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Statistical Investigator SSC CGL TIER 2 Paper 3 : Part – 7

Statistical Investigator CGL TIER 2 Paper 3 : Part – 7

Statistical Investigator CGL TIER 2 Paper 3 : Part – 7

Q91. The algebraic sum of deviations of a set of n values from their arithmetic mean is

(a) x

(b) 0

(c) 1

(d) None of these

Q92. The arithmetic mean of the numbers 1,2,3 ……….. n is


Q93. Relation between range and S.D. is

(a) R = 3 S.D.

(b) R = 2 S.D.

(c) R = 6 S.D.

(d) R = 4 S.D.

Q94. Sum of squares of the deviations is minimum when the deviations are taken from

(a) Mean

(b) Median

(c) Mode

(d) None of these

Q95. Standard error of the sample correlation coefficient r based an n paired values is


Statistical Investigator CGL TIER 2
Q96. The value of correlation ratios varies from

(a) -1 to 1

(b) -1 to 0

(c) 0 to 1

(d) 0 to ∞

Q97. The range of multiple correlation coefficient R is

(a) 0 to 1

(b) 0 to ∞

(c) -1 to 1

(d) -∞ to ∞

Q98. Measures of association usually deals with

(a) Attributes

(b) Quantitative factors

(c) Variables

(d) Numbers

Q99. Estimation of parameters in all scientific investigations is of

(a) Prime importance

(b) Secondary importance

(c) No use

(d) Deceptive nature

Q100. Estimate and estimator are

(a) Synonyms

(b) Different

(c) Related to population

(d) None of the above

Q101. If the observations recorded on five sampled items 3,4,5,6,7 the sample variance is

(a) 1

(b) 0

(c) 2

(d) 2.5

Q102. If the sample values are 1,3,5,7,9 the standard error of sample mean is

(a) S.E. = √2

(b) S.E. = 1/√2

(c) S.E. = 2.0

(d) S.E. = ½

Q103. How many types of optimum allocations are in common uses

(a) One

(b) Two

(c) Three

(d) Four

Q104. In an ordered series the data are

(a) In ascending order

(b) In descending order

(c) Either 1 or 2

(d) Neither 1 or 2

Statistical Investigator CGL TIER 2
Q105. Classification is applicable in case of

(a) Quantitative characters

(b) Qualitative characters

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) None of these



Sr. No. Answers
91. B
92. C
93. C
94. A
95. C
96. C
97. A
98. A
99. B
100. B
101. D
102. A
103. C
104. B
105. C

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