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Synonyms Antonyms Words List For SSC CGL Exam

Synonyms Antonyms Words List For SSC CGL Exam

Synonyms Antonyms Words List For SSC CGL Exam

Tainted  भ्रष्ट

Synonyms – stained, contaminated, corrupt, defiled

•Antonyms -flourishing, dean, ripening


Tangle  उलझा देना

Synonyms – ensnarl, complicate, enmesh, entrap, bicker, spat

•Antonyms -order, solve, clarify


Tardy विलम्बी

Synonyms – belated, overdue, laggard, sluggish, delinquent, loitering

•Antonyms -prompt, ready, punctual


Tarnish  बदनाम करना

Synonyms – blemish, impair, mar, prejudice, besmear, denigrate

•Antonyms -clean, polish, Uncorrupt


Taxing  कर लगाना

Synonyms – arduous, burdensome, demanding, exigent, exacting, onerous

•Antonyms -motivating, facile, trivial


Tenacious  हठी

Synonyms – dogged, mulish, obstinate, pertinacious, perverse, willful

•Antonyms -weak, yielding, surrendering


Tentative  संभावित

Synonyms – sketchy, conditional, provisional, hesitant, indecisive, timid

•Antonyms -certain, decisive, definite

Synonyms Antonyms Words

Tepid  गुनगुना

Synonyms – halfhearted, lukewarm, apathetic, temperate, unenthusiastic

•Antonyms -lively, warm, enthusiastic


Terse  संक्षिप्त

Synonyms – brief, concise, laconic, succinct, summary, compendious

•Antonyms -prolific, wordy, elaborate


Thriving  फलता-फूलता

Synonyms – booming, flourishing, prosperous, roaring, developing, burgeoning

•Antonyms -languishing, declining, failing


Tiff  झगड़ा

Synonyms – altercation, bicker, contention, dispute, spat, squabble

•Antonyms -agreement, harmony, concurrence


Timid  डरपोक

Synonyms – coy, demure, modest, bashful, indecisive, diffident

•Antonyms -bold, audacious, daring


Tirade  निंदा

Synonyms – diatribe, fulmination, harangue, censure, ranting

•Antonyms -praise, harmony, commendation


Tiresome  उबाऊ

Synonyms – dreary, humdrum, monotonous, tedious, dull, weary

•Antonyms -facile, stimulating, interesting


Torment  पीड़ा देना

Synonyms – torture, agonize, afflict, scourge, haunt, annoy

•Antonyms -please, gladden, assist


Tranquility  शांति

Synonyms – hush, peace, lull, placidity, serenity, quietude

•Antonyms -chaos, turbulence, wildness


Transitory  अस्थायी

Synonyms – evanescent, fleeting, fugacious, momentary, temporal, ephemeral

•Antonyms -permanent’ enduring, everlasting


Translucent  स्पष्ट

Synonyms – clear, crystalline, limpid, lucid, lucid, see-through

•Antonyms -blocked, opaque, cloudy


Trifle  छोटी सी बात

Synonyms – trivia, bauble, crumb, fragment, modicum

•Antonyms -lot, entirety, whole


Trivial  छोटा

Synonyms – inconsequent, insignificant, flimsy, meager, diminutive, incidental

•Antonyms -valuable, worthwhile, significant


Turbulence  अशांति

Synonyms – agitation, commotion, agitation, frenzy, tumult, unruliness

•Antonyms -calmness, tranquility, stillness


Turmoil  खलबली

Synonyms – flutter, upset, tumult, disturbance, perturbation, ferment

•Antonyms -calm, harmony, peace


Tyrannical  अत्याचारी

Synonyms – autocratic, despotic, arbitrary, totalitarian, dictatorial

•Antonyms -submissive, democratic, docile


Tactless  अकुशल

Synonyms – clumsy, gauche, impolitic, maladroit, brash, undiplomatic

•Antonyms: refined


Talkative  बातूनी

Synonyms – chatty, conversational, garrulous, loquacious, talky, voluble

•Antonyms:  quiet, reserved, uncommunicative


Tally  मिलान करना

Synonyms –  quiet, reserved, uncommunicative

•Antonyms: differ, deviate, contrast


Tame  पालतू

Synonyms – domesticate, moderate, soften, subdue, tone down, bust

•Antonyms:  arouse, incite, stimulate


Taunt  कटाक्ष करना

Synonyms – gibe, insult, jeer, scoff, twit, banter

•Antonyms:   compliment, praise, respect


Tease  छेड़छाड़

Synonyms – annoy, bait, beleaguer, beset, pester, torment

•Antonyms: appease, mollify, gladden


Tedious  थकानेवाला

Synonyms – dreary, humdrum, monotonous, stuffy, weary, dry

•Antonyms: entertaining, exciting, interesting


Tempting  लुभावना

Synonyms – bewitching, enchanting, enticing, fascinating, winsome, alluring

•Antonyms:   repulsive, revolting, disgusting


Tender  नाज़ुक

Synonyms – gentle, mild, soft, delicate, dainty, frail

•Antonyms:  hard, rough, tough


Terrorise  भयभीत करना

Synonyms – alarm, frighten, panic, scare, startle, terrify

•Antonyms: assuage, assure, help


