
38 D 88 b 138 b 188 C
39 C 89 c 139 c 189 D
40 B 90 140 d 190 D
41 D 91 a 141 d 191 B
42 A 92 a 142 d 192 B
43 D 93 c 143 b 193 A
44 B 94 b 144 a 194 B
45 B 95 a 145 d 195 A
46 A 96 b 146 b 196 A
47 A 97 c 147 b 197 A
48 B 98 a 148 b 198 C
49 B 99 b 149 d 199 C
50 C 100 b 150 c 200 B

 SSC CGL 2014  : Section Wise Analysis ( Reasoning) 

Let us start from the reasoning.

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SN. Topic No. of Question
1 Analogy 6
2 Blood relation 1
3 symbol notation 3
4 classification 5
5 Diretion and Distance 2
6 Scheduled Day/Date/ time 0
7 Series 5
8 coding 3
9 word formation 3
10 syllogism 2
11 Ranking and arrangement 1
12 Missing number 3
13 arithmetical problems 2
14 arrangement of words in logical order 2
15 cubes and dice 1
16 venn diagram 3
17 miscellaneous 2
Total Verbal Questions 44
Non Verbal
1 Series 0
2 Analogy 0
3 classification 0
4 Mirror and Water images 1
5 Paper cutting & Folding 2
6 Completion of Figure 2
7 Embedded Figure 1
8 Deviation of Figure 0
Total Non Verbal Question 6

SSC CGL 2014

SSC CGL 2014 : Analysis : 

Reasoning a very easy paper. 45+ could have been easily scored. Analogy, series, classification questions dominated. 6 Questions were from non verbal reasoning and 44 from verbal reasoning. Above graph shows which topic dominated in the paper.   For Reasoning Explanation Click PDF File 

 English Section 

As far as English is concerned :
// //

Topic No of questions
Common errors 5
Fill in the blanks 5
synonyms 3
antonyms 3
Idioms/phrases 5
Sentence improvement 10
One word substitution 7
Spellings 2
Comprehension 10
Voice 0
Rearrangement of sentences 0
Narration 0
Close test 0

SSC CGL 2014

Dominated topics comprehension, sentence improvement. Not even a single question from voice, narration, close test, rearrangement . It was moderate to difficult. Above 30 should be good score.

SSC CGL 2014  : 26th Oct Evening English Solution. 654 SL 8 code  : Explanation

Q 151) This is the boy(A)/who I think had won (B)/the gold medal in the dance       competition(C)/No error(D)Analysis and explanations for English section held on 26th October EVENING session.

Correct answer is B. The error lies in part b who should be replaced by whom.

Note: If who/whom is used in the middle of the sentence then who will be used if it is         immediately followed by a verb or helping verb. And whom will be used if it is     immediately followed by any other word which is not a verb or helping verb.In the         given sentence it is followed by I so whom will be used.

Q152)  The preist emphasized(A)/that it is the duty(B)/of all Christians to love each other(c)/No    error (D)

Correct answer is D. No error.

Q153)  The pond is flooded(A)/with water because it is raining(B)/continuously for the last three    days(C)/No error(D)

Correct answer is B.

Note:   Present perfect continuous will be used as the action began in the past but has      been going on continuously upto the present time.

Correct Sentence: The pond is flooded with water because it has been raining     continuously for the last three days.

Q154)  Scaling the high wall(A)/a vast expanse of greenery(B)/reaching up to the horizon was      seen(C)/No error(D)

Correct answer: A

Correct sentence: On scaling the high wall a vast expanse of greenery reaching upto the             horizon was seen.

Q155)  Any of the two(A)/roads leads(B)/to the station(C)/No error (D)

Correct answer 😀 (no error)

 Q156) His old clothes and uncombed hair gave him a _______ appearance.

Correct answer B (disreputable)

Discontended means dissatisfied.

Disreputable means not considered to be respected in character or appearance.

Disrespectful means not showing respect.


Q157)     There are as yet no vegetation types or ecosystems hose study has been perfected to the extent that they no longer______ ecologists.

Correct answer is A that is interest.

Q 158)    The father as angry and cast________ his son.

Correct answer is A (Off)

Note cast off means to get rid off.

Q159)     Indian masses are________ law abiding.

Correct answer is D (by and large) It means mostly and generally.

Q160)     The film we saw last night as boring.I wish I __________ it.

The correct answer is D (had not seen)

Q161)     Obstacle

Correct answer is A

Cessation means to end

Denouement means the final part of a play, film, or narrative in which the strands of      the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved.

Q162)     Mollify

Correct answer is A (Assuage)

Mollify means to pacify.

Assuage means to make an unpleasant feeling less intense.

