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Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL : Exam Prepration Part 4

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL : Exam Prepration Part 4

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL : Exam Prepration Part 4

Deadly  प्राणघातक

Synonyms – fatal, lethal mortal, ghastly, malignant, baneful

•Antonyms -nonfatal, harmless, lively


Decline  पतन होना

Synonyms – refuse, reject, dismiss, fall, deteriorate, descend

•Antonyms -increase, rise, accept


Deficient  कम

Synonyms – defective, lacking, wanting, inadequate, scarce

•Antonyms -flawless, adequate, sufficient


Dejected  उदास

Synonyms – depressed, gloomy, desolate, melancholic, sad

•Antonyms -cheerful, happy, joyous


Delicate  नाज़ुक

Synonyms – elegant, exquisite, fine, feeble, fragile, sensitive

•Antonyms -coarse, harsh, robust

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL
Delight  आनन्दित होना

Synonyms – pleasure, joy, cheer, exult, rejoice, gladden, gratify

•Antonyms -trouble, sadden, dismay


Demolish    नष्ट करना

Synonyms – destroy, destruct, raze, shatter, wreck, smash

•Antonyms -build, repair, restore


Deny  इन्कार करना

Synonyms – contradict, negate, disallow, reject, refuse, repudiate

•Antonyms -admit, allow, confess


Depart  मार्ग से विचलित होना

Synonyms – exit,- leave, retire, drop, demise, deviate

•Antonyms -arrive, come, enter


Depressed  उदास

Synonyms – dejected, desolate, gloomy, sad, melancholic,

•Antonyms -elated, exalted, happy


Deprive  वंचित करना

Synonyms – dispossess, divest, rob, strip, disinherit, bereave

•Antonyms -bestow, endow, confer


Despair  निराश होना

Synonyms – anguish, dejection, melancholy, misery, sorrow

•Antonyms -joy, cheerfulness, happiness


Detached  अलग

Synonyms – isolated, solitary, indifferent, apathetic

•Antonyms -attached, combined, involved


Detain  रोक लेना

Synonyms – delay, retard, hold, lag, confine, imprison

•Antonyms -liberate, release, free


Deteriorate  नष्ट होना

Synonyms – decline, worsen, languish, degenerate, spoil

•Antonyms -improve, strengthen, better


Devastate   सर्वनाश करना

Synonyms – ravage, waste, plunder, smash, pillage, raze

•Antonyms -build, construct, enrich


Diligent  परिश्रमी

Synonyms – assiduous, industrious, attentive, conscientious

•Antonyms -languid, lazy, lethargic


Din  शोर मचाना

Synonyms – clamor, hubbub, noise, pandemonium, tumult, uproar

•Antonyms -calm, peace, quiet


Diplomatic  कूटनीतिज्ञ

Synonyms – discreet, sensitive, tactful, politic, astute, adept

•Antonyms -artless, tactless, boorish


Discard  त्यागना

Synonyms – dispose, jettison, abdicate, eliminate, expel, banish

•Antonyms -embrace, retain, keep


Disclose  भेद खोलना

Synonyms – bare, show, unveil, convey, transmit, impart

•Antonyms -conceal, hide, withhold


Disgusting  खराब

Synonyms – horrid, repulsive, abhorrent, repugnant, shabby

•Antonyms -pleasant, delightful, inviting


Disperse  बिखेरना

Synonyms – dissipate, scatter, diffuse, disseminate, spread, strew

•Antonyms -assemble, collect, garner


Disrupt  अस्त-व्यस्त करना

Synonyms – disturb, unsettle, upset, disarray, disorganize, derange

