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Statistical Investigator. SSC CGL TIER 2 Paper 3, SSC CGL JSO

Statistical Investigator. SSC CGL TIER 2 Paper 3, SSC CGL JSO

Statistical Investigator SSC CGL TIER 2 Paper 3 : Part – 4

Q46. Which of the following diagrams would be appropriate for cumulative frequency of a discrete variable?

(a) Step diagram

(b) Histogram

(c) Frequency curve

(d) Frequency polygon


Q47. Indirect interview method for collecting primary data demands.

(a) Creating influence of interviewee

(b) Frequently chasing the interviewee

(c) Friendly and to – the – point discussion

(d) Gossiping mood


Q48. Which of the following diagrams would be appropriate corresponding to frequency table for a continuous variable?

(a) Pie diagramme

(b) Histogram

(c) Step diagramme

(d) Ogive


Q49. Pie chart is very much useful for

(a) Assessing the contribution of different groups in a comparative way

(b) Ordering different groups

(c) Comparing different groups

(d) Measuring and evaluating different groups


Q50. If  m1 and m2 and  are average heights of two classes of 50 and 60 students, the overall average is a

(a) Geometric mean of  m1 and m2

(b) Median of  m1 and m2

(c) Simple mean of  m1 and m2

(d) Weighted mean of  m1 and m2


Statistical Investigator
Q51. If the two ogives of n observations  x1,x2 ,x3, ……….,xn  meet at the point (x , y), then consider the following statements :

(a) x is the arithmetic mean of x1,x2 ,x3, ……….,xn

(b) x is the median of  x1,x2 ,x3, ……….,xn

(c) y = n/2

(d) y = 1/2


Q52. Suppose x has 10 values 1,2 ,…….10 with corresponding more than type cumulative frequencies F1, F2 , ………. F10. Then the AM of this data set will be equal to




Q53. The number of seeds in 10 fruits of a variety are counted and the first 9 are found to be 10,9,6,11,8,9,12,10 and 7. If the number of seeds in the tenth fruit is x, then for the mean number of seeds to be at least 9,it is necessary and sufficient that

(a) x ≥ 9

(b) x > 9

(c) x > 6

(d) x ≥ 8


Q54. A computer supplier sells computers of some well – known brands. To improve his profits reasonably he must study the average sales of computers where th appropriate measure of average will be

(a) Median

(b) Mode

(c) Geometric mean

(d) Arithmetic mean


Q55. The function (x-3)+ (x+3)2 + (x-2)2 + (x+2)2 Will take its minimum value at x=

(a) -3

(b) 0

(c) 2

(d) 3


Q56. Which of the following is true for a symmetric distribution?

ƍ3 = Third Quartile

ƍ1= First Quartile

ƍ2 = Second Quartile or median

(a) (ƍ3 – ƍ2) = (ƍ2 – ƍ1)

(b) (ƍ3 – ƍ1) = 2ƍ2

(c) (ƍ3 – ƍ2) < (ƍ2 – ƍ1)

(d) (ƍ3 – ƍ2) > (ƍ2 – ƍ1)


Q57. Harmonic mean is

(a) The mean of the reciprocal of the observations

(b) The reciprocal of the mean of the observations

(c) The reciprocals of the arithmetic mean of the reciprocal of the observations

(d) None of the above


Q58. If the median of a first set of observations is M1 and the median of a second set of observations is M2 , then the combined median M

(a) Lies to the right of M2

(b) Lies in between M1 and M2

(c) Lies to the left of M1

(d) None of the above


Q59. Coefficient of variation is not applicable if

i. S.D. is very large

ii. Mean is zero or negative

iii. The grouped distribution has open-end classes

iv. Extreme values are present in the data

Which situations do you think to be justified?

(a) i, ii and iv

(b) iii and iv

(c) ii and iii

(d) i and ii


Q60. In a symmetric distribution the upper and the lower Quartile are not equidistant from

(a) Harmonic mean

(b) Median

(c) Mode

(d) Arithmetic mean

Statistical Investigator

Sr. No. Ans
1 A
2 C
3 B
4 A
5 D
6 D
7 D
8 D
9 B
10 B
11 A
12 C
13 B
14 C
15 A

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