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Phrasal Verbs beginning with “A”  series A -Z : by Neeru Madam 

Phrasal Verbs beginning with “A”  series A -Z : by Neeru Madam

In this article, we are providing Phrasal Verb which has its own importance in the exam. It covers phrasal verbs starting with”A”. Learn them effectively and impetus yourself for all the upcoming exams regarding English Section in just a needed time and prepare yourself flawlessly.

We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.

Phrasal Verbs beginning with “A”

Act for

It is used when we represent some person.

Eg- During the legal trail you can appoint a lawyer to act for you

 Act on

It is used when one follows someone’s advice ,instructions, orders etc.

Eg- The young batman acted on the advice of his coach and changed his technique

Phrasal Verbs beginning with "A" series A -Z : by Neeru Madam
Act out

It is used when something is performed out well with actions and gestures.

Example- The story of Ramayan is acted out in various parts of Delhi around Diwali.

Act up

It is used when someone does not behave properly or something does not function properly.

Eg- His mother gave him a good thrashing as he acted up when the guests were around.

Add up

Usage 1- It is used when we are adding numbers together in calculations

Usage 2- It is also used when something does not make sense and looks unreliable.

Eg- Seven and four adds up to eleven.

Eg- All the excuses that she gave for her absence seemed added up.

Answer Back

It is used when we reply back rudely to an elderly person or a person in authority.

Eg- He was thrown out of job for answering back his manager.

Answer for (held liable)

It is used when someone is held responsible for something.

Eg- They hostllers had to answer for their absence from the annual exam before the committee.

Ask around

It is used when we ask the people around for something (information,address ,direction etc)

Eg- When the boy fainted suddenly in the park his mother asked around for help.

Ask out

It is used when we want to invite someone and take the person out on a date

Eg- He has liked her since college days but he never had the courage to ask her out for dinner.

Ask over/come over

It is used when we want to invite someone to our house.

Eg- Why asked  our new neighbor over for dinner to know them better?

Attend to

It is used when someone look after something/someone

Eg-We need a nurse to attend to my grandmother

The old man attends to his plants as if they were his children.

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