•Antonyms -arrange, organize, reassure


Distant  दूरस्थ

Synonyms- far, faraway, remote, offish, reticent, solitary

•Antonyms -adjacent, close, neighbouring


Distinct    स्पष्ट

Synonyms – clear, sharp, pronounced, visible, manifest, unambiguous

•Antonyms –fuzzy, hazy, vague


Distinguished  प्रसिद्ध

Synonyms-eminent, famed, noted, prominent, celebrated, renowned

•Antonyms -obscure, unimportant, inferior


Docile  दब्बू

Synonyms- gentle, meek, amenable, compliant, submissive, mild

•Antonyms -inflexible, obstinate, stubborn


Doldrums  उदासी

Synonyms – dejection, depression, blues, gloom, melancholy, mournfulness

•Antonyms -elation, glee, joy


Dominant  प्रभावशाली

Synonyms- commanding, governing, ruling, authoritative, prevailing

•Antonyms -humble, modest, reserved


Downfall  पतन

Synonyms- descent, collapse, fall, bane, ruination, undoing

•Antonyms -ascent, rise, success


Drastic  शक्तिशाली

Synonyms – dire, radical, strong, forceful, harsh, exorbitant

•Antonyms –cal, easy, superficial


Dreadful  डरावना

Synonyms- appalling, direful, fearful, frightful, horrendous

•Antonyms -pleasant, wonderful, inoffensive


Drowsy  सुस्त

Synonyms – dozy, sleepy, slumberous, somnolent, soporific, nodding

•Antonyms -alert, awake, lively


Dubious  संदिग्ध

Synonyms – doubtful, skeptical, uncertain, ambiguous, questionable

•Antonyms –certain, reliable, trustworthy


Dumb  गूंगा

Synonyms- inarticulate, mute, silent, stupid, mute, dimwitted

•Antonyms -articulate, vocal, smart


Dupe  धोखा देना

Synonyms – deceive, beguile, misguide, cross, fool, trick

•Antonyms -guide, lead, advise


Daredevil  निडर

Synonyms – bold, daring, enterprising, adventurous, audacious, courageous

•Antonyms -cautious, meek, prudent


Dazzle  चकाचौंध करना

Synonyms – awe, overpower, stupefy, astonish, strike, surprise

•Antonyms -bore, calm, expect


Dawdle  समय नष्ट करना

Synonyms – loiter, linger, lag, fiddle, procrastinate, delay

•Antonyms -hasten, hurry, rush


Deface  बिगाड़ना

Synonyms – contort, disfigure, distort, tarnish, trash, spoil

•Antonyms -adorn, decorate, mend


Defame  बदनाम करना

Synonyms – asperse, malign, slander, slur,- vilify, backbite

•Antonyms -commend, praise, compliment


Default  गलती करना

Synonyms – failure, neglect, omission, delinquency, dereliction, error

•Antonyms -advantage, perfection, success .


Defend  बचाव करना

Synonyms – guard, protect, safeguard, preserve, shield, ward

•Antonyms -attack, quit, relinquish


Defer  विलंब करना

Synonyms – adjourn, delay, block, hinder, prolong, procrastinate

•Antonyms -expedite, forward, hasten


Deference  सम्मान

Synonyms – honour, respect, compliance’, amenability, submission

•Antonyms -disobedience, noncompliance


Defiance  अनादर

Synonyms – challenge, contempt, resistance, provocation

•Antonyms -regard, respect, submission


Degradation  दर्जा घटाना

Synonyms – demotion, humiliation, reduction, abasement, debasement, mortification

•Antonyms -elevation, upgrade, promotion


Deliberate  सोच विचार के किया हुआ

Synonyms – intentional, purposeful, voluntary, calculated, considered, premeditated

