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SSC: Idioms and phrases starting with C

SSC: Idioms and phrases starting with C

SSC: Idioms and phrases starting with C

SSC: Idioms and phrases starting with C

    1. Caged-in like a wild animal – To have no freedom.
    2. Calculated-risk – A risk taken after careful thinking.
    3. Call it quits-  Give up
    4. Call a spade and spade – To be frank.
    5. Call-off  – Cancel
    6. Call names – To abuse.
    7. Call the shots -Give the orders
    8. Callous remark – Hurtful,  insensitive comment showing lack of feeling for others.
    9. Can see a mile off -Quite clear and evident.
    10. Carry the coal to newcastle – A useless effort.
    11. Cast pearls before swine  – A right thing in wrong hands.
    12. Can’t quite nail it down – Cannot quite figure-out or remember
    13. Can’t see past the end of your nose – Cannot see what is right in front of you.
    14. Can’t see the forest for the trees – Unable to see the broad picture; only sees what is  in front and not beyond.
    15. Can’t stand it – Can’t tolerate.
    16. Candid opinion – Frank, open honest expression of opinion.
    17. Capitalize upon an opportunity  – Take advantage of a chance.
    18. Capital punishment-  Death penalty.
    19. Carried-away – A person  become so enthusiastic that he is overcome by excitement.
    20. Carrot and stick policy – Reward and punishment policy.
    21. Case of the jitters – Shaking with fear before an event.
    22. Case the joint – Check out a site or location to note and become familiar.
    23. Carry matters with a high hand – To deal with a person strictly.
    24. Cast a glance-  at Take a look at.
    25. Cast a slur – To bring disgrace.
    26. Castles in the air  – Day dream.
    27. Cast aspersions upon –  Making unkind remarks.
    28. Casual comment – Offhand remark made without thinking.
    29. Cat and dog life – Troublesome life
    30. Catch a snooze – Take a nap.
    31. Catch a tartar – To meet an unexpected opponent.
    32. Catch hell – Be in big trouble.
    33. Catch hold of – Get your hands on.
    34. Catch on quickly – Learn fast
    35. Catch your breath – Pause for a minute to rest your lungs when you are short of breath.
    36. Catching on – Becoming better-known.
    37. Catching on quickly –  Learning fast.
    38. Cater to someone’s wishes – Be prepared and willing to follow someone’s wants and demands.
    39. Caught in the crossfire – To be caught between two opposing arguments.
    40. Caught short – To be short of cash.
    41. Cause for alarm – A reason to be fearful and careful.
    42. Caustic remark – A sharp, comment intended to inflict harm and injury.
    43. Cave in under pressure – To surrender and succumb to pressure.
    44. Challenge the status quo – Act in a way that goes against the accepted social system.
    45. Chance encounter – Chance meeting.
    46. Chance of a lifetime – The best opportunity one will ever get.
    47. Chancy – A bit
    48. Change hands – Change owners.
    49. Change of heart – Change of opinion
    50. Change of pace – Slow down or speed up.
    51. Change your tune – Reversal of attitude.
    52. Chapter and verse – In full detail.
    53. Character assassination – To spread bad rumors about someone to make him lose his good reputation.
    54. Charge your batteries – To restore your energy.
    55. Cheap Charlie – A stingy person.
    56. Cheesed-off – Annoyed
    57. Cheek by jowl – Close together.
    58. Chew someone out – Tell him off; give him a good scolding.
    59. Chew the cud  – To ponder over/ mediate.
    60. Chickenfeed  – A minimal amount of money.
    61. Chicken hearted – Lacking courage/ cowardly.
    62. Child’s play-  A very easy task.
    63. Chilling scare – A frightening experience.

