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Synonyms-Antonyms For SSC CGL CHSL Exams

Synonyms-Antonyms For SSC CGL CHSL Exams

Synonyms-Antonyms For SSC CGL CHSL Exams

Dear Readers,

Here we are providing some important idioms and phrases, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB/CHSL & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.So we have to prepare for the best in Nowadays competitive environment. To help you more we are providing study material for the SSC CGL exams.


Officious  अकारण हस्तक्षेप करने वाला

Synonyms – interfering, intrusive, meddlesome, meddling, obtrusive, impertinent

•Antonyms -laid-back, modest, shy


Ominous  अशुभ

Synonyms – apocalyptic, baneful, direful,grave, portentous, unlucky

•Antonyms -auspicious, propitious,- promising


Oppressive  अत्याचारी

Synonyms – arduous, burdensome, demanding, laborious, taxing, severe

•Antonyms -gentle, relieving, facile

Ostentatious  दिखावटी

Synonyms – flamboyant, pretentious, showy, splashy, splurgy, extravagant

•Antonyms -modest, plain, simple


Ostracize  बहिष्कृत करना

Synonyms – ‘blacklist, boycott, banish, exile, deport, expatriate

•Antonyms -embrace, welcome, accept


Outdo  अधिक होना

Synonyms – exceed, excel, outmatch, outrun, surpass, transcend

•Antonyms -fail, lose, fall behind


Outrageous  अपमानजनक

Synonyms – atrocious, heinous, preposterous, ridiculous, shocking

•Antonyms -sensible, reasonable, magnificent


Outwit  चकमा देना

Synonyms – outmaneuver, outsmart,, outthink, overreach, hoodwink, outfox

•Antonyms -give up, lose, fail


Overlook  ध्यान में न ला पाना , जांचना

Synonyms – scan, survey, command, dominate, oversee, superintend

•Antonyms -follow, obey, heed


Oversight  चूक

Synonyms – disregard, neglect, blunder, default, laxity

•Antonyms -attention, care, watchfulness


Palliate  हलका करना

Synonyms – allay, alleviate, assuage, extenuate, mitigate, lighten

•Antonyms -accuse, blame, condemn


Palpable  स्पर्शनीय

Synonyms – tactile, appreciable, detectable, discernible, perceivable, perceptible

