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SSC English Study Material : VOICE (Active/Passive) PDF

SSC English Study Material : VOICE (Active/Passive) PDF

SSC English Study Material : VOICE  (Active/Passive) PDF

To understand active and passive voice we need to understand two things first.

 1    What is a subject?

A subject shows-

(a) what the sentence is about, or

(b) who or what performs the action.

 2    What is an object?

Apart from serving as subjects in sentences Nouns may also function as objects in sentences. Pronouns may also serve as objects. Objects receive the action and usually follow the verb.

We simply add what to the verb and the answer we get is the object.

Eg Ravi threw stones in the water. (Ravi is the subject. Threw is the verb. Threw what? The answer is stones which is the object.) Pronouns may also serve as objects.

Active and Passive Voice

In “active voice” sentences the sentence begins with the subject. But in passive voice the subject (Doer) is towards the end of the sentence.

 Where do we use passive voice?

1   When intentionally hiding the subject of sentence.

Example     Some chapters were not studied.

2   When passive voice better explain thought of sentence.

Example, to say, Milk is sold in litres is better than saying ,Shop keepers sell milk  in litres

3   When something is done upon someone. When something happened with someone.

Example     You will be ruined if you continue gambling.

4  When what happened is more important than who did it.

Example    The strike was called off.

5  When subject is not exactly known. For example, His watch was stolen.

It is not known that who stole his watch, the subject (thief) is not exactly known so it is better to use passive voice for such sentence.

SSC English Study Material : VOICE (Active/Passive) PDF
 Fundamental Rules for changing from active voice to passive voice

1    The places of subject and object are interchanged i.e. the object shifts to the place of subject and subject

shifts to the place of object in passive voice.

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