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Synonyms and Antonyms starting from A: A-Z Alphabets

Synonyms and Antonyms starting from A: A-Z Alphabets 

Synonyms and Antonyms starting from A: A-Z Alphabets


Abandon  त्याग देना
Synonyms –   
desert, leave, quit, forgo, renounce, surrender   Antonymscontinue, keep, pursue

Abash शर्मिंदा करना
Synonyms –  discourage, confound, discompose  Antonyms – encourage, uphold, embolden
abolish  अन्त करना
Synonyms – cancel, nullify, annul, invalidate, negate, set  Antonymsestablish, set up, found

Abound  भरपूर होना
Synonyms –  flourish, swell, teem, plentiful   Antonyms – deficient, destitute, want, scarce
abrupt  असभ्य
Synonyms – hurried, sudden, blunt, curt, brief   Antonymssmooth, gradual, courteous

Accomplish   पूरा करना
Synonyms – achieve, attain, gain, reach, realize, fulfill   Antonymsfail, forsake, give up
abstract  अलग करना
Synonyms – hypothetical, theoretic, academic, speculative    Antonyms-  concrete, definite, factual
absurd  विसंगति
Synonyms – foolish, idiotic, silly, insane, nonsensical    Antonyms logical, reasonable, rational
abundant  प्रचुर
Synonyms – ample, generous, heavy, bountiful, plentiful    Antonyms rare, tight, scarce
accelerate  तेज़ी से बढ़ाना
Synonyms – hasten, hurry/quicken, hustle, expedite, speed up   Antonymsdecelerate, retard, slow down
accumulate  जमा करना
Synonyms – aggregate, amass, collect, garner, gather, pile up   Antonyms- disperse, scatter, dissipate
accuracy  सत्यता
Synonyms – correctness, exactness, veracity, precision, rightness   Antonyms -inaccuracy, error, anomaly .
accuse  आरोप करना
Synonyms – arraign, charge, indict, denounce, incriminate, allege  Antonymsabsolve, defend, exonerate

Acquire  अधिकार करना
Synonyms – gain, get, procure, obtain, secure, win    Antonymsforfeit, forgo, relinquish
acute  तेज़
Synonyms – critical, crucial, piercing, sharp, incisive, shrill   Antonymsdim, dull, obtuse

Adamant  अटल
Synonyms –  stubborn, obdurate, inflexible, rigid   Antonyms flexible, soft, suppleness, tender

Synonyms and Antonyms

adequate पर्याप्त
Synonyms – enough, satisfactory, sufficient , average, decent Antonyms -deficient, wanting, insufficient
admire  प्रशंसा करना
Synonyms – appreciate, praise, value, respect, like, regard  Antonyms blame, condemn, disapprove

Synonyms and Antonyms
adopt  स्वीकार करना
Synonyms – affirm, approve, confirm, sanction, pass, ratify   Antonyms disclaim, disown, spurn
adventurous  उत्साही
Synonyms –
bold, daredevil, daring, enterprising, dangerous, risky  Antonymscautious, safe, timid
adversity  अभाग्य
Synonyms – misfortune , haplessness, affliction, hardship  Antonymsprosperity, fortune,