•Antonyms -indeterminate, chance, unintentional


Deplete  खाली करना

Synonyms – drain, exhaust, impoverish, sap, use up, desiccate

•Antonyms -add, augment, fill


Depreciate  मूल्य घटना

Synonyms – devalue, downgrade, denigrate, derogate, belittle, decry

•Antonyms -fain, raise, increase


Derogatory  अपमानजनक

Synonyms – disparaging, slighting, detractive, humiliating, disdainful

•Antonyms -appreciative, complimentary, flattering


Descent  पतन

Synonyms – decline, fall, downfall, slide, ancestry, lineage

•Antonyms -ascent, elevation, upgrade


Despot  तानाशाह

Synonyms – dictator, totalitarian, authoritarian, tyrant, oppressor

•Antonyms -democrat, subordinate, underling


Deter  मना करना

Synonyms – discourage, dissuade, divert, block, debar, obstruct

•Antonyms -encourage, promote, stimulate


Detest घृणा करना

Synonyms – abhor, abominate, despise,-execrate, hate, loathe

•Antonyms -adore, cherish, like


Detrimental  हानिकारक

Synonyms – deleterious, harmful, evil, adverse, inimical, pernicious

•Antonyms -assisting, beneficial, advantageous


Devise  योजना बनाना

Synonyms – concoct, hatch, fabricate, formulate, contrive, forge

•Antonyms -destroy, ruin, destruct


Dexterous  निपुण

Synonyms – adroit, deft, artful, facile, skillful, nimble

•Antonyms -awkward, clumsy, inept


Discrepancy  असहमति

Synonyms – difference, disparity, divergence, inconsistency, incongruity

•Antonyms -concurrence, parity, consistency


Discrete  अलग

Synonyms – distinct, separate, singular, particular, individual, single

•Antonyms -attached, combined, joined


Discriminate  अन्तर करना या देखना

Synonyms – differentiate, discern, distinguish, mark, singularize, characterize

•Antonyms -associate, connect, group


Disgrace  लज्जित करना

Synonyms – humiliation, ignominy, disrepute, dishonour, shame

•Antonyms -esteem, honour, regard


Dismal  उदास

Synonyms – gloomy, depressing, sad, bleak, desolate, somber

•Antonyms -bright, sunny, pleasant


Dismantle  टुकड़े टुकड़े करना

Synonyms – disassemble, dismount, pulverize, raze, tear, wreck

•Antonyms -assemble, construct, build


Disparity  असमानता

Synonyms – discrepancy, divergence, difference, incongruity, inconsistency

•Antonyms -equality, similarity, sameness


Dispel  हटाना

Synonyms – banish, dismiss, disperse, dissipate, repel, scatter

•Antonyms -accumulate, garner, recall


Dissuade  रोकना

Synonyms – deter, discourage, divert, disincline, remonstrate, derail

•Antonyms –induce, advise, persuade


Distress  दुःख होना

Synonyms – affliction, anguish, agony, angst; anxiety, concern

•Antonyms -comfort, happiness, pleasure


Dogged  ज़िद्दी

Synonyms – bullheaded, mulish, obstinate, tenacious, headstrong, willful

•Antonyms -willing, weak, yielding


Dogmatic  कट्टर

Synonyms – authoritarian, bossy, dictatorial, overbearing

•Antonyms -amenable, flexible, submissive


Dormant  सुस्त

Synonyms – inactive, latent, quiescent, abeyant, inert, inoperative

•Antonyms -active, lively, bustling


Draconian  निर्दय

Synonyms – brutal, cruel, oppressive, rough, severe, drastic

•Antonyms -kind, merciful, sympathetic


Dreary  निराशाजनक

Synonyms – bleak, dismal, gloomy, dark, somber, monotonous

•Antonyms -bright, pleasant, cheerful


Drudgery  कठिन परिश्रम

Synonyms – labor, toil, grind, chore, travail, workout

•Antonyms -entertainment, fun, pastime


Dumbfound  हैरान करना

Synonyms – boggle, flabbergast, floor, stagger, amaze, overwhelm

•Antonyms -explicate, explain, clear up


Dwindle  कम करना

Synonyms – abate, diminish, decrease, drain, taper, lessen

•Antonyms -enhance, intensify, magnify


Dainty  सुहावना

Synonyms – delicate, elegant, exquisite, fine, finicky, meticulous

•Antonyms -clumsy, coarse, harsh


Damn  शाप देना

Synonyms – condemn, doom, sentence, curse, imprecate, cuss

•Antonyms -bless, commend, laud


Dampen  नम करना

Synonyms – moisten, deaden, muffle, wet, sprinkle, stifle

•Antonyms -dry, scorch, shrivel


Dastardly डरपोक

Synonyms – chickenhearted, cowardly, craven, pusillanimous, unmanly, faint-hearted

