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Synonym Antonym SSC CGL, CHSL : Exam Prepration Part 2

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL, CHSL : Exam Prepration Part 2

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL /CHSL : Exam Preparation Part 2

Dear Readers,

Here we are providing some important Synonym and Antonym, which are based on CHSL & SSC CGL EXAM.

Baffle  हैरान करना

Synonyms – amaze, confuse, puzzle, rattle, stun, astound

•Antonyms -enlighten, explain, clarify

Ban  रोक या प्रतिबन्ध लगाना

Synonyms – boycott, restriction, embargo, suppression

•Antonyms -, permission, approval


Bankrupt  दिवालिया

Synonyms – insolvent, penniless, ruined, destitute, broke

•Antonyms -solvent, prosperous, wealthy


Barbarous  असभ्य

Synonyms – brutal, cruel, ferocious, ruthless, uncivilized

•Antonyms -polite, refined, sophisticated


Beat  मारना

Synonyms – bang, bash, batter, cane, castigate, drub

•Antonyms -aid, assist, help


Beneath  नीचे की ओर

Synonyms – below, underneath, under, down, unworthy, covered

•Antonyms -up, overhead, above


Benevolent  परोपकारी

Synonyms – benign, caring, chivalrous, considerate, humane, generous

•Antonyms -malevolent, mean, spiteful


Beneficent  लाभ उठाना या पहुँचाना

Synonyms – charitable, kind, helpful, generous, philanthropic

•Antonyms -malicious, uncharitable


Betray  धोखा देना

Synonyms – deceive, delude, forsake, abandon, cross

•Antonyms -defend, protect, support


Bewilder  चकित कर देना

Synonyms – baffle, confuse, daze, muddle, mystify

•Antonyms -enlighten, illuminate, explain


Bewitching  जादुई

Synonyms : magical, fascinating

•Antonyms: repulsive, repugnant, disgusting

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Biased  पक्षपातपूर्ण

Synonyms – discriminating, favoring, partial, prejudiced, unfair

•Antonyms -fair, impartial, judicious


Bind  बाँधना

Synonyms – attatch, fix, annex, append, secure

•Antonyms :  detach, break, free


Bland बेस्वाद

Synonyms –  dull, flat, insipid, monotonous

• Antonyms: delicious


Blemish  कलंकित करना

Synonyms: fault, smirch, stigma, stain

• Antonyms: purity, impeccable, spotless, stainless


Bleak  निराशाजनक

Synonyms: dismal, gloomy, chilly, dreary

• Antonyms: bright, please, balmy, cheerful


Blame  दोष लगाना

Synonyms: reprove, upbraid, censure, reproach

• Antonyms: commend, applaud, laud, praise


Blend  मिलाकर बनाना

Synonyms – combine, mix ,instill, mingle

•Antonyms: separate, disintegrate, dissociate


Block  बाधा डालना

Synonyms –  bar ,obstruct, choke, congest, clog •Antonyms:  open, clear, release

•Antonyms: Opening


Bloom  खिलना

Synonyms –  flourish, grow, thrive

•Antonyms:  shrink, fail, wither


Boast  शेखी बघारना

Synonyms – Brag, praise, exult

•Antonyms:  modest, deprecate


Bothersome  थकानेवाला

Synonyms – annoying, irksome, troubling, Irritating

•Antonyms -convenient, helpful, smooth


Boundless  अन्तहीन

Synonyms – – endless, unlimited, infinite, immeasurable, plenty

•Antonyms -limited, restricted, less


Brittle  नाज़ुक

Synonyms: frail, fragile, delicate, breakable

•Antonyms: tough, enduring, unbreakable, strong


Brisk  फुर्तीला