affection  लगाव
Synonyms – attachment, liking, love, fondness, loyalty  Antonymsenmity, hatred, dislike
aggregate  इकठ्ठा करना
Synonyms – amount, sum, total, totality, entirety, gross   Antonymssingle, individual, separate
aggressive . आक्रामक
Synonyms – hostile, militant, belligerent, attacking Antonyms complaisant, laid back, easy-going
agree  स्वीकार करना
Synonyms – accept, consent, nod, accede, tally, concur Antonymsdisagree, differ, contradict
alert  सचेत करना
Synonyms – observant, vigilant, wary, watchful, keen, witted Antonymsasleep, drowsy, inattentive
alliance  समझौता
Synonyms – coalition, league, union, association, group, Antonymsantagonism, discord, hostility
alone  अकेला
Synonyms – lonely, single, solitary , isolated, apart  Antonyms together, accompanied, escorted
amazing  आश्चर्यजनक
Synonyms –  fantastic, fabulous, incredible, marvelous Antonyms ordinary, commonplace, average
ambitious  महत्त्वाकांक्षी
Synonyms – aspiring, eager, longing, ardent Antonyms content, unassuming, satisfied
amend संशोधन करना
Synonyms –
improve, correct, rectify, ameliorate Antonymsblemish, impair, worsen
amplify  बढ़ा-चढ़ा कर कहना
Synonyms – boost, enlarge, expand, increase Antonyms lessen, compress, summarize
amuse  मनोरंजन करना
Synonyms – entertain, divert, delight, please Antonymsbore, annoy, fatigue
ancient  बहुत पुराना
Synonyms – old, archaic, obsolete, outdated Antonymsmodern, new, young
anonymous  गुमनाम
Synonyms – nameless, unnamed, unidentified, mysterious Antonymsidentified, known, named
anxiety  चिंता
Synonyms – ,unease, concern, worry, angst  Antonymscomposure, assurance, quietude
appealing  आकर्षक
Synonyms – tempting, alluring, fascinating, charming Antonymsdisagreeable, unappealing, off-putting
appreciate  तारीफ करना
Synonyms – value, welcome, admire, cherish, recognize Antonymsdisregard, condemn, disapprove
apprentice   नौसिखिया
Synonyms – learner, beginner, novice , intern, trainee Antonyms mentor, teacher, experienced
approve  स्वीकृति देना
Synonyms – accept, like, support, -ratify, recognize, endorse •Antonymscensure, deplore, disallow .

arrogance  घमण्ड
Synonyms – haughtiness, insolence, egotism, pride, superciliousness Antonyms -humility, meekness, servility
artificial  कृत्रिम
Synonyms – synthetic, sham, fake, deceptive, unnatural, false •Antonyms -genuine, real, natural
ascend   ऊपर को उठना
Synonyms – rise, mount, spring, climb, soar,, increase   •Antonyms -decline, descend, lower.
assist  सहयोग देना
Synonyms – help, support, aid, abet, relieve  •Antonyms -hinder, oppose, thwart

assurance  भरोसा
Synonyms – guarantee, promise, certainty, belief  •Antonyms -uncertainty, doubt
astonishing  चौंका देने वाला
Synonyms – surprising, astounding, amazing •Antonyms -dull, unimpressive, boring
attain  प्राप्त करना
Synonyms – achieve, accomplish, reach, gain, get, realize •Antonyms -desert, forfeit, surrender
attentive  सावधान
Synonyms –  : heedful, regardful, considerate, responsive •Antonyms -heedless, inattentive, neglectful
attract  आकर्षित करना
Synonyms – appeal, draw, entice, allure, , fascinate  •Antonyms -repel, repulse, deter .
auspicious  शुभ
Synonyms – opportune, propitious, favourable, fortunate •Antonyms -hopeless, unlucky, ill-fated
authentic   असली
Synonyms – credible, genuine, valid, real, original  •Antonyms -counterfeit, fake, unreal
autonomous  स्वतन्त्र
Synonyms – free, independent, sovereign, separate,  •Antonyms:   :dependent, bound, subject’
average   मध्यम
Synonyms – common, moderate, usual, typical, ordinary   •Antonyms -exceptional, outstanding, unusual

avoid  टालना

Synonyms – escape, shun, evade, elude, duck, dodge   •Antonyms -face, seek, want

awake   जागना

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms – conscious, aware, alert, roused, wakeful   •Antonyms -asleep, unconscious, lull

Aware  जानकार

Synonyms – alive, awake, cognizant, attentive, responsive  •Antonyms -ignorant, unaware, insensitive

Awful  डरावना

Synonyms – dreadful, shocking, horrible, terrible, appalling   •Antonyms -pleasing, charming, beautiful

