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Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams Preparation Part 7

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams Preparation Part 7

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams Preparation Part 7


Gaudy  भड़कीला

Synonyms – flashy, glaring, garish, tawdry, tinsel, pretentious

•Antonyms -modest, simple, dull


Genial  मिलनसार

Synonyms – affable, amiable, agreeable, cordial, congenial, pleasant

•Antonyms -aloof, cranky, irritable


Ghastly  डरावना

Synonyms – horrible, horrid, appalling, dire, scary, frightful

•Antonyms -delightful, pleasant, wonderful


Glaring    स्पष्ट

Synonyms – flagrant , gross, flashy

•Antonyms -concealed, hidden, subdued


Gluttonous  पेटू , लोभी

Synonyms – greedy, hoggish, piggish, ravenous, voracious, rapacious

•Antonyms -quenched, satisfied, full


Grandeur  भव्यता

Synonyms – glory, majesty, splendour, amplitude, immensity, brilliance

•Antonyms -insignificance, unimportance, simplicity


Gratify  सन्तुष्ट करना

Synonyms – enchant, gladden, please, appease, content, please

•Antonyms -annoy, frustrate, offend


Grave  बहुत ही प्रभाव डालना

Synonyms – earnest, severe, serious, weighty, ominous, portentous

•Antonyms -frivolous, ridiculous, funny

Gregarious  मिलनसार

Synonyms – social, outgoing, extrovert, affable, cordial, convivial

•Antonyms -introvert, unfriendly, inhospitable


Grim  निर्दय

Synonyms – austere, bleak, adamant, relentless, stubborn, unyielding

•Antonyms -bright, joyful, sunny

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams Preparation
Grumble  शिकायत करना , बड़बड़ाना

Synonyms – grunt, murmur, mutter, growl, rumble, complain

•Antonyms -compliment, praise, appreciate


Gullible  सीधा-साधा

Synonyms – credulous, , naïve, exploitable, susceptible, simpleton

•Antonyms -astute, discerning, perceptive


Grudge  ईर्ष्या रखना

Synonyms – resentment, rancour, animosity, aversion, malice

•Antonyms -liking, fondness, affection


Gain  लाभ होना

Synonyms –  acquire, procure, secure, accomplish, attain, realize

•Antonyms -forfeit, lose, waste


Gala  त्योहार

Synonyms – festive, joyous, merry, jovial, convivial, festal

•Antonyms -gloomy, somber, depressed


Gallant  साहसी

Synonyms – audacious, dauntless, heroic, plucky, valiant, mettlesome

•Antonyms -cowardly, timid, afraid


Generous  दयालु

Synonyms – lavish, liberal, magnanimous, bountiful, copious, substantial

•Antonyms -mean, miserly, stingy


Genius  प्रतिभाशाली व्यक्ति

Synonyms – brilliance, aptitude, flair, knack, talent, bent

•Antonyms -inability, incapacity, weakness


Gentle  विनम्र

Synonyms – mild, tender, delicate, faint, moderate, slight

•Antonyms -crude, rough, violent


Genuine  असली

Synonyms – authentic, real, unquestionable, sincere, unfeigned, hearty

•Antonyms -counterfeit, illegitimate, sham


Gigantic  बहुत बड़ा

Synonyms – behemoth, colossal, enormous, immense, massive, mighty

•Antonyms -miniature, miniscule, tiny


Gloomy  उदास

Synonyms – cheerless, bleak, dismal, morose, sullen, melancholic

•Antonyms -cheerful, sunny, bright


Glorify  गुणगान करना

Synonyms – exalt, acclaim, eulogize, laud, praise, extol

•Antonyms – condemn, criticize


Gorgeous  शानदार

Synonyms – ravishing, stunning, glorious, magnificent, splendid, attractive

•Antonyms -homely, ugly, ordinary


Gracious  दयालु

Synonyms – affable, hospitable, courtly, amiable, compassionate, cordial

•Antonyms -nasty, mean, rude


Grant  प्रदान करना

Synonyms – accord, award, concede, give, vouchsafe/ confer

•Antonyms -forfeit, lose, refuse


Grateful  आभारी

Synonyms – appreciative, thankful, congenial, agreeable, gratifying

•Antonyms -thankless, heedless, critical


Grief  दुःख

Synonyms – sorrow, anguish, despair, heartbreak, distress, gloom

•Antonyms -delight, exhilaration, ecstasy


Guilty  कसूरवार

Synonyms – .culpable, censured, damned, condemned, doomed

•Antonyms -blameless, innocent, truthful


Gainsay  विरोध करना

Synonyms – contradict, contravene, deny, negate, disaffirm

•Antonyms -concede, concur, reconcile


Garner  इकट्ठा करना

Synonyms – extract, glean, harvest, accrue, cumulate, aggregate

•Antonyms -dissipate, spread, disperse


Garrulous  बातूनी

Synonyms – talkative, loquacious, voluble, chatty, eloquent, chattering

•Antonyms -taciturn, reserved, uncommunicative


Gay  खुश मिजाज

Synonyms – blithe, mirthful, jocund, merry, vivid, lesbian

•Antonyms -depressed, upset, worried


Genteel  उबाऊ

Synonyms – courteous, polite, well-bred, prim, prudish, puritanical

•Antonyms -boorish, callous, rugged


Gibe  मज़ाक उडाना

Synonyms – insult, jeer, scoff, taunt, twit, ridicule

•Antonyms -commendation, appreciation, compliment


Giddy  अल्हड़

Synonyms – dizzy, reeling, frivolous, frothy, woozy, silly

•Antonyms -sensible, mature, grave


Glee  प्रसनन्ता

Synonyms – gaiety, hilarity, joviality, merriment, mirth, blitheness

•Antonyms -sadness, dullness, solemnity


Glib  चिकनी चुपड़ी बातें करने वाला

Synonyms – facile, slick, artful, insincere, flip, suave

•Antonyms -inarticulate, stuttering, tongue-tied


Glitch  विधारी  (a fault or defect in a system or machine)

Synonyms – bug, hitch, flaw, setback, malfunction, setback

•Antonyms -perfection, achievement, advantage


Glut  प्रचुरता

Synonyms – excess, fat, surplus, superfluity, overflow, overrun

•Antonyms -insufficiency, lack, want


Grandiose  दिखावटी , भव्य

Synonyms – imposing, magnificent, regal, royal, sublime, pompous

•Antonyms -moderate, unpretentious, calm


Gratuitous  अनावश्यक   

Synonyms – complimentary, gratis, wanton, supererogatory, uncalled-for

•Antonyms -costly, expensive, essential


Greenhorn  नौसिखुआ

Synonyms –  abecedarian, tyro, novice, neophyte, fledgling, tenderfoot

•Antonyms -expert, professional – veteran


Grievous  कष्टदायक

Synonyms – deplorable, lamentable, rueful, woeful, mournful, severe

•Antonyms -cheerful, delightful, excellent


Gritty  किरकिरा   

Synonyms -coarse, grainy, granular, rough, abrasive, lumpy

•Antonyms -fine, smooth, refined


Grueling  थकाऊ

Synonyms – difficult, taxing, demanding, arduous, backbreaking, rigorous

•Antonyms -effortless, smooth, easy

Synonym Antonym SSC CGL CHSL Exams Preparation
Gruesome भयानक

Synonyms – ghastly, grim, grisly, hideous, lurid, macabre .

•Antonyms -pleasant, bright, sunny


Guile  छल-कपट

Synonyms – artifice, craft, cunningness, foxiness, slyness, deception

•Antonyms -frankness, naivety, openness


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