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Descriptive Writing SSC CGL Tier 3

Tier 3 i.e. Descriptive writing paper is the most important now. Since ssc cgl tier 2 papers were easy to moderate so tier 3 will create lot of difference in final outcome. As you know cut off is comparatively high as compared to the last year and contribution of Tier 3 will play an important role now.

ssc cgl tier 3

Pinnacle SSC CGL online coaching is a specialized coaching centre which provides online coaching for Tier 1 +Tier 2+Tier 3 +Tier 4. Pinnacle is the only coaching centre in India which provides all 4 tiers coaching in a comprehensive manner and you can prepare for all the four tiers at your home, if you are a student of Pinnacle.

For descriptive writing of tier 3 , Pinnacle has launched special course i.e. JobAssure Tier 3 program. Highlights of this course are :

    1. Descriptive writing skills videos are provided : around 150
    2. Sharing of toppers answer sheets with students so that they know what others have written. This is the main tool for improvement in writing skills and building environment as per tier 3 requirement.
    3. Explanation of each paper code, containing mainly letter and essay, through videos by analyzing toppers / well written essay / letter.
    4. Toppers are declared after each paper  , this gives a  spirit of competition.
    5. 20 Papers will be scheduled ( day wise schedule) , students will be asked to write and submit through Pinnacle software link ( very easy). Then Pinnacle team takes printout and sent for evaluation to experts. Evaluated sheet is again scanned , uploaded and link is shared with the student. In this way you get your sheet evaluated. This program’s process is very systematic.

  1. With enough contents and writing practice a student feels quite confident and can write on any topic after this course. So student does not need to worry which essay or letter will come in the exam , he will be able to write on any topic.
  2. Those students who are very poor in writing skills, a special initiative is there ” Zero to Hero” in JobAssure Tier3.

Join today and be part of it : compete for toppers rank.

Joining link Click here

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