Thorny  कठिन

Synonyms – prickly, spiny, thistly, nettlesome, barbed, stingy

•Antonyms:  dull, smooth, soothing


Thorough  विस्तृत

Synonyms – exhaustive, intensive, arrant, outright, downright, unmitigated

•Antonyms -partial, superficial, unfinished


Thrifty  मितव्ययी

Synonyms – canny, chary, frugal, prudent, sparing, economical

•Antonyms -extravagant, spendthrift, wasteful


Thrilling  रोमांचक

Synonyms – electrifying, exhilarating, moving, stimulating, exciting, uplifting

•Antonyms -depressing, discouraging, upsetting


Tidy  सुव्यवस्थित करना

Synonyms – orderly, spruce, taut, uncluttered, moderate, snug

•Antonyms -chaotic, messy, sloppy


Toil  मेहनत करना

Synonyms – labor, strain, strive, travail, plod, trudge

•Antonyms -laze, skip, rest


Tolerant  सहनशील

Synonyms – liberal, progressive, broad-minded, lenient, merciful, lax

•Antonyms -prejudiced, biased, disapproving


Transparent  पारदर्शक

Synonyms – crystalline, limpid, lucid, see-through, pellucid, vaporous

•Antonyms -opaque, cloudy, blocked


Treaty  समझौता

Synonyms – accord, agreement, concord, convention, pact, bond

•Antonyms -disagreement, discord, disunity


Tremendous  आश्चर्यजनक

Synonyms – enormous, gigantic, massive, mighty, monumental, marvelous

•Antonyms -insignificant, tiny, petty


Tribute  श्रद्धांजलि

Synonyms – commendation, compliment, congratulation, testimonial

•Antonyms -accusation, criticism, blame


Tricky  कपटी

Synonyms – crafty,’ cunning, foxy, guileful, scheming, wily

•Antonyms -naive, ingenuous, unassuming


Triumph  विजय प्राप्त करना

Synonyms – conquest, victory, win, exultation, jubilation, success

•Antonyms -defeat, forfeit, failure


Taciturn  ख़ामोश

Synonyms – incommunicative, reserved, reticent, tightlipped, restrained

•Antonyms:   incommunicable


Tangible  स्पर्शनीय

Synonyms – communicative, talkative, wordy

•Antonyms:  palpable, concrete, material,  phenomenal, physical


Taut  कस कर तना हुआ

Synonyms – bait, tease, annoy, badger, baffle, thwart

•Antonyms: disenchant, repulse, turn off


Tenable  उचित

Synonyms – stiff, firm, snug, stressed, tidy, tense.

•Antonyms: droopy, flabby, slack


Tenuous  थोड़ा

Synonyms – defensible, excusable, justifiable, logical, plausible, fit

•Antonyms:  invalid, unjustifiable, unreasonable


Testy चिड़चिड़ा

Synonyms – feeble, flimsy, insubstantial, subtle, sketchy, slender

•Antonyms:  significant, substantial, stable


Ticklish  पेचीदा

Synonyms – capricious, erratic, fickie, inconsistent, unsteady, volatile

•Antonyms -straightforward, stable, constant


Tinker  संवारना

Synonyms – fiddle, meddle, mess, tamper, fidget, twiddle

•Antonyms -relax, dodge, ignore


Torpid  सुस्त

Synonyms – numb, stuporous, lethargic, unresponsive, sluggish, insensitive

•Antonyms -energetic, lively, active


Torrid  गर्म , कठिन

Synonyms – ardent, blistering, broiling, scorching, fervent, passionate

•Antonyms -freezing, frigid, dispassionate


Tortuous  घुमावदार

Synonyms – flexuous, meandrous, sinuous, serpentine, devious, oblique

•Antonyms -direct, straight, untwisted


Totter  डगमगाना

Synonyms – sway, teeter, waver, wobble, stagger, stumble

•Antonyms -ascend, scale, rise


Traitorous  विश्वासघाती

Synonyms – disloyal, perfidious, recreant, treacherous, cheater, faithless

•Antonyms -ethical, moral, principled

Synonyms Antonyms Words
Transient  अस्थायी

Synonyms – evanescent, fleeting, fugacious, momentary, temporal

•Antonyms -enduring, incessant, persistent


Travail  प्रसव पीड़ा होना

Synonyms – drudgery, toil, labor, moil, strain, childbearing

•Antonyms -entertainment, fun, pastime



Treacherous  अधर्मी

Synonyms – unfaithful, traitorous, recreant, chancy, hazardous, perilous

•Antonyms -forthright, true, guarded


Trite  घिसा-पिटा

Synonyms – banal, corny, hackneyed, stereotyped, timeworn, stale

•Antonyms -original, relevant, pertinent


Truant  बिन अनुमति लिये अनुपस्थित

Synonyms – astray, away, hooky, missing, absent, adrift

•Antonyms -staying, on course, available


Tumultuous  उत्तेजित

Synonyms – stormy, tempestuous, turbulent, raging, roiled, wild

•Antonyms -orderly, peaceful, .moderate


Tyro  नौसिखिया

Synonyms – beginner, fledgling, greenhorn, initiate, neophyte, novice

•Antonyms -veteran, expert, professional


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