Synonyms – agile, quick, dynamic, energetic, lively, vigorous

•Antonyms -slow, sluggish, dull


Bombastic  बड़े बड़े शब्दों से भरा हुआ

Synonyms – flowery, showy, overblown

•Antonyms -humble, restrained, reserved


Broadminded  उदार

Synonyms – liberal, progressive, open, tolerant, flexible,

•Antonyms -orthodox, conservative, narrow-minded


Bulky  भारी-भरकम

Synonyms – massive, big, oversized, heavy, hefty, huge

•Antonyms -small, thin, tiny


Bully  भयभीत करना

Synonyms – intimidate, menace, threaten, browbeat

•Antonyms -support, ease, assuage


Bustle  हड़बड़ाना

Synonyms : haste, tumult, stir, flurry

•Antonyms : slowness, sluggishness, quiet


Baleful  ख़तरनाक

Synonyms – deadly, evil, malevolent, harmful, noxious, sinister

•Antonyms -auspicious, favourable, promising


Bane  शाप

Synonyms – destruction, devastation, havoc, ruin, curse, evil

•Antonyms -blessing, advantage, fortune


Banish  देश निकाला देना

Synonyms – deport, exile, expatriate, ostracize, dismiss, dispel

•Antonyms -allow, keep, welcome


Bare नंगा

Synonyms – unclad, naked, empty, blank, vacant, shorn

•Antonyms -clothed, robed, covered


Barren  बंजर भूमि

Synonyms – childless, unfruitful, unproductive, futile, useless, devoid

•Antonyms -fertile, productive, useful


Batter  तोड़ना

Synonyms – assail, assault, beat, drub, hammer, pound

•Antonyms -aid, assist, guard


Belittle  छोटा करना या समझना

Synonyms – decry, denigrate, derogate, disparage, downgrade, slight

•Antonyms -praise, value, exaggerate


Beloved  अतिप्रिय

Synonyms – darling, dear, loved, precious, intimate, cherished

•Antonyms -despised, disliked, hated


Benediction  आशीर्वाद

Synonyms – blessing, thanks, favour, gratitude, approbation, grace

•Antonyms -anathema, disapproval, criticism


Bicker  नोंक झोंक करना

Synonyms – argue, contend, dispute, quarrel, spat, tiff

•Antonyms -agree, concede, discuss


Bizarre  विचित्र

Synonyms –  curious, eccentric, freakish, odd, queer, strange

•Antonyms -normal, reasonable, usual


Blatant  ज़बरदस्त

Synonyms -brazen, shameless, unabashed, boisterous, clamorous, vociferous  

  • Antonyms -quiet, subtle, inconspicuous

Bleak  निराशाजनक

Synonyms – dismal, gloomy, somber, joyless, cheerless, dreary

•Antonyms -bright, pleasant, sunny


Blemish  दाग़ लगाना

Synonyms – bug, defect, flaw, imperfection, shortcoming, blot

•Antonyms -adornment, embellishment, decoration


Blossom  फलना-फ़ूलना

Synonyms – bloom, flourish, thrive, flower, burgeon, succeed

•Antonyms -fade, shrink, shrivel


Bony    दुबला-पतला

Synonyms – lanky, skinny, slender, lean, slim, thin

•Antonyms -fat, heavy, plump


Boom  धूम मचाना

Synonyms – bang, blast, roar, thunder, barrage, rumble

•Antonyms -collapse, failure, loss


Boon  वरदान

Synonyms – advantage, benefit, blessing, favor, gain, profit

•Antonyms -disadvantage, drawback, handicap


Bountiful    भरपूर

Synonyms – ample, generous, plentiful, substantial, voluminous, abundant

•Antonyms -insufficient, meager, sparse


Brag  अपनी प्रशंसा करना

Synonyms – boast, bluster, crow, gloat, praise, exaggerate

•Antonyms -be modest, be quiet, deprecate


Breach  तोड़ना

Synonyms – break, gap, hole, perforation, rupture, violation.

