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Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams Preparation Part 6

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams Preparation Part 6

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams Preparation Part 6


Fabricate  बनाना

Synonyms – devise, formulate, concoct, assemble, mold, fake

•Antonyms -destroy, ruin, wreck


Fabulous  शानदार

Synonyms – amazing, astounding, phenomenal, splendid

•Antonyms -ordinary, simple, common


Facilitate  आगे बढ़ाना

Synonyms –  ease, expedite, aid, promote, further, speed up

•Antonyms -block, detain, hinder


Fair  ठीक , रूपवान

Synonyms – attractive, gorgeous, pretty, auspicious, benign, unbiased

•Antonyms -partial, unjust, ugly


Faithful वफ़ादार

Synonyms – allegiant, loyal, trustworthy, credible, rigorous, precise

•Antonyms -dishonest, unreliable, treacherous


Fake  नकली चीज

Synonyms – bogus, counterfeit, fraudulent, phony, spurious, sham

•Antonyms -genuine, original, true


Familiar  सुपरिचित

Synonyms – versed, acquainted, conversant, friendly, rude, brash

•Antonyms -foreign, strange, unremarkable


Fascinate  वशीभूत करना

Synonyms – beguile, bewitch, captivate; charm, enchant, enthrall

•Antonyms -bore, disenchant, repel .


