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SSC CGL 2016 TIER 4: Document Verification & CPT / DEST Live

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SSC CGL TIER 4: Document Verification & CPT/DEST Live Experience

SSC CGL TIER 4: Document Verification & CPT /DEST Live Experience

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the Pinnacle. As you know Pinnacle is a leading online Coaching Center for SSC CGL preparation. Pinnacle provides comprehensive package to different stages of examination. Hundreds of Students have immensely benefited and the flock is getting bigger and bigger with every passing year.

I am Ramanand, appeared in Tier 4 of SSC CGL 2017 is also a beneficiary of Pinnacle rich resource. Pinnacle always try to share everything required for SSC CGL with the Students and in this series I am going to share the detailed experience of Document Verification (DV) and Computer Proficiency Test (CPT).

As we all know, this year SSC has declared four separate lists.

  • List-I: Candidates qualified for Tier-III for post of Assistant Audit Officer - Only document verification
  • List-II: Candidates qualified for Tier-III/CPT for Assistant Section Officer in CSS and Assistant in MEA - CPT and document verification
  • List-III: Candidates qualified for Tier-III for Junior Statistical Officer (Grade-II) - Only document verification
  • List-IV: Candidates qualified for Tier-III/DEST for all posts (except AAO, ASO/Assistant (in MEA and CSS) and Junior Statistical Officer (Grade-II)) - DEST and document verification

Here it is amply clear that  Document Verification was required for everyone. So Basically SSC CGL TIER 4 is a two stage examination. In first stage you need to appear in Document Verification and then Computer test follows. Second stage is not mandatory for everyone as this skill is tested for selected post.

Document Verification(DV):

I had my DV at the SGO complex New Delhi. It is just outside of gate No-2 of "Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Metro". Since SGO complex has some very important offices so it comes in high security zone. While taking entry, at main gate itself guard asked me to show my Admit card. After verifying that I come for SSC exam, i was allowed to go inside. Then i reached at the ground floor of SSC office. There was a waiting area(a room) where already candidates of last batch was waiting for their entry. There were plenty of chairs placed in that room, apart from that drinking water was available in the waiting area. After one hour of wait, my batch was allowed to go upstairs for document verification. The guard, at SSC office again verified admit card along with original ID card at the gate and then only allowed us to go inside. Overall everything was very coordinated. At first we were sent for bio-metric verification. It was a short of attendance through biometric

Once bio-metric was done, we were divided into small groups and asked to report to different rooms According to the Document Board Number allotted in the admit card. Once we reached in that room a series of steps were followed:

A File was given to us which contained some forms which we needed to fill.  Detailed Instructions were given on how and what exactly to fill. All the officials present over were strict but co-operating. Once form is filled completely we needed to include photocopies of following documents in the file along with the form given-

  1. 10th Certificate( As a proof of date of birth)
  2. 10th and 12th mark sheet
  3. 12th certificate (Not mandatory)
  4. Graduation all semester/year marksheet
  5. Graduation Degree certificate
  6. Caste certificate(if applicable, in from central government format)
  7. ID card

We were told to self attest all these photocopies by mentioning four things("Self Attested", Full Name, Signature and date) apart from these Original of above all documents were compulsory to provide for validation. Below two documents we have to submit as original copies.

  1. NOC(if applicable)
  2. Post preference form filled with our choice

Once all these things are done, SSC official of our batch verified the original documents and wrote down the required information needed from these document. Once he was satisfied, he passed my file to the data entry person sitting next to him. There he fed the required data into the system(mainly post preference choice) and after completing the data entry he took the print out of a receipt and asked us to sign and put the thumb impression. Finally they gave us the signed receipt. With this it was the end of Document Verification phase. This entire exercise took 3-4 hours. There are few specific questions students have in their mind, i will cover those things in "FAQ section", the last section of my article.

Second part of SSC CGL TIER 4 was CPT test

My CPT was held at All India Institute of local self government, Janakpuri. I reached on time and to my surprise, there was no waiting time. We were straightway allowed to go in a lab where Bio-metric was being conducted. Only the receipt from document Verification round, a photocopy of ID proof along with original, and a recent passport size photograph  was needed to appear in this round. I saw the students who forget to bring receipt of DV, not allowed to be a part of CPT. So guys, be very careful with that after the bio-metric we were taken to the lab mentioned in our admit card. It was conducted into three phases:

Typing Test- It is also called DEST. The students called for only DEST can appear only for DEST. For them with Typing test TIER 4 culminated. Since I had done enough typing practice on pinnacle software,  it looked like a cakewalk for me. Everyone was assigned a system and we were given a trial paragraph to type for 2 mins. It was basically to test whether the computer hardware like Mouse, keyboard were working properly. If any issue is found with these devices, we had the option to get it changed. Once trail gets over. We were asked to start with the actual test. Once clicked on "start" button, timer set to 15 minutes and countdown started.