Persuade means convince.

Contradict means to assert the opposite of a statement.

Q 163)    Audacious

Correct answer is (B), Daring.

Audacious means bold.

Boisterous is lively

Industrious is busy.

Uncaring means lacking concern.

Q164)     Plummet

Correct answer is A (Soar)

Plummet means to fall down straight.

Stagnate means cease to move or flow.

Q165)     Ebullient

Correct answer is C (Spiritless)

Ebullient means full of energy and cheerful.

Q166)     Volatile

Correct answer is D (Stable)

Volatile means liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.

Stable is not easily upset or disturbed.

Q167)     Those intending to take up the military service must be prepared to go through the      hoops.

Correct answer is A

Q168)     He is playing ducks and drakes with the wealth of his father.

Correct answer is A

Q 169)    The principal called the latecomers to her room and delivered a curtain lecture on the subject of late hours.

Correct answer is A

Q170)     The project to clean the river Ganga ended in smoke.

Correct answer is C

Q171)     He immediately set about organizing the department.

Correct answer is A.

Q172)     Nighclubs are open far into night

Correct answer is A


Q173)     The field marshal knew that untrained troops were no good to him he needed     complete veterans.

Correct answer is B/D

Note:The word seasoned means something closer to matured. Because people             mature as a result of experience, the conflation of the two words is understandable.

Q174)     Once only did she give her way to emotions.

Correct answer is B (Only once did she give way to emotions)

Note: If the sentence begins with an adverb the sentence inversion is followed hich        means the verb ill come before the subject.

Q175)     I don’t think Harsh will beat Mohit at chess Mohit is one too much for him

Correct answer is D
Q176)     Through out history both ancient and modern men were fond of waging ar.

Correct answer is A

Correct sentence: Throughout history both ancient and modern men have been fond     of waging war.

Q177)     An early bird catches the worm.

Correct answer is B

Correct sentence :The early bird catches the worm (It is an idiom meaning that people who start early have an advantage)

Q178)     Who can prevent you from getting married now that you are within age?

Correct answer is A

Of age is used when a person is old enough to do something eg get married, get a         license, vote etc.

Q179)     Since your departure nothing has been transpired here worth your notice.

Correct answer is C.

Q180)     As the tenant was in deficit with his rent we were forced to give his notice.

Correct answer is C.

Q181)     The engaged couple fell head over heels in love.

Correct answer: C ( The engaged couple fell in love head over heels)

Q182)     A tall strong woman

Correct answer is D (Amazon)

Harridan is a scolding old woman.

Shrew is a woman with a violent nagging temperament.

Siren is a woman considered beautiful and seductive.

Amazon is a tall aggressive warrior type woman.

Q183)     A difficult problem

Correct answer is A (Concundrum /it means a difficult problem)

Labyrinth and maze both mean an intricate structure of interconnecting passages          through which it is difficult to find one’s way.

Q184)     The policy of extending a country’s power and influence.

Correct answer is C (Imperialism)

Capitalism means an economic system in which the means of production and   distribution are privately owned.

Communism means a system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods     are equally shared by the people.

Internationalism means a policy or practice of cooperation among nations,especially     in politics and economic matters.

Q185)     A person who studies the origin and history of words

Correct answer is B (Etymologist)

Grammarian is a person hose profession is to study grammar.

Ethnologist studies ethnology hich is the science that analyzes and compares human    cultures, as in social structure, language, religion, and technology; cultural             anthropology.

Polyglot means a person having knowledge of several languages.

Q186)     A book which holds several works of one author

Correct answer is A/C (anthology)


(Q 187)   One who deliberately damages other people’s property.

Correct answer is A/C

Q188)     A large number of bullets fired at the same time.

Correct answer is C( Fusillade)

Archery is the sports of shooting with a bow and arrow.

Rattle is a baby’s toy that makes short sounds.

Q 189)    Correct answer is D

Q190)     Correct answer is D

Q191)     Correct answer is B (Drug addiction)

Q192)     Correct answer is B

Q193)     Correct answer is A

Q 194)    Correct answer is B

Q 195)    Correct answer is A

(The first to lines of the passage contain the answer)

Q 196)    Correct answer is A

(Ninth line of the passage:Virus writers use social engineering      and exploit detailed     knowledge of…………..)

Q197)     Correct answer is A

(Centre of the passage: The vast majority of viruses over 99% target systems running   microsoft windows employing a variety of mechanisms to infect new  hosts and often using complex anti detection/stealth strategies to evade antivirus software.)

Q198)     Correct answer is C

(Towards the end:Motives for creating viruses can include seeking profit,desire to send a political message,personal amusement,that demonstrate that a        vulnerability exists in software,for sabotage and denial of service,or simply   because they wish………….)

