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SSC exams : One word substitution beginning with F

SSC exams One word substitution beginning with F

SSC exams One word substitution beginning with F



  1. FIANCEE : One engaged to be married
  2. FARRIER : One who shoes horses
  3. FALLACY: False or mistaken belief.
  4. FANATIC: One who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm.
  5. FASTIDIOUS: One who is hard to please.
  6. FATAL: Resulting in death.
  7. FATALIST: One who believes in destiny.
  8. FAUNA: Animals of a certain region.
  9. FUGITIVE : One who runs away from justice or the law
  10. FANATIC : a person filled with excessive enthusiasm, especially in religion.
  11. FASTIDIOUS: One who cannot be easily pleased.
  12. FAVOURITISM: The practice of giving favoured treatment to certain people.
  13. FEMINIST: A supporter of the cause of women.
  14. FISSION : Splitting of the nucleus of an atom.
  15. FIASCO : Complete failure.
  16. FLUKE: Stroke of good luck.
  17. FLOGGING : Severe beating with a whip.
  18. FLUVIAL : Related to rivers
  19. FOREMAN: A skilled worker in charge of other workmen.
  20. FOURTH ESTATE: Influential newspapers and journalists.
  21. FRATRICIDE: The murder of one’s brother.
  22. FREIGHT: Goods carried by train, ship etc.
  23. FUMIGATE: To clear of disease, bacteria etc., by means of chemical smoke.
  24. FORGERY : Counterfeiting of document.
  25. FRENZY : A state of extreme excitement.
  26. FROSTBITE:  Injury to the nose, fingers or toes, caused by extreme cold

SSC exams  One word substitution

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