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Useful English Antonym Synonyms For SSC CGL CHSL

Useful English Antonym Synonyms For SSC CGL CHSL

Useful English Antonym Synonyms For SSC CGL CHSL


Nab  पकड़ लेना

Synonyms – apprehend, arrest, seize, catch, clutch, grab

•Antonyms – release, free, discharge


Native  मूल निवासी

Synonyms – congenial, inherited, inborn, indigenous, aboriginal, raw

•Antonyms – alien, foreign, outside


Naughty  शरारती

Synonyms – mischievous, immodest, indecent, unbecoming, unseemly

•Antonyms – modest, proper, behaved


Neglect  ध्यान न देना

Synonyms – disregard, ignore, slight, default, fail, omit

•Antonyms – honor, respect, regard

Useful English Antonym
Negligent  लापरवाह

Synonyms – derelict, lax, careless, neglectful, remiss, slack

•Antonyms – attentive, careful, mindful


Negligible  न के बराबर 

Synonyms – inconsiderable, paltry, petty, trifling, slender, slight

•Antonyms – significant, major, important


Nervous  घबराने वाला

Synonyms – agitated, anxious, concerned, jittery, restive, tense

•Antonyms – calm, content, unconcerned


Nominal  बहुत मामूली

Synonyms – formal, apparent, stated, purported, ostensible, seeming

•Antonyms – actual, real, true


Nurture  पालन-पोषण करना

Synonyms – cultivate, foster, nourish, nurse, discipline, train

•Antonyms – deprive, ignore, neglect


Nasty  गंदा

Synonyms – filthy, atrocious, repellent, foul, profane, spiteful

•Antonyms – magnificent, wonderful, delightful


Notable  उल्लेखनीय

Synonyms – celebrated, distinguished, illustrious, prominent, eminent, renowned

•Antonyms – commonplace, insignificant, inconsequential


Noteworthy  ध्यान देने योग्य

Synonyms – exceptional, extraordinary, outstanding, memorable, meaningful, prominent

•Antonyms – ordinary, unimportant, common,


Notorious  बदनाम

Synonyms – infamous, scandalous, blatant, flagrant, glaring, opprobrious

•Antonyms – obscure, unknown, unremarkable


Novice  नौसिखिया

Synonyms – beginner, freshman, greenhorn, neophyte, tyro, fledgling

•Antonyms – expert, professional, veteran


Nullify  रद्द करना

Synonyms – abolish, abrogate, annihilate, negate, validate, counteract

•Antonyms – sanctify, validate, affirm


Obedient  आज्ञाकारी

Synonyms – compliant, conformable, docile, submissive, supple

•Antonyms – insolent, mutinous, insolent


Obese  मोटा

Synonyms – corpulent, fleshy, gross, portly, overweight, stout

•Antonyms – emaciated, underweight, skinny


Objective  निष्पक्ष

Synonyms –  concrete, substantial, equitable, nonpartisan, realistic,

•Antonyms –  prejudiced, partial, subjective


Obsolete  बेकार

Synonyms –  outdated, useless, discarded, archaic, antique, superseded

•Antonyms – contemporary, current, modern


Obstacle  रुकावट

Synonyms –  bar, barrier, block, clog, hurdle, hindrance

•Antonyms –  assistance, clearance, opening


Obvious  स्पष्ट

Synonyms –  apparent, clear, distinct, visible, plain, evident

•Antonyms – ambiguous, obscure, vague


Offensive  आक्रामक

Synonyms -atrocious, disgusting, foul, repellent, sickening, vile

•Antonyms – agreeable, pleasing, wonderful


Omit  हटाना

Synonyms –  drop, eliminate, remove, default, fail, neglect

•Antonyms –  include, insert, inject


Opaque  अपारदर्शी

Synonyms – blurred, dusky, foggy, hazy, misty, sooty

•Antonyms – lucid, unclouded, transparent


Opulent  समृद्ध

Synonyms – lavish, lush, luxuriant palatial, rich, sumptuous

•Antonyms – depressed, destitute, poor


Ordeal  कठिन परीक्षा

Synonyms – trial, crucible, affliction, agony, distress, tribulation

•Antonyms – happiness, relief, pleasure


Original  असली

Synonyms – fundamental, prime, authentic, genuine, innovative

•Antonyms – derivative, latest, newest


Orthodox  कट्टरपंथी

Synonyms – conventional, recognized, conservative, traditionalist, conformist

•Antonyms – heterodox, progressive


Oscillate  आगे-पीछे होना , झूलना

Synonyms – sway, swing, dangle, flicker, seesaw, vacillate

•Antonyms – stay, steady, remain


Oust  बेदखल करना

Synonyms – bump, dismiss, eject, evict, expel, remove

•Antonyms – hold, keep, retain


Outstanding  उत्कृष्ट

Synonyms – noticeable, prominent, Remarkable, salient, extraordinary, singular

•Antonyms – inferior, ordinary, average


Obdurate  ज़िद्दी

Synonyms – callous, hardened, adamant, grim, remorseless, implacable

•Antonyms – amenable, susceptible, submissive


Obligatory  अनिवार्य

Synonyms – compulsory, imperative, mandatory, necessary, required, requisite

•Antonyms – optional, voluntary, non


Obliged  आभारी

Synonyms – beholden, bound, indebted, obligated, attached, favored

•Antonyms – critical, let off, disparaged


Obscene  घिनौना

Synonyms – lewd, ribald, profane, scurrilous, vulgar, ridiculous

•Antonyms – moral, upright, decent


Observant  सावधान

Synonyms – alert, vigilant, wakeful, weary, heedful, conscious

•Antonyms – inattentive, unaware, thoughtless


Obstinate  जिद्दी

Synonyms – dogged, tenacious, indocile, obstreperous, recalcitrant

•Antonyms – cooperative, flexible, yielding


Obstruct  रोकना

Synonyms – interfere, hold, bog, encumber, impede, block

•Antonyms – abet, boost, promote

Useful English Antonym
Oddity  विचित्रता

Synonyms – odd, curious, unusual, original, strange, different

•Antonyms – conventional, usual, normal


Offbeat  अपारंपरिक

Synonyms – atypical, novel, unconventional, unusual, unwonted, odd

•Antonyms – expected, normal, usual

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