•Antonyms -bridge, connect, join


Breathtaking  असाधारण

Synonyms – amazing, exciting, magnificent, stunning, impressive, thrilling

•Antonyms -disgusting, ugly, dull


Brevity  संक्षेप

Synonyms – crispness, conciseness, economy, succinctness, transience, condensation

  • Antonyms: lengthiness, longevity, permanence

Bulldoze     भयभीत करना

Synonyms – flatten, raze, shove, thrust, crash, decimate

•Antonyms -build, construct, create


Baleful  ख़तरनाक

Synonyms – malign, sinister, calamitous, pernicious, foreboding, dire

•Antonyms -auspicious, favourable, promising


Banal  साधारण

Synonyms – commonplace, hackneyed, overused, trite

•Antonyms -fresh, new, original


Bashful  संकोची

Synonyms – diffident, modest, shy, timid, copy, demure

•Antonyms -confident, unabashed, bold


Bedlam  अव्यवस्था

Synonyms – chaos, commotion, furor, hubbub, tumult, pandemonium

•Antonyms -calm, peace, quiet


Befit  अनुकूल होना

Synonyms – agree, correspond, match, serve, suit, behoove

•Antonyms -misfit, mismatch, disagree

Beguile  बेवकूफ बनाना

Synonyms – betray, deceive, dupe, fool, mislead, hoodwink

•Antonyms -dissuade, repel, turn off


Belie  दोषारोपण करना

Synonyms – distort, falsify, pervert, twist, mislead, warp

•Antonyms -attest, prove, counsel

synonym antonym ssc

Bellicose  लड़ाकू

Synonyms – belligerent, contentious, combative, hostile, pugnacious, truculent

•Antonyms -calm, easygoing, peaceful


Bemoan  पछताना

Synonyms – bewail, complain, cry, deplore, lament, rue

•Antonyms -delight, rejoice, revel


Bemuse  मदहोश कर देना

Synonyms – daze, benumb, stun, stupefy, blunt, deaden

•Antonyms -enlighten, illuminate, clear up


Benign    दयालु

Synonyms – benevolent, kind, altruistic, fortunate, propitious, good

•Antonyms -hostile, malignant, hurtful


Bestow  प्रदान करना

Synonyms – give, present,- contribute, confer, grant, accord

•Antonyms -deprive, refuse, take


Bewitch  सम्मोहित करना

Synonyms – charm, enchant, enthrall, spellbind, voodoo, beguile

•Antonyms -disenchant, disgust,- turn off


Bigoted  कट्टर

Synonyms – intolerant, prejudiced, dogmatic, narrow-minded, chauvinistic, fanatical

•Antonyms -tolerant, liberal, lenient


Blandish  चापलूसी करना

Synonyms – cajole, coax, adulate,’ flatter, wheedle, butter up

•Antonyms -bully, force, repel


Boisterous  प्रचण्ड

Synonyms – blatant, clamorous, strident, vociferous, loudmouthed, effervescent

•Antonyms -calm quiet, ‘restrained


Bolster  सहारा देना

Synonyms – buoy, prop, sustain, support, hold, cushion

•Antonyms -hinder, obstruct, prevent


Boorish  असभ्य   

Synonyms – crass, crude, uncouth,’ rude, vulgar, philistine

•Antonyms -cultured, refined, sophisticated


Bottleneck  संकीर्ण स्थान

Synonyms – barrier, hindrance, obstruction, snag, jam, block

•Antonyms -help, push, assistance


Brash  भड़कीला

Synonyms – impetuous, reckless, slapdash, impudent, pert, maladroit

•Antonyms -cautious, discreet, careful


Brazen  बेशर्म

Synonyms – pushy, audacious, nervy, blatant, presumptuous, assuming

•Antonyms -shy, meek, humble


Browbeat  धमकाना

Synonyms – bludgeon, intimidate, menace, threaten, bully, cow

•Antonyms -compliment, coax, praise


Buffoon  मज़ाक करना

Synonyms – droll, fool, jester, zany, joker, wag

•Antonyms -charmer, enthusiast, exciter


Bungle  गड़बड़ करना

Synonyms – blunder, flounder, fudge, fumble, muddle, boggle

•Antonyms -fix, manage, succeed


Buoy  उत्साह बढ़ाना

Synonyms – bolster, prop, support, elate, exhilarate, lift

•Antonyms -hinder, undermine, obstruct


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