Awkward  तकलीफ़देह

Synonyms – clumsy, graceless, inept, cumbersome    •Antonyms -dexterous, adept, skillful

Apparent  स्पष्ट
Synonyms – :  evident, obvious, perceptible, distinct    •Antonyms – masked, obscure, indistinct, doubtful
Allure  लुभाना
Synonyms –  entice, fascinate, tempt, seduce             •Antonyms – repulse, repel, deter, distaste
Abortive  विफल
Synonyms –  vain, useless, fruitless, unproductive      •Antonyms – effectual, productive, successful
Abominable  मनहूस
Synonyms –  odious, detestable, repugnant, aversion    •Antonyms -affectionate, enjoyable
Allay  कम करना
Synonyms –  pacify, soothe, lighten, assuage         •Antonyms – aggravate, excite
Axiom  सिद्धांत
Synonyms –  maxim, saying, dictum, truth            •Antonyms – absurdity, ridiculousness, irrelevant
Assiduous   परिश्रमी
Synonyms –  constant, diligent, persevering         •Antonyms – indifference, careless, indolent,

Abjure  त्यागना
Synonyms –  forsake, renounce, retract, revoke             •Antonyms – approve, sanction, patronise, adopt
Abject  घृणा योग्य
Synonyms –  despicable, servile, base, contemptible   •Antonyms – commendable, praiseworthy,
Aversion  घृणा
Synonyms –  dislike, hatred, indifferent, apathy          •Antonyms – affection, fondness, niceness, liking
Authentic  विश्वसनीय
Synonyms –  genuine, reliable/valid, guaranteed      •Antonyms – fictitious, counterfeit, unreal, false
Audacity  हिम्मत
Synonyms –  boldness, arrogance, insolence      •Antonyms – mildness, humility, cowardice,
Abettor  अपराध-सहकारी
Synonyms – accomplice                                      •Antonyms – opponent, adversary antagonist, rival
Abate  कम करना
Synonyms –  moderate, mitigate, lessen, decrease     •Antonyms – aggravate, intensify augment
Arraign  दोष लगाना
Synonyms –  charge, blame, accuse, complain                   •Antonyms – exculpate, pardon, condone
Affront  अपमानित करना
Synonyms –  provoke, exasperate, indignity irreverence    •Antonyms – conciliate, appease, mollify, assuage

Adversity  दुर्भाग्य
Synonyms –  misfortune, misery, affliction      •Antonyms – prosperity, fortune, favour
Antipathy  वैर-भाव
Synonyms –  hostility, aversion disillusion, dislike    •Antonyms – admiration, approval, fascination
Acrimony  कड़ुवापन
Synonyms –  harshness, bitterness, inhumanity, enmity    •Antonyms – sweetness, courtesy, humanity
Accumulation  संग्रह
Synonyms –  store, amass, preservation, conservation      •Antonyms – scattering, dissipation, separation
Abash  लज्जित कर देना

Synonyms – humiliate, humble, denigrate, debase, mortify, reduce   •Antonyms -exalt, upgrade, dignify

Abate  कम करना

Synonyms – diminish, dwindle, ebb, lessen, subside, decline   •Antonyms -augment, enhance, intensify


Abhor  नफ़रत करना

Synonyms – despise, detest, loathe, abominate, dislike, execrate  •Antonyms -love, yearn, admire

Abide स्वीकार करना

Synonyms -accept, tolerate, stand for, withstand, bear, endure  •Antonyms -shun, quit, migrate

Abort  रद्द करना

Synonyms – terminate, end, abandon, call off, stop, halt  •Antonyms -continue, keep, sustain

Synonyms and Antonyms

Abscond  फ़रार होना

Synonyms – decamp, escape, flee, break out, run away, get away   •Antonyms -remain, stay, emerge

Abstain दूर रहना

Synonyms – refrain, withhold, desist, withdraw, go without, curb   •Antonyms -persist, pursue, offer