•Antonyms -elusive, subtle, imperceptible


Pandemonium  भारी गड़बड़ी

Synonyms – babel,  clamour, din, hubbub, racket, rumpus

•Antonyms -quiet, silence, peace


Pariah  अछूत

Synonyms – deportee, derelict, expatriate, fugitive, vagabond, tramp

•Antonyms -confronting, permanent, caring


Parity  अनुरूपता

Synonyms – equality, par, sameness, affinity, conformity, consistency

•Antonyms -inequality, variation, irregularity


Parsimonious  कंजूस

Synonyms – cheap, niggard, pinching, penurious, miserly, stingy

•Antonyms -generous, lavish, liberal


Partake  भाग लेना

Synonyms – contribute, engage, indulge, participate, conduce, ingest

•Antonyms -abstain, refrain, distress


Pedantic  रूढ़िवादी

Synonyms – academic, bookish, donnish, literary, scholastic, formal

•Antonyms -informal, ignorant, illiteracy


Peeve  परेशान करना

Synonyms – aggravate, annoy, bother, exasperate, fret, nettle

•Antonyms -comfort, soothe, calm


Perpetuate  बनाये रखना

Synonyms – bolster, eternize, immortalize, conserve, maintain, preserve

•Antonyms -cease, prevent, stop


Pervade  फैलाना

Synonyms – imbue, impregnate, permeate, saturate, suffuse, transfuse

•Antonyms:   deplete, drain, exhaust


Petite  छोटी कद-काठी की

Synonyms – diminutive, miniature, slight, dainty, tiny

•Antonyms:    giant, huge, tall


Phlegmatic  सुस्त

Synonyms – apathetic, detached, impassive, stolid, indifferent, listless

•Antonyms:   ardent, friendly, warm


Piquant  तीखा

Synonyms – pungent, sharp, spicy, zesty, poignant, spirited

•Antonyms:   bland, dull, boring


Ponderous  भारी-भरकम

Synonyms – heavy, hefty, cumbersome, lumpish, elephantine, weighty

•Antonyms:   airy, buoyant, delicate


Pragmatic  व्यावहारिक

Synonyms – prosaic, realistic, sober ,down-to-earth, logical, utilitarian

•Antonyms:   romantic, idealistic, unrealistic


Prate  बकबक करना

Synonyms – babble, chatter, gabble, blather, jabber, prattle

•Antonyms:   sense, wisdom, drawl


Predicament  दुर्दशा

Synonyms – corner, dilemma, hot spot, plight, quagmire, trouble

•Antonyms:  solution, fix, boon


Preempt  रोकना

Synonyms – arrogate, assume, engage, monopolize, seize, usurp

•Antonyms -give, offer, release


Preposterous  बेतुका

Synonyms – ridiculous, idiotic, insane, lunatic, moronic, outrageous

•Antonyms -reasonable, sensible, sane


Presumptuous  ढीठ

Synonyms – rude, brash, brazen, impertinent, impudent, insolent

•Antonyms -humble, modest, meek


Primeval  आदिकालीन , असली

Synonyms – earliest, early, primary, primitive, pristine, original

•Antonyms -modern, current, present


Pristine  असली

Synonyms – purified, refined, immaculate, unadulterated, sterile, stainless

•Antonyms -impure, stained, dirty


Procrastinate  देर करना

Synonyms – dally, dawdle, linger, loiter, trail

•Antonyms -accelerate, advance, quicken


Prod  उकसाना

Synonyms – foment, goad, impel, incite, instigate, prompt

•Antonyms -repress, suppress, dissuade


Profane अपवित्र करना

Synonyms – blasphemous, sacrilegious, temporal, ribald, scurrilous

•Antonyms -sacred, pious, reverent.


Profligate  चरित्रहीन

Synonyms – dissipated, dissolute, licentious, unbridled, wanton, extravagant

•Antonyms -chaste, moral, innocent.


Promulgate  प्रचार करना

Synonyms – announce, proclaim, propagate, disseminate, enact, legislate

•Antonyms -conceal, hide, hinder


Propitious  अनुकूल , शुभ

Synonyms – advantageous, beneficial, auspicious, opportune, benign, fortunate

•Antonyms -inauspicious, unpromising, unfavorable


Puerile  बचकाना

Synonyms – childish, immature, infantile, juvenile, naive, inane

•Antonyms – mature, adult, intelligent


Painstaking  बहुत ही मेहनती

Synonyms – careful,meticulous, punctilious, scrupulous, thoughtful

•Antonyms:  careless, thoughtless, mindless


Paltry  नगण्य

Synonyms – negligible, petty, trifling, lousy, miserable, shoddy

•Antonyms:  significant, substantial, wealthy


Parody  नकल करना

Synonyms – imitation, burlesque, farce, mock, sham, travesty

•Antonyms:  reality, sobriety, solemnity


Passionate  आवेशपूर्ण

Synonyms – amorous, lustful, lewd, ardent, fervent, impassioned

•Antonyms:   cool, frigid, indifferent


Paucity  अभाव

Synonyms – deficiency, inadequacy, lack, scarcity, shortcoming, defect

•Antonyms- abundance, affluence, plenty


Pauper  भिखारी

Synonyms – beggar, indigent, destitute, insolvent; bum, supplicant

•Antonyms:  rich, wealthy, affluent


Pensive विचार मग्न

Synonyms – contemplative, cogitative, reflective, meditative, ruminative, thoughtful

