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SSC CHSL ( LDC) 9th Nov answer key / analysis / solution

SSC CHSL ( LDC) 9th Nov answer key / analysis / solution ( Evening Shift)

SSC CHSL ( LDC) 9th Dec answer key / analysis / solution

Morning Shift 9th Nov SSC CHSL answer key: Click here

9th Nov Morning shift Question Papers code

391 QK 5 download

402 LJ 6

513 MP7

624 TH 8

SSC CHSL LDC 9th Nov Question papers answer key Evening

312 RH4

854 LK5 Download

743 MP6

129 TN7

Morning Shift
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We are publishing answer key, complete analysis and solution of SSC CH 9th Nov evening batch. Paper code we are taking is 854 LK5. You can download question paper from the link.

1 A 51 D 101 a 151 D
2 B 52 D 102 a 152 C
3 A 53 D 103 b 153 A
4 C 54 B 104 a 154 B
5 A 55 C 105 a 155 C
6 D 56 B 106 d 156 D
7 C 57 A 107 c 157 b
8 B 58 A 108 d 158 B
9 D 59 A 109 a 159 A
10 C 60 B 110 d 160 B
11 B 61 C 111 a 161 B
12 B 62 B 112 a 162 C
13 A 63 A 113 a 163 D
14 C 64 A 114 c 164 D
15 D 65 B 115 a 165 A
16 B 66 C 116 b 166 B
17 A 67 D 117 a 167 D
18 A 68 A 118 a 168 A
19 B 69 A 119 c 169 A
20 C 70 D 120 a 170 C
21 C 71 B 121 d 171 B
22 B 72 A 122 a 172 C
23 D 73 C 123 b 173 A
24 C 74 C 124 a 174 D
25 B 75 D 125 a 175 D
26 C 76 B 126 c 176 A
27 D 77 C 127 d 177 A
28 C 78 A 128 d 178 C
29 D 79 B 129 d 179 B
30 D 80 D 130 b 180 B
31 C 81 B 131 d 181 B
32 A 82 B 132 b 182 C
33 B 83 B 133 b 183 B
34 C 84 D 134 c 184 B
35 C 85 B 135 b 185 B
36 D 86 C 136 c 186 C
37 B 87 D 137 a 187 D
38 A 88 B 138 a 188 A
39 B 89 C 139 d 189 C
40 D 90 C 140 b 190 A
41 D 91 A 141 c 191 A
42 C 92 A 142 c 192 C
43 C 93 D 143 d 193 A
44 D 94 C 144 a 194 A
45 B 95 C 145 c 195 C
46 B 96 A 146 a 196 C
47 A 97 C 147 d 197 C
48 D 98 A 148 b 198 C
49 D 99 B 149 c 199 A
50 D 100 D 150 a 200 C


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32 questions from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, mensuration, data interpretation. If you want to score high in SSC exam, you must score high in math. You want to score high in math then you should be champion of these 5 topics. 40+ score in math is required for just 1500+ posts.

SN Topic No. of Questions
1 Sequence and Series 2
2 LCM and HCF 1
3 Ratio and Proportion 2
4 Number System 2
5 Time and Distance (Rail) 1
6 Average 1
7 Percentage 1
8 Profit and loss 2
9 Discount 2
10 Time and Work 1
11 Age determination 1
12 Compound Interest 1
13 Algebra 6
14 Trigonometry 5
15 Geometry 5
16 Mensuration 7
17 Data Interpretation 9
18 Miscellaneous 1
Chapters with zero questions
1 Simple Interest 0
2 Square and Square Root 0
3 Cube and Cube Root 0
4 Alligation 0
5 Partnership 0
6 Work and Wages 0
7 Power, Indices and Surds 0
8 Pipe and Cistern 0
9 Simplification 0
10 Boat and Streams 0


English : For English solution click 

Close test 10 numbers, common errors, synonyms 5, antonyms, idioms/ phrases 5 . All were according to pattern. No surprise. Quite easy paper 35+ should be your score if you want job.

English analysis
Topics Questions asked
Common errors 5
Fill in the blanks 5
synonyms 5
antonyms 5
Idioms/phrases 5
Sentence improvement 5
One word substitution 5
Spellings 5
Comprehension 0
Voice 0
Rearrangement of sentences 0
Narration 0
Close test 10



Reasoning Analysis: 

Classification 9 questions, analogy 9, series  6 questions came from these topics. It means 50% reasoning from these 3 topics. Over all reasoning was quite easy. 42+ score is a must score to be in the race.

