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Technology cannot replace manpower

Essay-Technology cannot replace manpower SSC CGL Tier 3 I SSC CHSL Tier 2

Essay-Technology cannot replace manpower SSC CGL Tier 3 I SSC CHSL Tier 2

The world in which we are living is full of technology. Look around us, we are surrounded by the contributions of technology, be it gadgets, devices, transport facilities, medical facilities, banking, etc. All of these are a result of technological advancements. But did these changes and inventions happen on their own? The answer is no. It is the human mind that is behind them.

Technology can drive machines and electronic gadgets but their proper execution is in the hands of human beings. Technology can reduce effort, time, and fuel, reduce the manpower requirement in every field but the complete replacement of manpower is not possible. The biggest limitation of the technology is that it cannot evolve and upgrade itself. It requires the intervention of a human being for the same.

The scientists and researchers are constantly engaged in the field of research and development to bring forth and uncover the unexplored areas. The successful use and execution of the technology require skilled, capable, and sufficient manpower which is efficient at its work. If manpower is not…

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