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SSC One word substitutions : Pertaining to Government / literary arts

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SSC One word substitutions:  Pertaining to Government / literary arts

SSC One word substitutions

Pertaining to Government

  1. To give up throne or other office of dignity : Abdicate
  2. A diplomatic minister of the highest order sent by one country to another : Ambassador
  3. Absence of government : Anarchy
  4. A person who is out to destroy all government and order : Anarchist
  5. Government by one : Autocracy/Despotism
  6. Government by the officials/ departments of state : Bureaucracy
  7. Government by the nobles : Aristocracy
  8. The right of self government : Autonomy
  9. Government of the people, for the people, by the people : Democracy
  10. Government by the king or queen : Monarchy
  11. Government by a few : Oligarchy
  12. Government by the rich : Plutocracy
  13. The science of government : Politics
  14. To decide a political question by the direct vote of the whole electorate : Referendum
  15. A person(s) who takes up arms against the government : Rebel
  16. Too much official formality:  Red Tapism
  17. Sweeping governmental change : Revolution
  18. Government by divine guidance : Theocracy
  19. Part of the government which preserves law and order and carries out the laws made  : Executive

Pertaining to the Literary Arts

  1. A work whose writer is unknown Anonymous
  2. A record of one’s life written by himself Autobiography
  3. The history of the life of a person Biography
  4. A humorous play, having a happy ending Comedy
  5. A list of books in a library Catalogue
  6. A book in which the events of each day are recorded Diary
  7. The heading or short description of a newspaper article, chapter of a book Caption
  8. A book containing the words of a language with their definitions, in alphabetical order Dictionary
  9. A book of names and address Directory
  10. A short speech by a player at the end of a play Epilogue
  11. A brief summary of a book Epitome
  12. A book containing information on all branches of knowledge Encyclopedia
  13. To remove the offensive portion of a book Expurgate
  14. A speech delivered without earlier preparation Extempore
  15. A noisy or vehement speech intended to excite passions Harangue
  16. A written account, usually in book form of the interesting and memorable experience of one’s life Memoir
  17. A declaration of plans and promises put forward by a candidate for Election, a political party or a Sovereign Manifesto
  18. A short speech by a player at the beginning of a play Prologue

One word substitutions Literary Arts

  1. Literary theft, or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own Plagiarism
  2. A writer who borrows words and ideas from another author Plagiarist
  3. A statement open to more than one interpretation Ambiguous
  4. One who cannot read or write Illiterate
  5. One who does not care for literature and art Philistine
  6. The first speech delivered by a person Maiden
  7. A word or law no longer in use Obsolete
  8. A person very reserved in speech Reticent
  9. A style full of words Verbose
  10. Incapable of being described adequately Indescribable
  11. Speaking one’s thoughts aloud to oneself Soliloquizing
  12. A play with a sad or tragic end Tragedy
  13. Something that can’t be read Illegible
  14. One who is a great lover of books Bibliophile
  15. A person who is especially competent to pass judgments in an art, particularly one of the fine arts, or in matters of taste : Connoisseur