Analogy 9
Blood relation 0
symbol notation 2
classification 10
Diretion and Distance 2
Scheduled Day/ time 0
Series 6
coding 2
word formation 1
syllogism 2
Ranking and arrangement 0
Missing number 3
arithmetical problems 2
arrangement of words in logical order 2
cubes and dice 0
venn diagram 2
miscellaneous 2
Non Verbal
Series 0
Analogy 0
classification 0
Mirror and Water images 1
Paper cutting & Folding 2
Completion of Figure 1
Embedded Figure 1
Deviation of Figure 0


GK Analysis

Easy to moderate section. If you continuously preparing for SSC exams, you should have not faced much difficulty. History surprisingly dominated 1st time in SSC exams. Science 17 questions always contributes significantly. Geography 6 questions and economics ( difficult one) also surfaced.  28 + should be your minimum performance or superman like performance in the rest 3 sections.


Topic No. of Questions
Life Science 6
Chemistry 5
Physics 6
Computer/techno 0
History 10
Geography 6
Polity 4
Economy 7
GK 5
Current 1

Overall Analysis

Over paper was easy. One should get 150-160 to get a job for SSC LDC/DEO clerk. If you think you are close start preparing immediately. If you can not, then start preparing again for next exam. Don’t loss heart. Competition is becoming tougher each day. Don’t waste time in watching answer keys and justifying your answers. Nothing will happen. Many of the sites just wasting your time, not related to even SSC just publishing answer key to increase their traffic. Wait for official key. Don’t be hyper.


GK questions asked in 9th Nov evening exam. For complete paper click . For GK answer key and complete paper key, go in the beginning of this post.

General Awareness Code: 854 LK 5
151. If the equilibrium constants for the systems H2 + I <–> 2HI and 2HI <–> H2 + I2 are K1 and K2 and respectively. Then relationship between K1 and K2 is:
A. K1 = K2 B. K1 = 2K2 C. K1 = K2/2 D. K1 = 1/K2

  1. Water has maximum density at
    A. 100 0C B. 0 0C C. 4 0C D. 273 0 C
  2. Concentration of a material which is lethal 50% animal is called as
  3. Neap tides are
    A. Strong B. Weak C. Medium D. Very strong
  4. Sahara is located in which part of Africa?
    A. Eastern B. Western C. Northern D. Southern
  5. The ocean with the largest surface area is
    A. Arctic Ocean B. Atlantic Ocean C. Indian Oceana D. Pacific Ocean
  6. About how many Indians cannot meet their essential needs as per a report by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) released on 19th February 2014?
    A. 66% B. 56% C. 46% D. 36%
  7. When a bond is formed between two atoms, the energy of the system will
    A. Increase B. decrease C. remain the same D. may increase or decrease

  8. Telephone was invented by
    A. Alexander Graham Bell B. Baird C. Stevenson D. Newton

  9. Which was the first country to host the Asian Games?
    A. Korea B. India C. Japan D. China

  10. Who is the founder of Jainism in India?
    A. Gautama B. Mahavira C. Chandragupta D. Ashoka

  11. Who compiled the tales of “the Panchatantra”?
    A. Valmiki B. Veda Vyassa C. Vishnu Sharma D. Tulsidas

  12. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for 2102-2103 awarded to
    A. Sachin Tendulkar B. Sania Miza C. Major RVS Rathore D. RanjanSodhi

  13. Human Right Day is observed on
    A. 10th March B. 10th July C. 10th September D. 10th December

  14. Ajanta Caves were built during period of
    A. Gupta B. Kushana C. Maurya D. Chalukya

  15. Who was the famous painter of the famous painting called—‘Bharatmata’?
    A. Gaganendranath Tagore B. Abanindranath Tagore
    C. Nandalal Bose D. Jamini Roy

  16. Who discovered ‘Cap of Good Hope’ in 1488?
    A. Magellan B. Columbus C. Bartholomenew Dias D. Vasco da gama

  17. Taxes are as certain as death, because
    A. They constitute the major source of government revenue.
    B. Government have no other source of revenue.
    C. Most PSU are run in inefficiently.
    D. Government has its own budget constraints.