•Antonyms:   heedless, inconsiderate, inattentive


Perceptible  प्रत्यक्ष

Synonyms – discernible, visible, appreciable, distinct, distinguishable

•Antonyms:   ambiguous, obscure, vague


Perennial  सदाबहार

Synonyms – abiding, continuing, enduring, lasting, permanent, persistent

•Antonyms: varying, intermittent, interrupted


Perpetual  लगातार

Synonyms – ceaseless, everlasting, incessant, interminable, relentless

•Antonyms:   ephemeral,, fleeting, transit


Perplexed  उलझा हुआ

Synonyms – addled, confounded, turbid, fuddled, foxed, confused

•Antonyms -unbaffled, clear, cognizant


Persist  डटे रहना

Synonyms – insist, persevere, hang on, continue, survive, endure

•Antonyms -cease, quit, leave


Pertinent  उचित

Synonyms – applicable, apposite, material, relevant

•Antonyms -inappropriate, unsuitable, irrelevant


Perturb  बेचैन करना

Synonyms – agitate, bother, flurry, rock, toss, upset

•Antonyms -soothe, please, calm


Philanthropic  परोपकारी

Synonyms – altruistic, benevolent, charitable, benignant, humanitarian,  magnanimous

•Antonyms -misanthropic, miserly, stingy


Pilfer  चुराना

Synonyms – filch, purloin, snatch, steal, thieve, lift

•Antonyms -give, receive, contribute


Pithy  संक्षिप्त

Synonyms – precise, terse, compact, crisp, succinct, epigrammatic

•Antonyms -verbose, wordy, loose


Placate  संतुष्ट करना

Synonyms – appease, assuage, conciliate, mollify, propitiate, pacify

•Antonyms -agitate, upset, disturb


Placid  शांत

Synonyms – peaceful, serene, tranquil, still, halcyon, calm

•Antonyms -agitated, excited, troubled


Plausible  विश्वसनीय लगने वाला

Synonyms – believable, credible, tenable, probable, logical, conceivable

•Antonyms -improbable, unlikely, unbelievable


Plethora  अधिकता

Synonyms – :deluge, extravagance, excess, overabundance, superfluity, surfeit

•Antonyms -rarity, scarcity, want


Poignant  मर्मस्पर्शी

Synonyms – affecting, impressive, moving, stirring, touching, piquant

•Antonyms -, soothing, pleasant


Precarious  संदिग्ध

Synonyms – Shaky, tottering, wobbly, rickety, unstable, weak

•Antonyms – firm, stable


Pretentious  कपटी

Synonyms – grandiose, pompous, flamboyant, ostentatious, showy

•Antonyms -‘modest, tasteful, simple


Primordial  प्रथम

Synonyms – earliest, initial, maiden, original, pioneer, first

•Antonyms -last, latest, final


Procure  हासिल करना

Synonyms – acquire, obtain, secure, gain, get, receive

•Antonyms -lose, forfeit, forsake


Prodigy  चमत्कार

Synonyms –  marvel, miracle, astonishment, sensation, phenomenon, wonder

•Antonyms -simpleton, buffoon, moron .


