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SSC Word Substitution Beginning with N and O

SSC One Word Substitution Beginning with N and O

SSC One word substitution beginning with N and O for SSC exams


  1. NAUSEA : Strong feeling of wanting to vomit.
  2. NAIVE: Having a very simple nature.
  3. NARCOTICS: An addictive drug.
  4. NATURALISM: Attachment to what is natural
  5. NEOGAMIST : Newly married.
  6. NAUTICAL : Of sailors, ships or sailing.
  7. NEMESIS : Downfall that satisfies natural justice.
  8. NEOLOGISM : A new word.
  9. NEPOTISM : Undue favour shown by a person in power to his relatives.
  10. NICHE : A hollow place in wall
  11. NOTARY : A public official who makes written statements official.
  12. NOTORIOUS : Having a bad reputation.
  13. NUANCE : Very slight differences.
  14. NUMISMATICS : One who collects coins.
  15. NURSERY : A place where plants are grown and kept.


  1. OCTAGON: A plane figure with eight sides and angle
  2. OBSCURANTIST: Person who is opposed to enlightment.
  3. OBSEQUIES : Funeral rites.
  4. OBSOLETE: That which is no longer in use.
  5. OBITUARY : Notice of a person’s death in a newspaper.
  6. OBLIGATORY : That which is required to be done by law.
  7. OBSOLETE : That which is out of use, or replaced by a newer model.
  8. OLIGARCHY : A government by a small group of powerful persons
  9. OMNIFORM: Having every form of shape.
  10. OMNIGENOUS :  Comprising all kinds.
  11. OMNIFORM: Having every form and shape.
  12. OMNIPOTENT : One who is all powerful.
  13. OMNISCIENT : One who knows everything.
  14. OMNIVOROUS : One who eats anything.
  15. OPAQUE : That which cannot be seen through.
  16. OPTIMIST : A person who looks to the bright side of things.
  17. ORATOR : A good speaker.
  18. ORCHARD : A fruit garden
  19. ORPHAN : A child whose parents are dead.
  20. OPTHALMOLOGIST : An eye-doctor.
  21. OPTOMETRIST : A technician who measures your eyesight.
  22. ORCHARD : A place where fruit trees are grown
  23. OPTIMIST : One who looks on the bright side of things.
  24. OMNISCIENT : One who knows everything
  25. OMNIPRESENT : One who is present everywhere
  26. OCULIST : One who attends to the diseases of the eye
  27. ORNITHOLOGY : The study of birds
  28. OBITUARY : An account, in the newspaper, of the funeral of one deceased
  29. OVIPAROUS : Bearing eggs and not young ones..
  30. OSTLER : One who attends to horses at an inn
  31. OPTICIAN : One who makes or sells eye-glasses
  32. OOLOGY : The study of eggs
  33. OCCIDENTAL : Belonging to the west
  34. OSTRACIZE : Expel from society

SSC One word

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