Accessible  पहुंचने योग्य

Synonyms – handy, nearby, available, reachable, manageable, convenient   •Antonyms -restricted, inaccessible, limited

Accessory  अनावश्यक

Synonyms – ancillary, assistant, auxiliary, collateral, subsidiary, supportive   •Antonyms -principal, unsupportive, main

Accommodating  मिलनसार

Synonyms – agreeable, obliging, complaisant, willing, cooperating, helpful   •Antonyms -alienating, disobliging, estranged

Accomplice  सहापराधी

Synonyms – assistant, accessory, collaborator, partner, abettor, conspirator   •Antonyms -adversary, enemy, opponent

Accord  सहमत होना

Synonyms – agreement, treaty, settlement, deal, concord, pact   •Antonyms -disagreement, denial, refusal

Acquaint  अवगत कराना

Synonyms – inform, apprise, notify, familiarize, enlighten, tell   •Antonyms -conceal, hide, withhold

Acquit  बरी करना

Synonyms – absolve, vindicate, free, release, exonerate, exculpate   •Antonyms -convict, sentence, damn

Acme शिखर

Synonyms – peak, top, zenith, pinnacle, culmination, apogee   •Antonyms -bottom, nadir, minimum

Acrid  तीखा

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms – bitter, harsh, sour, vitriolic, acerbic, caustic    •Antonyms -delicious, savory, complimentary

Acumen  कुशाग्र बुद्धि

Synonyms – insight, wisdom, expertise, sagacity, astuteness    •Antonyms -ineptness, stupidity, ignorance

Adamant  अटल

Synonyms – obstinate, obdurate, relentless, unyielding, steadfast, stubborn  •Antonyms -compliant, flexible, lax

Adapt  के अनुरूप बनाना

Synonyms – acclimatize, adjust, conform, reconcile, suit, alter   •Antonyms -misfit, differ, dislocate

Adjacent  बगल में

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms – close, nearby, next, contiguous, bordering, flanking     •Antonyms -distant, remote, apart

Admonish साधारण चेतावनी देना

Synonyms – rebuke, reprimand, reproach, chide, reprove, scold    •Antonyms -applaud, praise, approve

Adore  बहुत पसन्द करना

Synonyms – idolize, revere, venerate, worship, glorify, exalt    •Antonyms -abhor, despise, loathe

Adulterate  मिलावट करना

Synonyms – debase, pollute, taint, impure, soil, infect   •Antonyms -cleanse, filter, purify

Adverse  प्रतिकूल

Synonyms – opposing, unfavourable, contrary, hostile, antagonistic, confrontational

  • Antonyms -favorable, propitious, advantageous

Affluent  समृद्ध

Synonyms – moneyed, rich, wealthy, prosperous, well-off, well-to-do    •Antonyms -needy, impoverished, destitute

Aggravate  भड़का देना

Synonyms – enhance, intensify, augment, annoy, bother, pester  •Antonyms -appease, mollify, relieve

Agile फुर्तीला

Synonyms – brisk, facile, nimble, swift, sprightly, supple   •Antonyms -.clumsy, stiff, brittle

Agitate  हलचल मचाना

Synonyms – protest, stir, disturb, churn, perturb, ruffle    •Antonyms: quiet, lull, soothe

Agony  वेदना

Synonyms – anguish, distress,Misery, torment, woe, affliction   •Antonyms -peace, comfort, happiness

Aid  मदद करना

Synonyms – abet, boost, help, succour, facilitate, sustain  •Antonyms -block , hinder, obstruct

Alight  नीचे आना

Synonyms – land, get off, descend, dismount, perch, settle   •Antonyms -board, take on, get on

Alike  समान रूप से

Synonyms – analogous, comparable, identical, similar, uniform, equivalent  •Antonyms -distinct, diverse, dissimilar

Allege    आरोप लगाना

Synonyms – assert, claim, charge, contend, declare, maintain   •Antonyms -contradict, deny, disagree

Alleviate  कम करना

Synonyms – allay, assuage, ease, mitigate, relieve, palliate    •Antonyms -aggravate, intensify, magnify

