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Words List of Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL / CHSL

Words List of Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL / CHSL

Words List of Synonyms Antonyms For SSC CGL / CHSL


Unabated    अटूट

Synonyms – incessant, persistent, tenacious, unfaltering, sustained

  • Antonyms -intermittent, relenting, yielding


Underdog  अभागा

Synonyms – loser, miserable, underprivileged, unfortunate, wretch, small fry

  • Antonyms -favourite, prized, winner


Undermine  अवमूल्यन करना

Synonyms – attenuate, debilitate, -unnerve, weaken, sabotage, subvert

  • Antonyms -strengthen, support, assist


Undo  अनकिया करना

Synonyms – annul, efface, undermine, obliterate, wreck

  • Antonyms -retain, validate, construct


Unfold  खोलना

Synonyms – expand, extend, stretch, unroll, develop, evolve

  • Antonyms -fold, wrap, cover


Unruffled  स्थिर, चौरस

Synonyms – composed, detached, imperturbable

  • Antonyms -discomposed, stormy, nervous


Unruly  अनियंत्रित

Synonyms – disorderly, lawless, refractory, untoward, wild

  • Antonyms -compliant, obedient, yielding


Upright  ईमानदार

Synonyms – honest, incorruptible, righteous, forthright, upstanding

  • Antonyms -fallen, corrupt, dishonest


Uprising  विद्रोह

Synonyms – insurgence, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, mounting, insurrection

  • Antonyms -tranquility, peace, harmony


Uproar  शोरगुल

Synonyms – turbulence, commotion, tumult, pandemonium, clamour

  • Antonyms -quietude, repose, stillness


Urbane  सुसभ्य

Synonyms – smooth, suave, civilized, cultured, refined, polished

  • Antonyms -uncouth, uncivilized, unsophisticated


Utter  बोलना

Synonyms – pronounce, convey, vent, express, declare, state

  • Antonyms -bumble, keep mum, hold

Words List
Ugly  कुरूप

Synonyms – hideous, unsightly, horrid, roiled, rugged, cranky

  • Antonyms -lovely, pleasing, attractive


Ultimate  आधारभूत

Synonyms – underlying, utmost, transcendent, unsurpassable, fundamental, essential

  • Antonyms -preliminary, trivial, auxiliary


Undue  अनावश्यक

Synonyms – exorbitant, excessive, inordinate, improper, inapt, forbidden

  • Antonyms -moderate, reasonable, sensible


Unearth  खोद निकालना

Synonyms – dig, uncover, ferret, excavate, reveal, ascertain

  • Antonyms -bury, conceal, hide


Uniformity  समानता

Synonyms – analogy, comparison, correspondence, resemblance, harmony, similarity

  • Antonyms -discord, disagreement, difference


Unify  एक कर देना

Synonyms – coalesce, conjoin, conjugate; consolidate, couple, meld

  • Antonyms -disjoin, disperse, separate


Unique  एकमात्र , अनोखा

Synonyms – singular, solitary, matchless peerless, exemplary, unrivaled

  • Antonyms -commonplace, usual, regularly


Universal  सर्वव्यापी

Synonyms – cosmic, global, pandemic, planetary, ubiquitous, generic

  • Antonyms -confined, local, partial


Upset  परेशान

Synonyms – overthrow, topple, derange, unsettle, disarray, disrupt

  • Antonyms -organize, arrange, ready.


Urge  प्रेरित करना

Synonyms – insist, press, appeal, call, demand, plead

  • Antonyms -answer, reply, protest


Urgent  तुरंत

Synonyms – dire, emergent, exigent, importune, insistent, persistent

  • Antonyms -moderate, unimportant, usual


Usual  सामान्य

Synonyms – average, common, general; ordinary, typical, wonted

  • Antonyms -abnormal, atypical, irregular


Unbridled  अनियंत्रित

Synonyms – dissolute, berserk, profligate, rakish, uninhibited, turbulent

  • Antonyms -justified, restrained


Uncanny  अलौकिक

Synonyms – .eerie, unearthly, weird, incredible, mystifying, scary

  • Antonyms -natural, usual, common :


Uncouth  असभ्य

Synonyms – boorish, churlish, crude, philistine, uncultured, vulgar

  • Antonyms -cultivated, refined, sophisticated


Undaunted  निडर

Synonyms – audacious, courageous, gallant, heroic, mettlesome, valiant

  • Antonyms -meek, coward, timid


Unwarranted  बेबुनियाद

Synonyms – baseless, bottomless/groundless, idle, unfounded, gratuitous

  • Antonyms -justifiable, reasonable, warranted


Ungainly  बेढंगा

Synonyms – awkward, clumsy, gawky, inept, lumpish, maladroit

  • Antonyms – agile, graceful, coordinated

Words List

Unleash  निकालना

Synonyms – discharge, free, release, vent, liberate, let go

  • Antonyms -block, restrain


Untold  अनकहा

Synonyms – countless, manifold, immense, monstrous, innumerous

  • Antonyms -few, little, tiny .


Uphold  थामना

Synonyms – boost, elevate, bolster, sustain, endorse, champion

  • Antonyms -weaken, obstruct, undermine


Utilitarian  उपयोगी

Synonyms – functional, handy, practical, useful, serviceable, pragmatic

  • Antonyms -impractical, useless, unnecessary


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