Fatal  घातक  , जानलेवा

Synonyms – deadly, lethal, mortal, vital, disastrous, critical

•Antonyms -nourishing, helpful/harmless


Ferocious  निर्दयी

Synonyms – barbarous, cruel, fierce, savage

•Antonyms -gentle, mild, tender


Fictitious  काल्पनिक

Synonyms – fanciful, invented, made-up, artificial, assumed, fabricated

•Antonyms -actual, factual, genuine


Filthy  बहुत ही खराब

Synonyms – dirty, soiled, foul, abhorrent, detestable, rotten

•Antonyms -clean, pure, sterile


Finite  सीमित   

Synonyms – definite, limited, precise, restricted, specific, exact

•Antonyms -endless, infinite, unlimited


Flatter  चापलूसी करना

Synonyms – adulate, enhance, praise; blandish, butter up, slaver

•Antonyms -belittle, castigate, condemn


Flaw  त्रुटि

Synonyms – blemish, defect, bug, imperfection, shortcoming, fault

•Antonyms -perfection, strength, fine point


Flexible  लचीला

Synonyms – ductile, malleable, pliable, resilient, adaptable, supple

•Antonyms -rigid, stiff, unyielding


Flourish  फलना फूलना

Synonyms – bloom, thrive, prosper, flower, shine, brandish

•Antonyms: languish, stunt, hinder


Fluctuate  घटना बढ़ना

Synonyms – alter, oscillate, swing, waver, shift

•Antonyms -persist, hold, stay


Fluent  वाक्पटु

Synonyms – easy, effortless, flowing, fluid, graceful, smooth

•Antonyms -uneven, intermittent, irregular


Foe  शत्रु

Synonyms – hostile, enemy, nemesis, adversary, antagonist, rival

•Antonyms -friend, ally, protagonist


Foul  गंदा

Synonyms – atrocious, disgusting, horrid, fetid, filthy, ribald

•Antonyms -flagrant, pure, pleasing


Frank  खुले दिल का

Synonyms – candid, forthright, ingenuous, straightforward, open, plainspoken

•Antonyms -secretive, evasive, divisive


Fraud  धोखेबाज़

Synonyms – cheat, swindle, charlatan, impostor, phony, fake

•Antonyms -honest, ethical, forthright

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams
Fundamental  मौलिक

Synonyms – basic, elementary, essential, rudiment, root, axiom

•Antonyms -extra, trivial, unimportant


Futile  व्यर्थ

Synonyms – barren, useless, vain, fruitless, unsuccessful, unprofitable

•Antonyms -useful, productive, fertile


Fainthearted  डरपोक

Synonyms – chickenhearted, cowardly, craven, pusillanimous, gutless

•Antonyms -brave, courageous, fearless


Falter  लड़खड़ाना

Synonyms – dither, stagger, waver, stumble, lurch

•Antonyms -persist, endure, maintain


Fanatic  कट्टर

Synonyms – extremist, radical, revolutionary, ultra, zealot, votary

•Antonyms -balanced, moderate, conservative


Fatigued  मांदा

Synonyms – bleary, drained, exhausted,’ weary, worn-out, rundown

•Antonyms -lively, vivacious, refreshed


Feasible  होने के योग्य

Synonyms – possible, practicable, viable, workable, probable

•Antonyms -inconceivable, unreasonable, unlikely


Felicitate  अति प्रसन्न करना

Synonyms – commend, compliment, praise, honour, recommend, salute

•Antonyms -condemn, reject, criticise


Fierce  जंगली

Synonyms – ferocious, inhuman, barbarous, intense, vehement, violent

•Antonyms -gentle, tender, tame


Fleeting  क्षणिक

Synonyms – momentary, ephemeral, temporal, transient, transitory

•Antonyms -long-lasting, permanent, staying


Flimsy  कमज़ोर

Synonyms – frail, infirm, feeble, incredible, unbelievable, unsubstantial

•Antonyms -sturdy, substantial, tough


Flout  अवहेलना करना

Synonyms – break, defy, disobey, transgress, violate, refuse

•Antonyms -honor, respect, follow


Foil  हार

Synonyms – defeat, frustrate, thwart, checkmate, baffle

•Antonyms -abet, aid, assist


Forbid  मना करना

Synonyms -ban, disallow, debar, inhibit, interdict, prohibit

•Antonyms -approve, authorize, sanction


Forge  नकली बनाना

Synonyms – beat, assemble, build, construct, mold, fake

•Antonyms -dismantle, raze, disjoint


Formidable  डरावना                                                     

Synonyms – direful, arduous, scary, exacting, taxing, rigorous    

•Antonyms -nice, light, easy


Fragile  नाज़ुक

Synonyms – brittle, delicate, puny, weak, frail, unsubstantial

•Antonyms -durable, strong, firm


Fragment  टुकड़े टुकड़े होना

Synonyms – scrap, shard, stub, crumb, iota, particle

•Antonyms -entirety, total, whole


Frightful  डरावना

Synonyms – appalling, awful, dreadful; horrendous, direful, scary

•Antonyms -soothing, calming, encouraging


Frugality  कमखर्ची

Synonyms – economy, thrift, parsimony, niggardliness.

•Antonyms -generosity, lavishness, wastefulness


Frustrate निराश करना , विफल करना

Synonyms – balk, checkmate, defeat, foil, stymie

•Antonyms -assist, facilitate, aid


Fury  पागलपन

Synonyms – ire, rage, wrath, ferocity, vehemence, violence

•Antonyms -calm, happiness, peace


Fussy  बात का बतंगड़ बनाने वाला

Synonyms – exacting, fastidious, finicky, meticulous, particular, squeamish

•Antonyms -careless, indiscriminate


Fallacious  झूठा

Synonyms – false, illogical, invalid,’ erroneous, mistaken, deceptive

•Antonyms -correct, real, truthful


Faraway  बहुत दूर

Synonyms – distant, far, far-flung, remote, bemused, distrait

•Antonyms -close, near, attentive


Fastidious  नकचढ़ी

Synonyms – meticulous, punctilious-, scrupulous, painstaking, exacting

•Antonyms -indifferent, informal, uncaring


Fathom  पूर्ण रूप से समझना

Synonyms – apprehend, comprehend, grasp, understand

•Antonyms -misunderstand, misinterpret, confound


Feign  का अभिनय करना

Synonyms – fake, pretend,’ sham, pose, simulate, profess

•Antonyms -authenticate, corroborate, substantiate


Fervent  जोश से भरा हुआ

Synonyms – ardent, blazing, fervid, passionate, zealous, enthusiastic

•Antonyms -dispirited, impassive, discouraged


Fervor  उत्साह

Synonyms – ardour, passion, zeal, fire, enthusiasm, heat

•Antonyms -apathy, calmness, pessimism


Fickle  चंचल

Synonyms – capricious, erratic, freakish, inconsistent, temperamental

•Antonyms -constant, reliable, stable


Fidelity  वफ़ादारी

Synonyms – faithfulness, loyalty, allegiance, devotion, accuracy, veracity

•Antonyms -disloyalty, treachery, infidelity


Flag  मुरझा जाना

Synonyms – droop, wilt, sag, decline, degenerate, languish

•Antonyms -rise, strengthen, increase


Flagrant  गंभीर   

Synonyms – offensive, arrant, egregious, glaring, gross, atrocious

•Antonyms -mild, moral, restrained



Flamboyant  भड़कीला

Synonyms – florid, ornate, ostentatious, pretentious, showy, splashy

•Antonyms -modest, moderate, restrained


Fledgling  अनुभवहीन

Synonyms – beginner, greenhorn, novice, neophyte, tyro, abecedarian

•Antonyms -expert, veteran, professional


Forestall  अनुमान करना

Synonyms -. avert, obviate, preclude, prevent, forfend, stave off

•Antonyms -aid, help, permit


Forsake  त्याग देना

Synonyms – abandon, desert, leave, quit, desolate, abdicate

•Antonyms -rediscover, return, revert


Forthright  स्पष्टवादी

Synonyms – candid, direct, honest, plainspoken, straightforward, ingenuous

•Antonyms -devious, dishonest, truthful


Fortify  सशक्त करना

Synonyms -. brace, forearm, gird, ready, confirm, strengthen

•Antonyms -hurt, weaken, injure


Fortitude  साहस

Synonyms – bravery, courage, mettle, pluck, valor, intrepidity

•Antonyms -cowardice, weakness, helplessness


Foster  पालन-पोषण करना

Synonyms -. cultivate, nourish, nurse, nurture, feed, promote

•Antonyms -condemn, discourage, neglect


Foxy  चालाक

Synonyms – crafty, cunning, guileful, scheming, sly, sharp

•Antonyms -naive, unintelligent, honest


Fractious  चिड़चिड़ा

Synonyms – disorderly, intractable, refractory, unruly, untoward, recalcitrant

•Antonyms – complaisant, agreeable, pleasant


Freak  सनकी

Synonyms – vagary, whim, fanatic, maniac, caprice, notion

•Antonyms -regular, ordinary, constant

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams
Fret  खीजना

Synonyms – aggravate, annoy, bother, bug, irritate, peeve

•Antonyms -calm, comfort, soothe


Frigid  उदासीन , ठण्डा

Synonyms – frosty, wintry, icy, gelid, inhibited, arctic

•Antonyms-  hot, warm, aggressive


Frivolous  छिछोरा

Synonyms – frothy, giddy, silly, gaga, trivial, scatterbrained

•Antonyms -grave, sensible, solemn


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