  18. Which is NOT a measure undertaken by government to check inflation?
    A. Increase in consumption
    B. Increase in production
    C. Reduction in deficit financing
    D. Taxation measures

  19. The ‘Slack Season’ in the Indian Economy is
    A. March-April B. September-December
    C. January-June D. February-April

  20. The relationship between the rate of interest and level of consumption was and level of consumption was first visualized by
    A. Amartya K. Sen B. Milton Friedman C. Irving Fisher D. James Duesenberry

  21. Which one of the Constitutional amendment has established Panchayati Raj Institution?
    A. 72nd Amendment Act B. 71st Amendment Act
    C. 73rd Amendment Act D. 78th Amendment Act

  22. ‘Take-off’ situation in an economy means
    A. Steady growth begins B. Economy is Stagnant
    C. Economy is about to collapse D. All controls are removes

  23. In the year 1977, an official committee was appointed to examine Panchayat Raj under the Chairmanship of
    A. Ashok Mehta B. Shri Ram Meht C. Balwant Rai Mehta D. Manohar lal Mehta

  24. How many countries are the members of U. N. Assembly?
    A. 190 B. 191 C. 192 D. 193

  25. Which among the following States, first introduced the Panchayat Raj System?
    A. Rajasthan B. Haryana C. Uttar Pradesh D. Maharashtra

  26. Which was the backbone of Indus Economy?
    A. Agriculture B. Trade C. Wheel Made Pottery D. Carpentry

  27. Which Mughal Emperor transferred the Mughal Capital from Agra to Delhi?
    A Jahangir B. Aurangzeb C. Shahjahan D. Bahadur Shah

  28. Who said “a living thing is born” after the League of Nation’s Covenant was drafted?
    A. Lord Robert Cecil B. Woodrow Wilson C. Orlando D. Neville Chamberlin

  29. The author of ‘Arthashstra’ was a contemporary of ——
    A. Ashoka B. Chandragupta Maurya
    C. Samudragupta D. Chandragupta Vikramaditya

  30. The Taj-Mahal was built by——-
    A. Jahangir B. Shahjahan C. Sher Shah D. Nadir Shah

  31. The Election Commission is established under the Article
    A. Article-355 B. Article-256 C. Article-324 D. Article-320

  32. The percentage of India’s total population employed in agriculture is nearly
    A. 60% B. 50% C. 70% D. 80%

  33. The temperature increases rapidly above
    A. Ionosphere B. Exosphere C. Stratosphere D. Troposphere

  34. Which one of the following contains lies in Northern-Southern and Eastern-western hemisphere of the earth?
    A. Australia B. Africa C. Europe D. South Africa

  35. Which Committee/Commission examined the Centre and State relationship?
    A. Ashok Mehta Committee B. Inderjit Gupta Committee
    C. Sarkaria Commission D. N.N. Vohra Committee

  36. Which of the following is not a photosynthetic pigment?
    A. Chlorophyll B. Phycobilin C. Carotenoid D. Anthocyanin

  37. National Fruit of India is?
    A. Mango B. Pineapple C. Apple D. Grapes

  38. Which of the following is fibrous protein?
    A. Haemoglobin B. Albumin C. Keratin D. Enzymes

  39. Typhoid fever is caused by
    A. Bacteria B. Virus C. Protozoa D. Fungi

  40. The International Commission on Zoological nomenclature was established in
    A. 1898 B. 1988 C. 2001 D. 1664

  41. Which one of the following is the world’s largest desert?
    A. Arabian B. Kalahari C. Sahara D. Thar

  42. A man standing at the top of a tower has two sphere A and B. He drops sphere A downwards and throws sphere B horizontally at the same time. Which of the following is correct?
    A. Both the spheres will reach the ground simultaneously.
    B. A will reach the ground first.
    C. B will reach the ground first.
    D. The question is incomplete because the masses of the not given.

194 The dimensional formula ML-1 T-1 corresponds to
A. Modules of elasticity B. Viscosity C. Moment of a race D. Thrust

  1. 1 Micron is equal to
    A. 10-9 m B. 10-12 m C. 10-6 m D. 10-15 m
  2. A wavelength of 0.3 is produced in air and it travels at a speed of 300m/s. Then it will be an
    A. Audible wave B. Infrasonic wave C. Ultrasonic Wave D. Microwave

  3. The time between input and output and output is called
    A. Turn around time B. Waiting time C. Execution time D. Delay time

  4. The Indian National Grid Computing Initiative for Scientific Engineering and Academic Community is named
    A. Ganga B. GAGA C. Gruda D. PARAM

  5. Sodium Carbonate is commonly known as
    A. Baking Soda B. Washing Soda C. Caustic Soda D. Caustic Potash

  6. Carolus Linnaeus System of classification is
    A. Natural B. Artificial C. Bionomial D. Phylogeneti


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