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Test of idioms with answers

Test of idioms with answers

Test of idioms with answers

Q1. To make clean breast of
A. To gain prominence
B. To praise oneself
C. To confess without reserve
D. To destroy before it blooms

Q2. To have an axe to grind
A. A private end to serve
B. To fail to arouse interest
C. To have no result
D. To work for both sides

Q3. To leave someone in the lurch
A. To come to compromise with someone
B. Constant source of annoyance to someone
C. To put someone at ease
D. To desert someone in his difficulties

Q4. A man of straw
A. A man of no substance
B. A very active person
C. A worthy fellow
D. An unreasonable person

Q5. In a red
A. to be very angry
B. to be in a loss
C. to be in profit
D. just a reference to colour

Test of idioms with answers
Q6. To hit the nail right on the head
A. To do the right thing
B. To destroy one’s reputation
C. To announce one’s fixed views
D. To teach someone a lesson

Q7. In a flutter
A. to be depressed
B. in low spirits
C. excited
D. prominent

Q8. In a tight corner
A. Very secret
B. Very urgent
C. In absence of
D. In difficult situation

Q9. Ins and Outs
A Secrets
B to frown
C to bribe
D in dumps

Q10. Ivory Tower
A Difficult Road
B Imaginary world
C Realistic
D Referred to a joke

Q11. Jaundiced eye
A Weakness
B In trouble
C Prejudice
D Having doubt

Q12. Halcyon days
A Peaceful days
B Tragic days
C Days spent at picnic
D Days spent out of country

Q13. Have feet of clay
A Very innocent
B No noise of walking
C Hiding something
D Full of faults

Q14. Hold and corner
A a secret
B a joke
C a lesson
D a preach

Q15. Helter Skelter
A to be in touch
B here and there
C to go away
D to come back

Q16. Hold in abeyance
A to break trust
B to make smile
C to tell a story
D to postpone

Q17. Knit the brow
A To frown
B To take revenge
C to act bravely
D To be ready

Q18. Kick one’s heels
A to dance
B to never stop
C to be quick
D to waste time in waiting

Q19. Kick the bucket
A To lose something
B To die
C To maintain peace
D To be in trouble

Q20. Lost in the clouds
A To enjoy
B To wait
C Confused
D Very much sure

Q21. Long and short
A In a length
B In brief
C Gift
D Soft spoken

Q22. Laugh in one’s sleeves
A To laugh secretly
B To laugh openly
C To laugh at some weak
D To laugh occasionally

Q23. Leaps and bounds
A In brief
B Delay
C Rapidly
D Financial crisis

Q24. Hanky Panky
A Jugglery
B To be non serious
C To be friendly
D To be a cheater

Q25. Hold one’s tongue
A to appreciate
B to keep quiet
C to tease
D to give fake smile

Q26. Hang fire
A In anger
B Calm
C Solved issue
D Unresolved issue

Q27. Hope against hope
A Very happy
B Very Sad
C hope in-spite of disappointment
D hoping great results

Q28. Hard nosed attitude
A quality to forgive
B protective
C calm
D Aggressive

Q29. Herculean task
A very easy
B very difficult
C not willing to do
D need to be done

Q30. Ill at ease
A Very comfortable
B Uncomfortable
C Trust worthy
D Cruel

Q31. In a fix
A fixed the issue
B losing hope
C in a dilemma
D very confident

Q32. look down upon
(A) sympathise with
(B) hate intensely
(C) be indifferent to
(D regard with contempt

Q33. fell foul
(A) quarrel with
(B) felt annoyed with
(C) agreed with
(D) got into trouble with

Q34. In a tight corner.
(A) in a closed room
(B in a small field
(C in a difficult situation
(D in a meadow

Q35. hard and fast rule
(A) flexible
(B) strict
(C) difficult
(D) honest

Q36. heads will roll
(A) Transfers will take place
(B) Heads will be cut off
(C) People will die
(D) Dismissals will occur

Q37. keep up with
(A) To imitate
(B) To keep in touch
(C) To avoid
(D) To be on par

Q38. life was an open book.
(A) an uncomplicated one
(B) one that held no secrets
(C) an example to all
(D) an interesting biography