Allure  प्रलोभन देना

Synonyms – entice, seduce, tempt, draw, charm, lure   •Antonyms -repel, reject, deter

Aloof  अलग

Synonyms   – reticent, solitary, withdrawn, detached, snooty, standoffish  •Antonyms -friendly, sociable, concerned

Alter  बदलना

Synonyms – change, modify, vary, amend, revise, rewo    •Antonyms -maintain, preserve, retain

Amateur  अव्यवसायी

Synonyms – dabbler, unprofessional, slapdash, shoddy, inept, clumsy   •Antonyms -professional, expert, proficient

Amenity  नम्रता

Synonyms – facility, convenience, comfort, cordiality, warmth, geniality

  • Antonyms -inconvenience, misbehavior, disruption

Ambiguous  अस्पष्ट

Synonyms – vague, obscure, uncertain, cloudy, nebulous, hazy    •Antonyms -explicit, lucid, clear

Analogous  अनुरूप

Synonyms – alike, comparable, corresponding, akin, consonant, parallel  •Antonyms -disparate, dissimilar, unlike

Anguish  तड़प

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms – distress, wretchedness, suffering, grief, sorrow, angst    •Antonyms -contentment, solace, happiness

Animosity  शत्रुता

Synonyms – acrimony, antipathy, malevolence, bitterness, malice, rancor

  • Antonyms -congeniality, harmony, benevolence

Annex  अधिकार कर लेना

Synonyms – affix, append, attach, capture, seize, appropriate   •Antonyms -detach, relinquish, leave

Annoy  परेशान करना

Synonyms – exasperate, fret, irk, infuriate, upset, enrage  •Antonyms -gratify, gladden, delight

Anomalous  अनियमित

Synonyms – aberrant, deviant, jarring, inconsistent, unusual, atypical    •Antonyms -conforming, regular, standard

Apex  चोटी

Synonyms – crest, crown, peak, summit, pinnacle, zenith   •Antonyms -nadir, lowest point, zero level

Apparent  स्पष्ट

Synonyms – distinct, obvious, evident, perceptible, visible, outward  •Antonyms -hazy, indistinct, vague

Synonyms and Antonyms

Appease  तृप्त होना

Synonyms – assuage, conciliate, mollify, pacify, placate, soothe   •Antonyms -aggravate, incite, provoke

Applaud  तालियाँ बजाना

Synonyms – cheer, acclaim, commend, laud, root, compliment  •Antonyms -boo, hiss, disparage

Apprise  सूचना देना

Synonyms – acquaint, advise, inform, enlighten, educate, notify  •Antonyms -depreciate, undervalue, mystify

Apt  उचित

Synonyms – appropriate, befitting, , pertinent, competent  •Antonyms -improper, gauche, maladroit

Arbitrary मनमाना

Synonyms – random, illogical, capricious, indiscriminate, haphazard, discretionary

  • Antonyms -consistent, logical, reasonable

Archaic  पुराना

Synonyms – ancient, antique, hoary, prehistoric, outdated, dowdy  •Antonyms -contemporary, modern, recent

Assert  दावे के साथ कहना

Synonyms – affirm, avow, contend, proclaim, stress, emphasize  •Antonyms -deny, reject, refuse

Abdicate  त्याग करना

Synonyms – cede, demit, relinquish, renounce, abandon, render •Antonyms -hold, retain, maintain

Aberration असामान्यता

Synonyms – divergence, anomaly, eccentricity, deviance, peculiarity, derangement

  • Antonyms -conformity, regularity, sameness

Abet  बढ़ावा देना

Synonyms – connive, incite, succor, boost, aid, urge  •Antonyms -hinder, inhibit, block

Aboriginal  आदिवासी

Synonyms – native, indigenous, endemic, autochthonous, original, local   •Antonyms -foreigner, outsider, immigrant

