SSC One word substitution beginning with E

SSC One word substitution beginning with E

SSC One word substitution beginning with E


  1. EAVESDROPPER : One who witnesses secretly to private
  2. ECONOMICAL: One who is careful in the use of money/ fuel etc.
  3. EFFEMINATE: A man who is womanish in his habits.
  4. EGALITARIANISM : Belief that all people are equal and have the same rights and opportunities.
  5. EGOIST : A lover of one’s own self/ supercilious.
  6. ELECTROCUTE : Killing by means of an electric current
  7. ELIGIBLE : Fit to be chosen; qualified.
  8. EMERGENCY: A sudden serious situation requiring immediate action.
  9. EMERITUS : One who is honourably discharged from service.
  10. EMIGRANT: A person who goes to another country to live.
  11. EMISSARY: A person sent on a mission (usually official).
  12. ENDEMIC : A disease confined to a particular district or place
  13. EXTROVERT : One whose interest are directed outward
  14. EPHEMERAL : Existing only for a day.
  15. EPICURE : Person fond of delicious food.
  16. EPIDEMIC : Disease affecting many people at the same place and time.
  17. EPILOGUE : A speech or a poem recited at the end of a play.
  18. EPISODE : Part of story (especially T.V. or Radio show story)
  19. EPITAPH: Words which are inscribed on the grave.
  20. EPITHET: Adjective added a person’s name usually to criticise or praise him.
  21. EPITOME : A perfect example.
  22. EPITOMISE: To be a perfect example.
  23. EMBALM : To preserve a dead body from decaying
  24. EPITOME : A brief summary of a book
  25. EQUANIMITY: Calmness of mind and temper.
  26. ERUDITE A learned or scholarly person.
  27. ESPIONAGE: Practice of spying.
  28. ETERNAL : Existing for ever-without any beginning or end.
  29. ETYMOLOGY : The science which deals with derivation of words.
  30. EUPHEMISM: Bombastic style of writing.
  31. EUPHONIOUS: Sounding pleasant.
  32. EUPHORIA: A strong feeling of happiness.
  33. EVANESCENT/EPHEMERAL: Of a very short duration of period.
  34. ENIGMA : A person, thing or circumstance that is puzzling
  35. EMBARGO : An order prohibiting ships to leave the port
  36. ENTOMOLOGY : The study of insects
  37. EBULLIENT : High-spirited, exuberant.
  38. EDIBLE : Fit for food
  39. EPICUREAN : One who devoted to the pleasures of life
  40. EFFEMINATE : A man who has the qualities of a woman.
  41. ENCYCLOPEDIA : A book giving information on all branches of knowledge.
  42. ENTOMOLOGY : The scientific study of insects.
  43. EPIC : A long narrative poem.
  44. EPILOGUE : Concluding part of a literary work.
  45. ERGONOMICS : The study of the efficiency of people in their working environment.
  46. ERR : Make a mistake, do wrong.
  47. ESTUARY : The wide mouth of a river.
  48. EVOLUTION : Gradual development from simple life forms to complex ones.
  49. EXCISE : Tax on goods produced and used in a country.
  50. EXERTION : Making an effort; trying very hard to do something.
  51. EXTEMPORE : A speech made without any previous thought or preparation.
  52. EXTERMINATE : To put an end to something by killing.
  53. EXTROVERT : A person who is active, lively and enjoys the company of others.
  54. EXUBERANT : Lively, high-spirited.
  55. EXPLICABLE:  That which can be explained

SSC One word substitution

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  3. […] SSC One word substitution beginning with E […]

  4. […] SSC One word substitution beginning with E […]

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