Q39. Hobson’s choice
(A) excellent choice
(B) no real choice at all
(C) choice to live or die
(D) first choice

Q40. Have the last laugh
(A) be of a cheerful nature
(B) laugh only after understanding something
(C) to be victorious at the end of an argument
(D to crack the final joke

Q41. leaps and bounds
(A) rapidly
(B) Slowly
(C) peacefully
(D) strongly

Q42. Herculean task
(A) a work of no worth
(B) on effortless job
(C) a work requiring great effort
(D) a work of very great intelligence

Test of idioms with answers
Test of idioms with answers

Q43. keep under wraps means to keep something
(A) covered
(B) protected
(C) unpacked
(D) secret

Q44. leaps and bounds because of his hardwork.
(A) rapidly
(B) slowly
(C) peacefully
(D) strongly

Q45. hold a candle to
(A) equal to
(B) not as clever as
(C) cannot be compared to
(D) duller than

Q46. green-eyed monster
(A) Anger
(B) Hatred
(C) Envy
(D) Jealousy

Q47. In the long run
(A) Permanently
(B) Universally
(C) Occasionally

Q48. in the good books
(A) Work well
(B) Praise
(C) In favour with
(D) Co-operate with

Q49. Laying off
(A) Dismissal
(B) Offering new jobs
(C) Reduction of workers’ wages
(D) Sending on leave

Q50. Have a green thumb means
(A) one’s nails are painted green
(B) one is artistic
(C) to have interest in gardening
(D) one has a green tattoo on the thumb

Q51. made to eat humble pie.
(A) to eat slowly
(B) to have an excellent dish
(C) to eat a good pie
(D) to have to apologize

Q52. To have something up one’s sleeves
(A) having a practical plan
(B) having an important project
(C) having an ambitious plan
(D) having a secret plan

Q53. fair-weather friend.
(A) a good friend
(B) a friend who meets difficulties
(C) one who deserts you in difficulties
D) a favourable friend

Q54. made my flesh creep.
(A) thrilled me
(B) horrified me
(C) excited me
(D) frightened me

Q55. Fits and starts
(A) slowly
(B) not regularly
(C) continuously
(D) quickly

Q56. in high spirits
(A) full of hope and enthusiasm
(B) under tremendous stress
(C) under the influence of liquor
(D) mentally deranged

Q57. Ins and outs
(A) entry and exit points
(B) full details
(C) tactical moves
(D) complexity of character

Q58. left high and dry
(A) wounded
(B) alone
(C) depressed
(D) neglected

Q59. let the cat out of the bag.
(A) spoilt the party with a cat
(B) gave a party himself
(C) told about it unintentionally
(D) prevented from attending it

Q60. a man in the street
(A) an ordinary person
(B) an illiterate person
(C) an unknown person
(D) a stranger

Q61. head over heels in love
(A) carefully
(B) completely
(C) brilliantly
(D) cautiously

Q62. move heaven and earth
(A) to cause an earthquake
(B) to try everything possible
(C) to pray to all Gods
(D) to travel in a rocket

Q63. In the same boat
(A) sailing together in the same boat
(B) sharing the financial and social condition
(C) being in the same difficult situation
(D) getting rid of the difficult situation.

Q64. Keep a civil tongue
(A) To be polite
(B) To be flattering
(C) To be quite
(D) To be thoughtful while speaking

Q65. Kick back
(A) Illegal work
(B) Illegal commission
(C) To look back
(D) To take revenge

Q66. Keep up with the times
(A) To be out of date
(B) To be up to date
(C) To have the latest news
(D) To continue doing what one is doing

Q67. Jumbled up
(A) Entangled
(B) Confused
(C) Jump to a conclusion
(D) Maintain the position

Test of idioms with answers
Q68. Leave it to chance
(A) Let luck to decided
(B) Let time decide
(C) To work hard
(D) Exclude

Q69. Knit one’s brow
(A) To like
(B) To frown
(C) To be depressed
(D) To tease

Q70. Live it up
(A) Living
(B) Healthy
(C) Energetic
(D) Confused

Test of idioms :: Answers


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