Q199)     Correct answer is C

Q200)     Correct answer is B

(Second line of the passage: However not all viruses carry a destructive payload or       attempt to hide themselves the defining characteristic of viruses is that they are self          replicating computer programs which install themselves without the user’s consent)

 SSC CGL 2014 : General Awareness Code: 654 SL 8

For answer key see above in complete answer key list Code: 654 SL 8. However questions are the same only sequence is different you can easily find the answer whatever set you have. 

SSC CGL 2014 Tier 1 Answer Key evening shift 26th Oct

Analysis: 21 questions were from science / Tech.  Howver this ratio as compare to other shifts. In few cases portion was even 26.

Difficulty Level: Quite difficult. Score above 20 + is  very good. 😛

General Awareness Questions asked in the paper are : Answer key is on top of this post. Click below for Free subscription of this website
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51. In the case of direct taxes, the payment, liability and the ultimate burden of the tax lies upon
A. the person on whom it has not been imposed
B. the tax department who collects the taxes
C. both on whom it has been imposed and on whom it is not imposed.
D. the person on whom it has been imposed.

  1. Interest paid to bank for a crop loan is
    A. a factor payment B. capital formation
    C. intermediate consumption D. a transfer payment
  2. Economic growth refers to
    A. continuous growth national income for at least two years
    B. continuous growth of per capita real income over a period of time in economy
    C. continuous growth of agriculture sector
    D. prevention of concentration
  3. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
    A. Economy faces the problem of utilization of resources.
    B. Economy faces the problem of growth of resources.
    C. Economy faces the problem of excess of resources.
    D. The central problem of an economy is the problem of allocation of resources.
  4. Which of the following provides Representative Government?
    A. Direct Democracy B. Democracy
    C. Presidential form of Government D. Indirect Democracy
  5. What is the main duty of the Legislature?
    A. Implementing judicial matters B. Implementing laws
    C. Central administration D. Enacting laws
  6. Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at
    A. Ujjain B. Sravanabelgola C. Kashi D. Pataliputra
  7. If only a part of labour force employed by a firm can be dismissed at any time and without pay, the total wages and salaries paid by the firm must be considered
    A. a fixed cost B. partly a fixed and partly a variable cost
    C. neither a fixed cost nor a variable cost D. a variable cost
  8. Member of the Union Public Service Commission are appointed by the
    A. Prime Minister B. Chief Justice C. Law Minister D. President
  9. Who said, “A state is known by the rights that it maintains”?
    A. MacIver B. J. S. Mill C. Machiavalli D. Laski
  10. Which of the following systems is based on the principle of surplus value?
    A. Individualism B. Idealism C. Communism D. Capitalism
  11. The busiest ocean from the point of view of trade is
    A. Indian Ocean B. Atlantic Ocean C. Artic Ocean D. Pacific Ocean
  12. Buddha died in the year
    A. 453 BC B. 468 B C C. 483 B C D. 438 BC
  13. The new name of Burma is Myanmar and its capital is capital is
    A. Rangoon B. Ava C. Naypyidaw D. Arakan
  14. The famous Jain centre in South India is located at
    A. Madurai B. Sravanabelgola C. Rameshwaram D. Kanch
  15. The Ashokan Inspirations are engraved in which script?
    A. Pali B. Devanagari script C. Magadhi D. Brahmi
  16. Which of the following lakes is called ‘Honeymoon Lake’?
    A. Titicaca B. Toba C. Nysasa D. Chad
  17. Harmattan blows in Sahara desert from
    A. West to East B . North to south C. South to North D. East to West
  18. A member of Liliaceae that shows reticulate venation is
    A. Smilax B. Aloe C. Allium D. Scilla
  19. Euphenics is
    A. Improvement of race B. Study of conditions affecting organisms
    C. Treatment of defective heredity through genetic engineering D. Manipulation of genes
  20. Areneology is
    A. Study of aphids B Study of spiders C. Study of mites D. Rearing of bees
  21. What does “Corpus Iuteum” secrete?
    A. Estrogen B. Haemoglobin C. Progesterone D. Testosterone
  22. The male sex hormone is
    A. Testosterone B. Insulin C. Progesterone D. Estrogen
  23. The forest in Silent Valley of Kerala is an example of