Profound  गहन

Synonyms – ‘abysmal, deep, intense, abstruse, esoteric, recondite

•Antonyms -lucid, plain, simple


Proliferate  प्रचुर मात्रा में उत्पन्न होना

Synonyms – propagate, augment, escalate, aggrandize, mount, upsurge

•Antonyms -decline, degrade, diminish


Provincial  स्थानीय

Synonyms – insular, rustic, pastoral, bucolic, limited, local

•Antonyms -liberal, metropolitan, modern


Pacify  संतुष्ट करना

Synonyms – appease, assuage, conciliate, mollify, propitiate, soothe

•Antonyms -agitate, incite, upset


Palatial  आलीशान

Synonyms -. lavish, luxuriant, opulent, plush, rich, sumptuous

•Antonyms -cramped, minor, tiny


Pardonable  क्षमा के योग्य

Synonyms – excusable, forgivable, venial, defensible, justifiable, passable

•Antonyms -inexpiable, unpardonable, inexcusable


Partisan  पक्षपातपूर्ण

Synonyms – biased, prejudiced, partial, tendentious, prepossessed, one-sided

•Antonyms -impartial, unbiased, fair


Pathetic  दयनीय

Synonyms – pitiable, rueful, deplorable, lamentable, distressing, miserable

•Antonyms -cheerful, worthwhile, delightful


Peerless  अतुलनीय

Synonyms – matchless, incomparable, singular, unmatched, alone, unequal

•Antonyms -inferior, mediocre, subordinate


Pessimist  निराशावादी

Synonyms – defeatist, cynic, doomsayer, killjoy, downer, worrier

•Antonyms -optimist, dreamer, hoper


Pinnacle  शिखर  

Synonyms – acme, apex, crest, crown, peak, summit

•Antonyms -base, bottom, nadir


Potent  ताकतवर

Synonyms – mighty, strong, powerful, commanding, dominant, authoritative

•Antonyms -fragile, incapable, ineffective


Precise  सटीक

Synonyms – categorical, definite, accurate, specific, genteel, puritanical

•Antonyms -ambiguous, inexact, false


Prescribe  नुस्खा लिखना

Synonyms – decree, dictate, fix, impose, lay down, ordain

•Antonyms -dismiss, reject, ban


Preserve  सुरक्षित रखना

Synonyms – conserve, save, guard, shield, maintain, sustain

•Antonyms -destroy, hurt, ruin


Prime  प्रथम अवस्था

Synonyms – superior, splendid, foremost, paramount, premier, original

•Antonyms -inferior, secondary, unimportant


Prodigal  फजूल खर्च

Synonyms – extravagant, lavish, spendthrift, profuse, wasteful, luxuriant

•Antonyms -thrifty, stingy, reasonable


Proficient  अनुभवी

Synonyms – adept, crack, masterly, professional, skilled, expert

•Antonyms -clumsy, inept, incompetent


Profuse  अतिव्ययी

Synonyms – luxuriant, exuberant, profligate, lavish, spendthrift, lush

•Antonyms -lacking, sparse, wanting


Prohibit  निषेध करना

Synonyms – ban, debar, forbid, inhibit, interdict, outlaw

•Antonyms -allow, favor, permit


Prolific  उपजाऊ , फलदार

Synonyms – fecund, fertile, fruitful, productive

•Antonyms -barren, impotent, unproductive


Prolong  लंबा करना

Synonyms – elongate, extend, lengthen, stretch, prolongate

•Antonyms -abbreviate, shorten, compress


Prominent  प्रतिष्ठित

Synonyms – arresting, marked, outstanding, remarkable, salient, distinguished

•Antonyms -inconspicuous, unexceptional, inferior


Prompt  तुरन्त

Synonyms – foment, goad, impel, instigate, motivate, pique

•Antonyms -depress, halt, dissuade


Propagate  उत्पन्न करना

Synonyms – breed, cultivate, procreate, proliferate, promulgate, spawn

•Antonyms -destroy, decline, conceal


Proscribe  त्याग करना

Synonyms – enjoin, debar, taboo, prohibit, inhibit, ban

•Antonyms -allow, favor, permit


Prosperous  समृद्ध

Synonyms – booming, flourishing, prospering, thriving, auspicious, propitious

•Antonyms -languishing, stunted, losing


Provisional  अस्थायी

Synonyms – interim, temporary, acting, conditional, provisory, tentative

•Antonyms -certain, definite, permanent


Provoke  उत्तेजित करना

Synonyms – enrage, incense, aggravate, annoy, nettle, incite

•Antonyms -.please/soothe, placate


Proximate  निकटस्थ

Synonyms – adjacent, close, contiguous, near, imminent, momentary

•Antonyms -definite, distant, remote


Prudent  चतुर

Synonyms – rational, sage, sapient, sensible, cautious, circumspect

•Antonyms -indiscreet, unrealistic, unwise


Pungent  कड़ुआ

Synonyms – piquant, zesty, acerbic, mordant, stinging, scathing

•Antonyms -bland, dull, sweet

Pushy अति महत्वाकांक्षी

Synonyms – audacious, brazen, cheeky, insolent, impertinent, sassy

•Antonyms -unassuming, modest, quiet


Puzzling  पेचीदा

Synonyms -cryptic, enigmatic, mysterious, occult

•Antonyms -comprehensible, intelligible, understandable


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