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Useful English Idioms Phrases For SSC CGL CHSL

Useful English Idioms Phrases For SSC CGL CHSL

Directions: In questions four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it.

Q1. Make bricks without straw

(a) cheat

(b) do the right thing

(c) do the impossible

(d) make hollow bricks

Q2. In character with

(a) found to be good

(b) found to be peculiar

(c) found to be in keeping with

(d) found to be familiar with

Q3. Rank and file

(a) the upper class

(b) the rich

(c) ordinary folk

(d) one section of people

Useful English Idioms Phrases
Q4. Tied the culprit in knots

(a) they tied him a rope

(b) they tied his limbs and interrogated him

(c) they bewildered him to a great extent

(d) they beat him in the joints

Q5. Judas kiss     

(a) deep rooted love

(b) False love

(c) excessive love

(d) eternal love

Q6. Keep your end of the bargain

(a) Be true to your promise

(b) to bargain a lot

(c) End the deal

(d) keep your terms and conditions in front of the opposite party

Q7. Laid back      

(a) tensed

(b) hyper

(c) Relaxed

(d) Who takes decisions after considering everything

Q8. Meet someone half way    

(a) Pay half the expenses

(b) Compromise

(c) Adjust someone in one’s house

(d) To be ready to tackle a problem

Q9. Breathtaking view  

(a) An attractive and inspiring view.

(b) No time to breathe

(c) Difficulty in breathing

(d) A confusing view

Q10. Bottom drawer               

(a) The least-good of the lot.

(b) The one placed last in the lot

(c) The bottom most of the lot

(d) The one who draws last

Q11. Black picture                  

(a) Pessimistic outlook

(b) A picture of dark shaded

(c) A picture that is depressing to see

(d) An atmosphere of depression

Q12. Too hard to understand

(a) After me

(b) Before me

(c) Beyond me

(d) Across me

Q13. Belligerent attitude        

(a) Define

(b) Defiant

(c) Depress

(d) hoilistic

Q14. Beholden to someone     

(a) Grateful

(b) Greatful

(c) Gratefull

(d) Greatness

Q15. Beat a hasty retreat       

(a) Physically beat someone

(b) To be hyperactive

(c) To beat the enemy

(d) Run away quickly

Q16. Crack of dawn

(a) The earliest part of the morning

(b) The latter part of the morning

(c) The most important part of the morning

(d) Part between morning and afternoon.

Q17. Collide with

(a) A mishap

(b) Overlap

(c) Smash or crash head-on.

(d) A severe accident

Q18. Cheesed-off         

(a) Intoxicated

(b) Annoyed

(c) Shrewd

(d) Cunning

Q19. A bit risky





Q20. Cancel

(a) Call in

(b) Call at

(c) Call of

(d) Call off

Q21. Callous remark                       

(a) Hurtful, insensitive Comment

(b) Thoughtless comment

(c) Unnecessary comment

(d) An emotional outburst

Q22. To bring disgrace.

(a) Cast a slur

(b) Caste a slur

(c) Casted a slur

(d) Cast a slurr

Q23. Disdainful attitude         

(a) Scornful

(b) Haughty

(c) derogatory

(d) Declining

Q24. Diatribe against              

(a) Remove from job

(b) Verbal attack

(c) Negative attitude

(d) Nullify

Q25. Death and taxes             

(a) Misled

(b) Something done under compulsion

(c) Debatable

(d) Inevitable.

Q26. Complete failure

(a) Damp squib

(b) Damp squid

(c) Damp hopes

(d) Dampened skid

 Directions (13-15) :Sentence improvement

 Q27. There is no meeting, Isn’t it?

(a) Is it?

(b) Isn’t there

(c) Is there

(d) No improvement

Q28. One cannot find a solution to this problem, Can one?

(a) One can

(b) One could

(c) He can

(d) No improvement

Q29. I am confident, aren’t I ?

(a) Am I

(b) Am not I

(c) Am I not

(d) No improvement

Q30. Neck and neck 

(a) Of equal size

(b) Giving equal chance to all

(c) Completing equally

(d) Competing equally

Q31. New-fangled         

(a) New modern

(b) Entangled

(c) New horizon

(d) New opening

Q32. No inkling  

(a) No interest

(b) No hint, idea or clue

(c) Non availability

(d) No authority

Q33. Curious ,Inquisitive     

(a) Rosy

(b) Posey

(c) Cosey

(d) Nosey

Q34. Off-beat      

(a) Unconventional

(b) Unorthodox

(c) Unjustifiable

(d) Undertake something

Q35. Because of

(a) Show accounts

(b) Unaccounted

(c) Accountable

(d) On account of

Q36. Off-hand remark

(a) Careless comment

(b) Careful remark

(c) Unintentional remark

(d) Caustic remark

Q37. Prime time

(a) youth

(b) fit and healthy

(c) enjoyable time

(d) best time to do something

Q38. pay homage to

(a) to pay respect to

(b) to acknowledge

(c) to recognize

(d) all of the above

Q39. Quick tempered

(a) Very reactive

(b) one who decides quickly

(c) very hardworking

(d) a balanced person

Useful English Idioms Phrases
Q40. push the matter

(a) to mail a letter

(b) to go to the extreme

(c) to buy and sell paper

(d) none

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