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  • Based on latest Pattern
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SSC Pinnacle Test Pass 


Limited Time Offer !! 

Pinnacle is launching a one-day limited edition offer on 25th November 2022. Buy Pinnacle Test Pass at just Rs 99! with 1-year validity. Click Here to know more.

Why Pinnacle Test Pass? 

SSC Pinnacle Test Pass covers three modules Tier 1, Tier 2, Typing modules and current affair ebooks. These modules contain various mock tests that will help students to practice for the SSC exam. These mock tests are based on the latest SSC cgl syllabus and exam pattern , solving these will add advantages to all the students, some of them are listed below :

1. Help students develop strategies 

By solving mock tests students can develop a good strategy as every paper is not the same and needs a different strategy and approach. 

2. Help in analyzing the preparation 

Taking various tests before the exam will help the student to analyze his performance. By analyzing the performance students will be able to make a strategy and give ideas like which topic they have to prepare more. 

3. Help in managing the Time 

Timing plays a very important role in preparation. Tests will guide the students if they need to improve their speed. Also, these tests will analyze how much a question takes time to solve, by this they will work on their speed and can build a good speed to solve a paper. 

4. Real-Time Environment 

These mock papers are designed the same as the actual exam papers. Thereby solving these assists students to get familiarized with the real exam environment. 

5. Less Exam Stress

Exams bring lots of stress to students' minds and if they have not prepared enough then this builds immense stress which eventually builds less confidence. Mock tests build good confidence in students and by solving these papers they are prepared emotionally and mentally. From this, they will give exams with full confidence without worrying about the outcomes.  

What does Pinnacle Test Pass cover?

Pinnacle Test pass contains Tier 1, Tier 2, Typing Module and Current Affair ebooks. 

Tier 1 

  • 1000 Sectional Tests
  • 2000 Chapter-wise Tests 
  • 200 full-length previous-year Tests. These tests will cover all previous years' questions that are asked by TCS in all the SSC exams. 
  • 100 Full-length Mock Tests. These tests are also based on the TCS pattern. 

Tier 2 

  • Section 1 (100 Tests): Every test in the module contains 60 MCQ and is 60 minutes according to the SSC cgl tier 2 latest pattern. This module will cover 30 MCQs of reasoning and 30 MCQs of Maths as per the latest pattern. 


  • Section 2 (100 Tests): This section will cover 70 MCQs that are 60 minutes in duration according to the latest pattern of SSC cgl tier 2. It covers 25 MCQs of general studies and 45 MCQs of English


  • Section 3 (100 Tests): This section will cover 20 MCQs of Computer Knowledge that are 15 minutes in duration and are based on the latest pattern of SSC cgl tier 2. 


Speed Test Module (100 Tests)

This module will help you to check and improve your typing speed. 


Pinnacle has launched a special limited-time offer for all students that will cover three modules Tier 1, Tier 2, and typing modules that are fully based on the latest pattern of SSC cgl.  All these modules with thousands of mock tests are based on the latest pattern and syllabus. Mock Tests help the student to practice, make better strategies, save time to solve a question, and many more. These modules will cover entire syllabus for SSC cgl.These are also beneficial for the teachers apart from students as this will help them to understand all the areas where students need to focus.