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Synonym Antonym Study Material For SSC CGL CHSL

Synonym Antonym Study Material For SSC CGL CHSL

Synonym Antonym Study Material For SSC CGL CHSL


Lethal प्राणघातक

Synonyms – deadly, fatal, mortal, vital, destructive, ruinous

•Antonyms -beneficial, harmless, helpful


Lethargic शक्तिहीन

Synonyms – sluggish, torpid, apathetic, detached, indifferent

•Antonyms -active, lively, vivacious


Liability देनदारी

Synonyms – obligation, arrears, debt, indebtedness

•Antonyms -irresponsibility, accountability, assets


Liberal आजाद

Synonyms – progressive, tolerant, broad-minded, modern, generous

•Antonyms – conservative, narrow-minded ,orthodox

Synonym Antonym Study Material
Lively उत्साहपूर्ण

Synonyms – brisk, sprighty, animated, vivacious, dynamic, vigorous

•Antonyms -dispirited, boring, dull


Loafer आलसी

Synonyms – bum, drone, idler, sluggard, lazybones, wanderer

•Antonyms -hard worker, workaholic


Loyal वफ़ादार

Synonyms – faithful, staunch, steadfast, devoted, allegiant, trustworthy

•Antonyms -unfaithful, undependable, disloyal


Lunatic पागल

Synonyms – crazy, demented, insane, distraught, maniac, unsound

•Antonyms -sane, sensible, balanced


Luxurious प्रचुर

Synonyms – lavish, palatial, plush, rich, opulent, sumptuous

•Antonyms -destitute, tiny, scarce


Laggard ढीला

Synonyms – loiterer, saunterer, dawdler, sluggard, drone, procrastinator

•Antonyms -quick, focused, hardworking


Lanky दुबला पतला

Synonyms – lean, meager, gangly, slim, feeble, bony

•Antonyms -robust, brawny, sturdy


Levity ओछापन

Synonyms – inconstancy, volatility, fitfulness, caprice, wavering, indecision

•Antonyms -persistence, steadfastness, tenacity


Licentious स्वेच्छाचारी

Synonyms – voluptuous, dissolute, rakish, debauched, profligate, unbridled

•Antonyms -temperate, sober, ascetic


Limpid पारदर्शक

Synonyms – transparent, crystalline, pure, lucid, clear, explicit

•Antonyms -opaque, muddy, hazy


Linger विलम्ब या देरी करना

Synonyms – tarry, loiter, saunter, lag, hesitate, wait

•Antonyms -haste, press, push


Livid पीला

Synonyms – lurid, pale, pallid, dusky, bloodless, haggard

•Antonyms -lively, sanguine, incarnadine


Loathe घृणा करना

Synonyms – abominate, detest, execrate, hate, despise, dislike

•Antonyms -desire, long for, love


Lonesome अकेला

Synonyms – forlorn, dreary, forsaken, solitary, desolate, lonely

•Antonyms -befriended, animated, bustling


long (v) बहुत चाहना

Synonyms – desire, aspire, yearn, wish, crave, want

•Antonyms -aver, abhor, loathe


Lop कतरना

Synonyms – prune, curtail, shorten; retrench, amputate, truncate

•Antonyms: grow, elongate, trail


Lull ठहराव

Synonyms – quiet, assuagement, cessation, tranquil, subsidence

•Antonyms: tumult, tempest, storm .


Luscious स्वादिष्ट

Synonyms – sweet, delicious/ appetizing, delightful, savoury, tasty

•Antonyms: sour, tart, bitter


Lustrous चमकीला

Synonyms – gleaming, glossy, radiant, refulgent, luminous, shiny

•Antonyms: dull, leaden, opaque


Magnanimity उदारता

Synonyms – generosity, forbearance; clemency, philanthropy, benevolence

•Antonyms -meanness, pettiness


Malicious बुरा चाहने वाला

Synonyms – spiteful, malignant, malevolent, vindictive, retaliatory, vicious

•Antonyms -kind, benevolent, genial


Malign बदनाम करना

Synonyms – traduce, asperse, calumniate, vilify, defame, slander

•Antonyms -praise, commend


Mandatory अनिवार्य

Synonyms – binding, compulsory, indispensable, essential, obligatory ,requisite
•Antonyms -optional, voluntary, unnecessary


Manifold अनेकता

Synonyms – numerous, multifarious, varied, sundry, diverse, multiplied

•Antonyms -‘ scant, rare, scarce


Marred खराब करना

Synonyms – blemished, spoiled, defective, deficient, faulty, fallible

•Antonyms -perfect, consummate, impeccable


Meddle हस्तक्षेप करना

Synonyms – interpose, intervene, interfere, arbitrate, mediate, insert

•Antonyms -withdraw, retract, recede


Meek दब्बू

Synonyms – mild, gentle, submissive; modest, yielding, unassuming

•Antonyms -bold, arrogant, proud.


Mend मरम्मत करना

Synonyms – repair, restore, rectify, reform, amend, ameliorate

•Antonyms -impair, corrupt, pervert


Mercurial सक्रिय

Synonyms – buoyant, capricious, effervescent, expansive, fickle, impulsive

•Antonyms -tranquil, unvarying, calm


Meritorious प्रशंसा योग्य

Synonyms – praiseworthy, commendable, honourable, creditable, exemplary, virtuous

•Antonyms -censurable, reprehensible, improper


Messy अस्तव्यस्त

Synonyms – blotchy, careless, disheveled, unorganized, grubby, raunchy

•Antonyms -uncluttered, clear, organized


Microscopic बहुत छोटा

Synonyms – puny, wee, tiny, diminutive, minuscule, negligible

• Antonyms -huge, gigantic, bulky


Mingle घुलना मिलना

Synonyms – compound, blend, confound, confuse, associate, amalgamate

•Antonyms -segregate, sift, sort

Synonym Antonym Study Material
Mirage भ्रम

Synonyms – delusion, fantasy, hallucination, illusion, apparition, fallacy

•Antonyms -reality, concreteness, actuality


Miscreant बदमाश

Synonyms – rogue, vagabond, scamp, rascal, swindler, villain

•Antonyms -gentleman, honest, righteous


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