Accede  सहमत होना

Synonyms – comply, grant, acquiesce, assent, subscribe, nod     •Antonyms -demur, denounce, protest

Acclaim  अभिनन्दन करना

Synonyms – commend, eulogize, exalt, extol, glorify, laud   •Antonyms -berate, damn, vituperate

Accolade  पुरस्कार

Synonyms – distinction, honour, tribute, award, laurel, kudos  •Antonyms -criticism, blame, accusation

Acquisition  अधिग्राहण

Synonyms – accession, accomplishment, procurement, possession, gain, attainment    •Antonyms -loss, dearth, lack

Acrimonious  कटु

Synonyms – bitter, rancorous, resentful, virulent, discordant, hostile     •Antonyms -affable, benign, forgiving

Adept  कुशल

Synonyms – proficient, skilled, adroit, dexterous, masterly, crack   •Antonyms -awkward, clumsy, inept

Adherent  अनुयायी

Synonyms – enthusiast, follower, aficionado, cohort, disciple   •Antonyms -opponent, cynic, disbeliever

Adroit चालाक

Synonyms – deft, nimble, competent, neat, slick   •Antonyms -inept, unskilled, stupid

Advent  आगमन   

Synonyms – initiation, beginning, dawn, appearance, arrival, coming    •Antonyms -departure, end, culmination

Adversary  विरोधी

Synonyms – antagonist, opponent, rival, foe, challenger, resister   •Antonyms -ally, backer, supporter

Affinity  मिलनसारिता  रिश्तेदारी

Synonyms – empathy, sympathy, kinship , likeness  •Antonyms -dislike, hatred, dissimilarity

Affliction  रोग

Synonyms – illness, infirmity, disorder, indisposition, burden, scourge   •Antonyms -aid, comfort, relief

Affray झगड़ा

Synonyms – brawl, scuffle, commotion, tussle, tumult  •Antonyms -agreement, harmony, peace

Synonyms and Antonyms

Aghast  डरा हुआ

Synonyms – afraid, horrified, shocked, appalled, apprehensive, funky  •Antonyms -unsurprised, unaffected, calm

Agog  उत्सुक

Synonyms – ardent, avid, eager, enthusiastic, curious, agape  •Antonyms -incurious, uninterested, indifferent

Ail  पीड़ा देना

Synonyms – concern, distress, trouble, worry, afflict, upset  •Antonyms -excite, comfort, cheer

Alienate  दूर कर देना

Synonyms – disunite, estrange, distance, isolate, cede, separate  •Antonyms -disarm, be friendly, conciliate

Allay  कम करना

Synonyms – alleviate, assuage, lull, palliate, calm, dispel •Antonyms -worsen, aggravate, provoke

Altercation  विवाद

Synonyms – argument, bicker, contention, dispute, squabble, row  •Antonyms -agreement, concord, harmony

Altruistic   परोपकारी

Synonyms – beneficent, benevolent, benign, selfless, philanthropic   •Antonyms -selfish, unsacrificing , mercenary

Amalgamate  मिलाना

Synonyms – merge, mingle, mix, integrate, fuse, blend  •Antonyms -divide, separate, branch

Amass  जमा करना

Synonyms – accrue, accumulate; garner, hoard, stockpile, assemble  •Antonyms -disperse, dissipate, scatter

Ameliorate  सुधारना

Synonyms – amend, improve, upgrade, enrich, enhance, better .•Antonyms -worsen, deteriorate, degenerate

Amenable  आज्ञाकारी

Synonyms – compliant, docile, obedient, willing, docile, pliable  •Antonyms -defiant, noncompliant, recalcitrant

Amicable  मैत्रीपूर्ण

Synonyms – friendly, warmhearted/ harmonious, good-humored, polite, neighbourly.