• Antonyms -brave, courageous, audacious


Daunt  हिम्मत तोड़ना

Synonyms – appall, consternate, dismay, horrify,; shake, shock

•Antonyms -assist, embolden, incite


Dearth  अभाव

Synonyms – absence, lack, want, deficit, depletion, paucity

•Antonyms -abundance, affluence, plenty


Debase  मूल्य कम करना

Synonyms – cheapen, degrade, demean, downgrade, adulterate, stain

•Antonyms – laud, praise, upgrade


debilitate   कमज़ोर बनाना

Synonyms – attenuate, devitalize, enervate, enfeeble, undermine, undo

•Antonyms -assist, invigorate, energize


Deceit  बेईमानी

Synonyms – deception, duplicity, guile, cunningness, craftiness

•Antonyms -frankness, openness, uprightness


Decry  बदनाम करना

Synonyms – belittle, denigrate, depreciate, detract, disparage, slight

•Antonyms -applaud, compliment, exalt


Deft  कुशल

Synonyms – adroit, artful, dexterous, facile, slick, nimble

•Antonyms -awkward, clumsy, inept


defunct   मरा हुआ

Synonyms – dead, extinct, lifeless, vanquished, deceased, departed

•Antonyms -existent, operative, functioning


Defy  विरोध करना

Synonyms – brave, challenge, dare, flout, disobey, violate

•Antonyms -obey, surrender, yield


Demean  नीचा दिखाना

Synonyms – abase, degrade, humble, humiliate, degrade, downgrade

•Antonyms -enhance, improve, upgrade


Denounce  निन्दा करना

Synonyms – censure, condemn, deplore, accuse, arraign, charge

•Antonyms -approve, commend, compliment


Deplore  दुख प्रकट करना

Synonyms – reprehend, reprobate, rue, regret, repent, denounce

•Antonyms -approve, rejoice, revel


Deprecate  विरोध करना

Synonyms – disapprove, derogate, discountenance, detract, disfavor

•Antonyms -commend, endorse, compliment


Deride  मजाक बनाना

Synonyms – gibe, jeer, jest, mock, ridicule, scoff

•Antonyms -flatter, revere, regard


Desist  छोड़ देना

Synonyms – abandon, quit, relinquish, remit, discontinue, break off

•Antonyms -endure, persevere, resume


Deviate  मार्ग से अलग होना

Synonyms – depart, digress, stray, swerve, veer, wander

•Antonyms -stay, keep,-remain


Devoid  ख़ाली

Synonyms – barren, destitute, empty, lacking, void, wanting

•Antonyms -occupied, full, filled


Diehard  कट्टर

Synonyms – adamant, grim, incompliant, stubborn, relentless, unyielding

•Antonyms -merciful, amenable, facile


Diffidence  संकोच

Synonyms – bashful, coy, demure, timid, modest, retiring

•Antonyms -bold, confident, aggressive


Diminutive  अति छोटा

Synonyms -dwarf, pygmy, tiny, wee, minuscule, miniature

•Antonyms -huge, giant, large


Dingy  गंदा

Synonyms –  shabby, shoddy, sleazy, tattered, decrepit, mangy

•Antonyms -immaculate, spotless, preserved


Dire  खतरनाक

Synonyms – baneful, grave, ominous, portentous, critical, apocalyptic

•Antonyms -cheerful, promising, happy


Discerning  कुशाग्रबुद्धि

Synonyms – discriminating, perceptive, clear, tactful, critical, percipient

•Antonyms -negligent, overlooking, unobservant


Discordant  प्रतिकूल

Synonyms – contradictory, disagreeing, divergent, incongruous, antagonistic, discrepan

•Antonyms -harmonious, agreeing, reconciled


Disgruntle  असंतुष्ट

Synonyms -disappoint, discontent, dissatisfy, annoy, irritate, irk

•Antonyms -delight, excite, please


Disguise  छिपाना

Synonyms -. cloak, facade, pretense, sham, semblance, masquerade

•Antonyms -honesty, truth, openness


Dismay  निराश करना

Synonyms -. anxiety, apprehension, fright, consternation, trepidation, panic

•Antonyms -assurance, confidence,


Dismissive  उपेक्षापूर्ण

Synonyms – disdainful, contemptuous, cavalier, egotistic, haughty, overbearing

•Antonyms -meek, modest, humble


Dissent  असहमत होना

Synonyms – confrontation, contention, discord, friction, strife, variance

•Antonyms -endorsement, ratification, approval

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL
Dissipate    अपव्यय करना

Synonyms – dispel, disperse, scatter, consume, squander, waste

•Antonyms -accumulate, gather, hoard


Distraught  परेशान

Synonyms – demented, maniac, dotty, insane, disordered, distracted

•Antonyms -untroubled, gladdened, calm


Divest  वंचित कर देना

Synonyms – deprive, dispossess, rob, strip, bare, expose

•Antonyms -confer, bestow, cover


Divulge  प्रकट करना

Synonyms -expose, reveal, reveal, uncover, betray, blab

•Antonyms -conceal, hide, suppress


Dunce  मूर्ख

Synonyms -. blockhead, dullard, buffoon, chump, dolt, clod

•Antonyms -brilliant, genius, charmer


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