    A. Tropical rainforest B. alpine coniferous forest C. mangrove forest D. deciduous forest
  24. Annaimudi peak is located in the
    A. Nilgiri Hills B. Palni hills C. Sahyadri D. Eastern Ghats
  25. Commercial important cotton fibres are
    A. Woody fibres of roots B. phloem fibres of roots
    C. bark fibres of stems D. epidermal hairs of seeds
  26. A seconds pendulum is pendulum whose time period is
    A. 3 seconds B. 2 seconds C. 1 second D. 4 seconds
  27. A jug is filled to the brim with water at 0 C. A piece of ice floats o it. The moment the ice melts,
    A. water level decreases B. water level is unchanged
    C. water spills out of jug D. water level increases
  28. Herman Hollerith had perfected his tabulating system and developed a machine called
    A. Analytical Engine B. Census Tabulator C. None of the above D. Tabulation Engine
  29. DBMS used for building computer applications stands for
    A. Database maintenance System B. Database management system
    C. Database Micro System C. Data base Machine System
  30. The total energy of an electron inside an atom is
    A. more than zero B. less than zero C. infinite D. zero
  31. The velocity of light is
    A. 3 x 108 miles/sec B. 3 x 108 cm/sec C. 3 x 10 8 m/sec D. 3 x 108 km/sec
  32. Acid rain is caused by
    A. SO2 and O2 B. SO2 and NO2 C. NO2 and O2 D. CO and CO2
  33. Iodine test is used to detect
    A. Protein B. Fat C. Cholesterol D. Carbohydrate
  34. Which of the following is used in pencils?
    A. Sulphur B. Phosphorus C. Charcoal D. Graphite
  35. The branch of medicine involving synthetic chemical compounds is
    A. Allopathy B. Homeopathy C. Unani D. Ayurveda
  36. The rusting of metal iron I air needs both
    A. Carbon dioxide and moisture B. Water and paint
    C. Oxygen and grease D. Oxygen and moisture
  37. Arsenic problem in India is primarily due to
    A. Overexploitation of coal in Bihar and Bengal
    B. Overexploitation of ground water in the affected areas
    C. Overexploitation of surface water in the affected areas
    D. Overexploitation of arsenopyrite in the hinterland
  38. Who as elected as president of All India Football Federation?
    A. Subrata Dutta B. Shrinivas V. Dempo C. Praful Patel D. Hardev Jadeja
  39. Absorption of water from cut ends of stems disproves the
    A. Cohesion-tension theory B. Root pressure theory
    C. Inbibitional pressure theory D. Theory of capillarity
  40. The loss of water in the form of water droplets is called
    A. Guttation B. Evaporation C. Bleeding D. Transpiration
  41. “Vatsalya Mela” is annually organized in
    A. New Delhi B. Bhopal C. Chandigarh D. Bangalore
  42. Who is the Director General of BBC?
    A. George Entwistle B. Karan Thapar C. Tony Hall D. Jimmy Savile
  43. Who is Australia’s High Commissioner to India?
    A. Peter Varghese B. Patrick Suckling C. Simon Tirkey D. M.P. Samuel
  44. Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?
    A. Jahangir B. Aurangzeb C. Muhammad Shah D. Babur
  45. A South Rajasthani tribe earning its living by song and dance is
    A. Khasis B. Garasia C. Mayas D. Moors
  46. Hydrogen was discovered by
    A. Boyle B. Charles C. Cavendish D. Priestley
  47. The biggest delta in the world is the
    A. Ganges Delta B. Caspian Delta C. Nippon Delta D. Sicily Delta
  48. Who took over as the Chairman of Tata Sons?
    A. Raviant B. Cyrus Pallongi Mistry C. Ratan Tata D. Shapoor Mistry
  49. Who is the author of the book “romancing with life”?
    A. Kapil Dev B. Dev Anand C. Shashi Tharoor D. Bill Clinton

SSC CGL 2014


SN Topic No. of Questions
1 Number System 1
2 LCM and HCF 1
3 Power, Indices and Surds 2
4 Simplification 2
5 Average 1
6 Ratio and Proportion 1
7 Percentage 1
8 Profit and loss 1
9 Discount 3
10 Compound Interest 1
11 Time and Work 1
12 Pipe and Cistern 2
13 Time and Distance (Rail) 2
14 Boat and Streams 1
15 Algebra 5
16 Trigonometry 7
17 Geometry 10
18 Mensuration 1
19 Data Interpretation 7
Total 50
1 Test of Divisibility 0
2 Square and Square Root 0
3 Cube and Cube Root 0
4 Age determination 0
5 Alligation 0
6 Partnership 0
7 Simple Interest 0
8 Work and Wages 0
9 Sequence and Series 0
10 Miscellaneous 0

// //
30 questions are from Geometry, Algebra, Mensuration, Trigonometry, data Interpretation. Paper was easy to moderate. 35+ is a good score in this paper. You can say the easiest paper of math in 2014 Tier 1. So those who got 26th Oct evening shift are the luckiest.

For Math explanation: We will upload explanation file very soon.

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