Content-wise it was pretty easy. Only a combination of capital and small letters you get to type. No numbers and special characters were there in the sheet provided to us. SSC generally gives the paragraph to start with a tab and this exam was no different. In my lab everyone had completed by 12th minute and easily revised the content. After the completion of 15 minutes you can't type as typing space gets disabled. The important instruction was that we should not save typing manually as saving part was automatically done by the software. Invigilator asked us to give print out from the option present there. They distributed the printout among us and asked us to write down Name, Roll No, Signature and date over the printout. With this typing test got completed. Upon the completion of typing test, they will ask you if anyone is not interested in other round then they can leave.

Next step was "Excel" Test:

In this We were given a sample sheet where a table with data was drawn and we needed to replicate it in excel. Below the table, instructions were given to replicate. We were asked to open an excel and save on desktop with the name "SSC_Roll No". Once we completed the assignment and they asked us to stop, again the same process give the print out and then write the same set of information as written during the typing test. The concept which were involved in excel was "changing font and font color", "wrap test", "border","percentage calculation","difference" "number formatting", inserting header and adding file path, date and time in the footer. All these concepts were covered in Pinnacle content for TIER 4. Even someone completely stranger to Excel can master it in a fortnight using Pinnacle course. Below is the sample excel sheet ready to submit.

Final frontier was "Power point Presentation" test:

In this We were given a sample sheet where a PPT was drawn and we needed to replicate it in new powerpoint document. Below the sample sheet instructions were given, however these instructions were not very clearly written but you always have sample presentation to follow. We were asked to open an PPT and save on desktop with the name "SSC_Roll No" Once we completed the assignment and they asked us to stop, again the same process give the print out and then write the same set of information as written during the typing test and Excel test. The Concept asked in PPT were Heading, sub heading, font, font color, border, border formatting, Inserting header footer and formatting header & footer. In footer, we were needed to type date and time, name and roll no. All these concepts were covered in Pinnacle content for TIER 4. Even someone completely stranger to Excel can master it in a fortnight using Pinnacle course. Comprehensive PDF and video solution was made available to who joins Pinnacle TIER 4 program.

Below is the sample PPT ready to submit.

FAQs: Here i am trying to list out some of the frequently asked question and their answers.

Q1. Is Dest or CPT mandatory for everyone qualified for Tier 4?

Ans: Well, Document Verification is mandatory for everyone. Dest is for Tax assistant, so if you are not interested in this this post then it is optional for you. Similarly for CPT, it is essential for a few post like CSS and MEA. I have explained this thing in the article itself.

Q2. What is difficulty level of Typing test?

Ans: It is as easiest as it could have. Even a student using two fingers for typing can successfully complete it well within time. I would recommended practice on Pinnacle software where you get 50 high quality test for practice. It gives you comprehensive report each time you attempt a test. So it is a big confidence booster once D-day comes.

Q3: I have never worked on Excel and PPT? Am i able to learn it in short time?

Ans: My answer is a big YES. The question SSC ask is of basic in nature. You don’t have to be expert in these things to qualify. So there is nothing to afraid. I believe 15-20 days of hard work is sufficient to crack these two papers. Pinnacle has developed very comprehensive contents on the basics of Excel and PPT. 50 exercises in each topic with detail PDF and Video solution is just what SSC recommends. You can watch a sample solution at Youtube to understand the product Pinnacle provides.

Q4: In document Verification, can i change my details as i have filled it wrongly at the time of filing Application?

Ans: It depends, in most cases you can. However, i would recommend to fill the application very carefully. A little mistake can cost you a lot. In my lab, i had seen a few students changed their B.Tech percentage marks. Remember, they are not bound to oblige you.

Q5: Which OBC certificate is considered?

Ans: OBC certificate issued for Central govt. job was readily accepted. One important thing which i noticed is they were talking about round stamp. It was like “ISI mark” for them :P. Latest certificate issued till date was provisionally accepted.

Q6: There are two different dates like the date on marks sheet is different than the dates on passing certificate. Which date they consider?

Ans: Generally they take the date from Passing certificate (as far as my center was concerned). However, if you want the dates on marks sheet to be entered then you can request for that. I have seen such request got accepted.

Q7: There are few doubts regarding which photograph is required to paste at the time of document verification?

Ans: Well, SSC clearly states that please affix recent passport size photograph. So please follow what SSC says.

Q8: Provisional Certificate will be accepted or not?

Ans: No need to worry. SSC accepts provisional as well.

Friends, this is it from my side. I have tried to cover most of the points. If you still have any doubt please feel free to comment, i will try to answer at the earliest. I wish you all the very best for your exam. Thanks!