  • Antonyms -hostile, unfriendly, acrimonious

Amnesty  अपराध-क्षमा

Synonyms – forgiveness, pardon , remission, reprieve, absolution, exoneration

  • Antonyms -censure, denunciation, conviction

Amorous  कामुक

Synonyms – erotic, lewd,; lustful, passionate, ardent, infatuated    •Antonyms -unloving, detached, indifferent

 Ample  प्रचुर

Synonyms – extensive, copious, substantial, abundant, bounteous, generous  •Antonyms -insufficient, meager, paltry

Anarchy  अव्यवस्था , अराजकता

Synonyms – disorder, lawlessness, chaos, mayhem, riot, misrule    •Antonyms -.order, rule, lawfulness

Annul  रद्द करना

Synonyms – abolish, abrogate, void, rescind, negate, invalidate   •Antonyms -retain, validate, keep

Antagonism  प्रतिरोध

Synonyms – antipathy, animosity, enmity, hostility, resentment, contradiction   •Antonyms -accord, rapport, agreement

Antithesis  प्रतिवाद

Synonyms – contrast, opposition, antagonism, polarity, contrariety, converse   •Antonyms -same, conformity, uniformity

Apathy  उदासीनता

Synonyms – indifference, lassitude, ennui, droopiness, Listlessness, stolidity   •Antonyms -care, concern, sympathy

Appalling  घटिया

Synonyms – awful, dreadful, ghastly, horrendous, outrageous, atrocious  •Antonyms -comforting, reassuring, pleasing

Apprehension  सनसनी

Synonyms – dread, fright, panic, trepidation, detention, capture  •Antonyms -calmness, contentment, happiness

Ardent  उत्साही

Synonyms – fervent, passionate, avid, sizzling, fiery, dedicated  •Antonyms -cold, dispassionate, frigid

Arduous  कर्मठ

Synonyms – laborious, demanding, exacting, rigorous, severe, strenuous  •Antonyms -easy, facile, effortless

Arid  बंजर

Synonyms – dry, parched, scorched, barren/unfertile, drab •Antonyms -damp, moist, humid

Articulate  स्पष्ट उच्चारण करना

Synonyms – eloquent, lucid, vocal, fecund, expressive, coherent  •Antonyms -unintelligible, unclear, misrepresented

Aspersion  बदनामी

Synonyms – slander, smear, disparagement   •Antonyms -calmness, mildness, happiness

Assent  सहमत होना

Synonyms – consent, nod, sanction, approbation, acquiescence, approval  •Antonyms -dissent, rejection, disagreement

Assuage  धीमा करना

Synonyms – appease, mitigate, conciliate, placate, dulcify, propitiate  •Antonyms -upset, exacerbate, agitate

Astounding  चौंका देने वाला

Synonyms – astonishing, phenomenal, prodigious, stupendous, wondrous, amazing •Antonyms -boring, dull, satisfying

Astute  कपटी   

Synonyms – perceptive, judicious, perspicacious, cagey, canny, shrewd •Antonyms -idiotic, stupid, unintelligent .

Atrocious  घटिया

Synonyms – vile, heinous, horrid, nauseating, awful, hideous  •Antonyms -inoffensive, innocuous, unobtrusive

Audacious  निडर

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms -foolhardy, impudent, heroic, intrepid, plucky, undaunted   •Antonyms -meek, mild, timid

Augment  बढ़ाना

Synonyms – amplify, intensify, mount,- proliferate, aggrandize, upsurge  •Antonyms -decrease, degrade, belittle

Avarice  लालच

Synonyms – covetousness, cupidity, avidity, acquisitiveness, greed  •Antonyms: generosity, philanthropy, charity

Synonyms and Antonyms
Aversion  वह वस्तु जिससे घृणा की जाय

Synonyms – avariciousness, revulsion abhorrence, detestation, abomination, loathing, repugnance

  • Antonyms: attachment, fondness, liking

Avid  लालची

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms – keen, fervent, agog, rapacious, ardent, solicitous   •Antonyms:   dispassionate, indifferent, unenthusiastic

Awe  भय

Synonyms – reverence, veneration, admiration, esteem, dread, fright    •Antonyms:   calmness, familiarity, expectation


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