  1. Chosen at random – Picked arbitrarily out of a large sample group.
  2. Clamor for more –  Shout, scream yell and cry for more of something.
  3. Clandestine affair – Secret, concealed illicit love affair.
  4. Class conscious –  Awareness of differences in social status.
  5. Clean slate  – Starting fresh
  6. Clear as a bell – Hearing or understanding something clearly and distinctly.
  7. Clear conscience –  Free of any sense of guilt in the mind.
  8. Clear-cut
  9. Clinch the deal – Clearly finalize a business agreement.
  10. Clinch the issue – To clear the controversy.
  11. Clip one’s wings – To weaken the power.
  12. Close shave – Close encounter with death.
  13. Cloven hoof – Symbol of disgrace or evil intention.
  14. Coarse words – Rude language, used in a rough and ready-to-fight manner.
  15. Cold fish – Someone with no warmth and no emotion.
  16. Cold as ice – Showing absolutely no warmth,feelings or emotions.
  17. Cook-and-bull story – A concocted story.
  18. Cold-blooded – Heartless
  19. Collide with – Smash or crash head-on.
  20. Comb the streets – Search the streets very closely,looking for somebody.
  21. Come clean –  To tell the truth.
  22. Come close to blows – Almost at the point of fighting.
  23. Come down in the world-  Become less well-off; move down a rung or two on the social ladder.
  24. Come in handy – Keep something close at hand that might be useful someday.
  25. Come out of one’s shell – Emerge from being shy and withdrawn.
  26. Come to a head – Approaching the peak of pressure and nearing the breaking point.
  27. Come to grips with – Get a hold of and begin controlling the problem.
  28. Come to nothing – Prove to be a vain effort.
  29. Come to one’s senses – Suddenly return to being reasonable and having common sense.
  30. Come up against –  Meet an obstacle or hindrance.
  31. Coming down in buckets – Raining heavily.
  32. Common error – A mistake that a lot of people make.
  33. Common ground – Land owned and assessable to the public at large.
  34. Complete and utter chaos – Total disorder and confusion.
  35. Complete imbecile – An absolutely stupid individual.
  36. Con artist – Someone who gains our trust and confidence just in order to get our money.
  37. Concrete jungle – A big city made of steel rods and beams and concrete.
  38. Concur with someone – Agree with someone
  39. Confidence-building measure – Something done to  build-up more confidence in an unstable situation.
  40. Confront the problem – Face the problem.
  41. Considered opinion – To form an opinion after thinking about all factors from all sides.
  42. Consort with –  Associate with
  43. Conspire against – Scheme, work against someone, with the help of another or others.
  44. Contrary to expectations – The opposite of what is expected.
  45. Control freak –  Someone who is obsessed with having absolute control of everything.
  46. Converge in upon – Come in from all sides to surround an opponent.
  47. Cook up an excuse – Fabricate a made-up reason why one failed to do something.
  48. Cooking the books – Keeping a false set of accounting records to deceive tax regulators.
  49. Coping with the situation – Doing one’s best to control the situation.
  50. Cordon off –  To protect, separate-off or blockade a threatened area through police
  51. Core of the matter -The root cause of the problem.
  52. Corridors of power – The halls in government buildings where the offices of highly-placed  are
  53. Cost an arm and a leg -A very expensive price.
  54. Cost the earth – Very expensive.
  55. Crocodile tears – An insincere display of grief/ false tears.
  56. Couch potato  – A child who lies on the sofa watching tv whole day and nibbling snacks.
  57. Couldn’t care less – Don’t give a damn.
  58. Count someone out – Not to depend on someone.
  59. Count your blessings – Think of all the good things and talents that have been given to you.
  60. Courting disaster  – Asking for trouble.
  61. Cover your tracks –  Destroy the evidence that shows what you have done.
  62. Cover-to-cover – From the front to the back of a book.
  63. Cover-up – Removal of evidence and denial of guilt.
  64. Crack down on-  Bring the pressure of government authority down on wrong-doers.
  65. Crack of dawn – The earliest part of the morning.
  66. Crack of doom  – At the moment when the world ends.
  67. Crack-up – Mental breakdown.
  68. Crafty devil – A clever and devious person who tries to get the better of you.
  69. Crawl into your shell  – Withdraw within yourself and become uncommunicative.
  70. Creature comforts – The essential things needed for one to have a comfortable life.
  71. Credible excuse Believable, convincing, plausible reason or explanation.
  72. Creepy   –    Scary
  73. Crop up  – Suddenly arise.
  74. Cross that bridge when we come to it – Do not worry about something until it becomes a problem.
  75. Cross the line-  Exceed the limits of what is considered proper behaviour.
  76. Cross with someone-  Angry and annoyed with some person.
  77. Cross your fingers – Hoping for luck.
  78. Crowning achievement –  The highest peak of attainment.
  79. Crow’s feet Little lines or wrinkles at the corners of one’s eyes.
  80. Cry wolf – Call out for help when there is no danger, just to get attention.
  81. Cry your eyes out – Cry as if you will never stop.
  82. Crying shame – A very shameful thing.
  83. Crystal clear – Very clear.
  84. Cry for the moon – To desire the unattainable.
  85. Cry over spilled milk – Regret in vain for what cannot be undone.
  86. Cuckoo –  A bit crazy.
  87. Cuff someone over the ear-  Hit or box someone over the ear.
  88. Culture shock  – An abrupt change in cultural location, with no time for adjustment.
  89. Cut above the average – On a level that is superior and better than normal.
  90. Cut a sorry figure  – To give a poor show.
  91. Cut back – Economize by reducing costs.
  92. Cut both ways – Argue in favour of both sides
  93. Cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth – To live within one’s means.
  94. Cut corners –  Save money by cutting out unnecessary costs.
  95. Cut down to size –  Put someone in his place.
  96. Cut out of the deal  – Exclude someone from sharing in the profits.
  97. Cut me some slack  – Don’t punish me too severely.
  98. Cut off all contact  – Cut relations.
  99. Cross swords – To quarrel or fight.
  100. Cut out for the job – Having the ideal qualities required.
  101. Cut-and-dried –  Definitely-determined.
  102. Cut throat prices – Over-priced
  103. Cutting edge –  The absolute forward-edge of technological development.
  104. Cutting ties –  Discontinuing relations with
  105. Cock a snook – To show impudent contempt.
  106. Cold reception – Not a hearty welcome.
  107. Come across – Meet by chance.
  108. Come home to – To understand
  109. Come in handy  To be useful
  110. Come to a pass A  difficult situation
  111. Come true To prove true
  112. Cool one’s heels To be kept waiting
  113. Corporal punishment Bodily punishment
  114. Count chickens before they are hatched To anticipate profit before hand
  115. Cross one’s mind To occur to oneself
  116. Curry favour To win favour by flattery
  117. Curtain lecture A private scolding by wife to her husband
  118. Cut both ends To argue in support of both sides of the issue

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