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Practice Exercise or Fill in the blanks For SSC CGL

Practice Exercise or Fill in the blanks For SSC CGL

Practice Exercise or Fill in the blanks For SSC CGL

SSC : Choose the correct option from the given 

Given below is Set 1 of the series in the fill in the blanks section

there will be around 15 such series containing 25 questions each

which will be uploaded very soon with explanations.

1  She hadn’t eaten

all day, and by the time she got home she was______.

a. blighted                 b. confutation

c. ravenous               d.ostentatious

2 The movie offended many of the parents of its younger viewers by including unnecessary ______ in the dialogue.

a. vulgarity                     b.verbosity

c. vocalizations              d.garishness

3 His neighbors found his ______ manner bossy and irritating, and they stopped inviting him to their functions.

a. insentient               b.magisterial

c. reparation             d.restorative

4  Steven is always ______ about showing up for work because he feels that tardiness is a sign of irresponsibility.

a. legible                           b.tolerable

c. punctual                       d.literal

5  Chandu would ______ his little sister into an argument by teasing her and calling her names.

a. advocate                         b.provoke
c. perforate                         d.expunge

6  The dress Anu wore ______ with small, glassy beads, creating a

shimmering effect.

a. titillated                         b.reiterated
c. scintillated                     d.enthralled

7  Being able to afford this luxury car will ______ getting a better paying job.

a. maximize                    b.recombinant

c. reiterate                      d.necessitate

8  Levina unknowingly ______ the thief by holding open the elevator

doors and ensuring his escape.

a. coerced                    b.proclaimed

c. abetted                    d.sanctioned

9  Shakespeare, a(n) ______ writer, entertained audiences by writing

many tragic and comic plays.

a. numeric                      b.obstinate

c. dutiful                         d.prolific

10 I had the ______ experience of sitting next to an over-talkative

passenger on my flight home from Dubai.

a. satisfactory                    b.commendable

c. galling                           d.acute

11 Prince Phillip had to choose: marry the woman he loved and ______

his right to the throne, or marry Lady Fiona and inherit the crown.

a. reprimand                    b.upbraid

c. abdicate                       d.extol

12 If you will not do your work of your own ______, I have no choice

but to penalize you if it is not done on time.

a. predilection                    b.coercion

c. excursion                       d.volition

13 . After lying in the sink for several days, the dirty, food-encrusted

dishes became ______.

a. malodorous                     b.prevalent

c. imposing                         d.perforated

14  Geeta soon discovered the source of the ______ smell in the room:

a week-old  sandwich that one of the children had hidden in

the almirah.

a. wierd                               b.fastidious

c. clandestine                  d.laconic

15  After making ______ remarks to the President, the reporter was

not invited to return to the White House pressroom.

a. hospitable                           b.itinerant

c. enterprising                       d.irreverent

16 With her ______ eyesight, Krisha spotted a pair of deer on the

hillside and she reduced the speed of her car.

a. inferior                              b.keen

c. impressionable                   d.ductile

17 With a(n) ______ grin, the boy quickly slipped the candy into his

pocket without his mother’s knowledge.

a. jaundiced                           b.nefarious

c. stereotypical                    d.sentimental

Practice Exercise
18 Her ______ display of tears at work did not impress her new boss,

who felt she should try to control her emotions.

a. excessive                         b.meritorious

c. precarious                        d.plausible

19  Johan argued, “If you know about a crime but don’t report it, you

are ______ in that crime because you allowed it to happen.”

a. acquitted                         b.steadfast

c. tenuous                           d.accomplice

20  The authorities, fearing a ______ of their power, called for a

military state in the hopes of restoring order.

a. subversion                    b.premonition

c. predilection                   d.infusion

21 The story’s bitter hero felt such great ______ for all of the other

characters that as a result, his life was very lonely and he died alone.

a. insurgence                    b.malevolence

c. reciprocation                 d.declamation

22 It is difficult to believe that charging 20% on an outstanding credit

card balance isn’t ______!

a. bankruptcy                    b.usury

c. novice                           d.kleptomania

23 The ______ weather patterns of the tropical island meant tourists

had to carry both umbrellas and sunglasses.

a. impertinent                    b.supplicant

c. unpredictable                 d.illustrative

24 Wedding ceremonies often include the exchange of ______ rings

to symbolize the couple’s promises to each other.

a.acrimonious                      b. plaintive

c.deciduous                         d.votive

25   Kiran was ______ in choosing her friends, so her parties were

   attended by vastly different and sometimes bizarre personalities.
a. indispensable                      b.indiscriminate

 c. commensurate                    d.propulsive

SSC : Answers for the exercise.

  1. c. Ravenous(adj.) means extremely hungry.
  2. a. Vulgarity(n.) means offensive speech or conduct.
  3. b.Magisterial(adj.) means overbearing or offensively self-assured.
  4. c. Punctual(adj.) means arriving exactly on time.
  5. b.To provoke(v.) is to incite anger or resentment; to call forth a
    feeling or action.
  6. c. To scintillate(v.) means to emit or send forth sparks or little
    flashes of light, creating a shimmering effect; to sparkle.
  7. d.To necessitate(v.) means to make necessary, especially as a result.
  8. c. To abet(v.) means to assist, encourage, urge, or aid, usually an
    act of wrongdoing.
  9. d.Prolific(adj.) means abundantly creative.
  10. c. annoying(adj.) means irritating, annoying, or exasperating.
  11. c. To abdicate(v.) means to formally relinquish or surrender power,
    office, or responsibility.
  12. d.Volition(n.) means accord; an act or exercise of will.
  13. a. Malodorous(adj.) means having a foul-smelling odour.
  14. a.wired(adj.) means strange.
  15. d.Irreverent(adj.) means lacking respect or seriousness; not
  16. b.Keen(adj.) means being extremely sensitive or responsive;
    having strength of perception.
  17. b.Nefarious(adj.) means wicked, vicious, or evil.
  18. a. Excessive (adj) means too much.
  19. d.accomplice(adj.) means participating in or associated with a
    questionable act or a crime.
  20. a. Subversion(n.) means an overthrow, as from the foundation.
  21. b.Malevolence(n.) means ill will or malice toward others; hate.
  22. b.Usury(n.) is the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates.
  23. C unpredictable(adj.) means continually changing or quickly
  24. d.Votive(adj.) means dedicated by a vow.
  25. b.Indiscriminate (adj.) means not discriminating or choosing
    randomly; haphazard; without distinction.

SSC : Where does your score fall ?

Scoring 20 and above is an excellent score.

Scoring 17 and above is good.

Scoring 14 and above is average and below that needs improvement.


Practice Exercise
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