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SSC English Prepositions Exercise

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SSC English Prepositions Exercise

SSC English Prepositions Exercise

Prepositions Exercise

Fill in the blank with an appropriate word from the given options.
Q1. When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my books__________ the table.
A. off      B. from    C. out     D. of
Q2. Every weekend, we put the trash can ________for garbage collection.
A.      up    B. at C. into D. out
Q3. You have to leave your shoes _______the door when you enter the house.
A. in B. over C. to D. by
Q4. It was a long walk, so he began moving slowly ________ the town.
A. for B. towards C. until D. at
Q5. David cleaned his room by stuffing everything ______his bed.
A. in B. on C. under D. along
Q6. We often go fishing ____________ the river bank.
A. towards B. inside C. along D. around
Q7. The lecture will be held right ___________ the tutorial.
A. at B. before C. over D. beyond
Q8. He was caught by the teacher for cheating ________the exam.
A. during B. after C. near D. outside
Q9. John needs to submit the report _________ his boss before 5 pm.
A. at B. to C. of D. on
Q10. James’ wife accused him __________ cheating.
A. up B. to C. with D. of

Q11. Kathleen apologized _____ her brother’s poor behaviour.
A. for B. in C. off D. at
Q12. There is no doubt that Adam is very good ______ telling jokes.
A. at B. over C. of D. with
Q13. These dresses were ____________ sale last week.
A. in B. of C. on D. up
Q14. There is a bridge _____________ the river.
A. near B. across C. on D. along
Q15. Amanda hasn’t seen her older sister ____ last April.
A. on B. in C. around D. since
Q16. Their relationship was ______________ because of jealousy.
A. on B. in C. over D. of
Q17. Julia came all the way _______________ Russia to see her boyfriend.
A. from B. since C. before D. in
Q18. The detective chased the killer ______________ the streets.
A. since B. through C. during D. beyond
Q19. Ai Ling is worried __the test because she thinks that she will fail the test.
A. of B. on C. to D. about
Q20. Jeanne was texting her friend ___________the teacher was teaching.
A. until B. of C. while D. when
Q21. I am related __________him.
A) from B) across C) by D) to
Q22. She met me __________Friday.
A) by B) on C) in D) at
Q23. Tamim is occupied ________ his books.
A) in B) with C) at D) on
Q24. The house is made _______brick.
A) of B) with C) from D) by
Q25. Gazi went away __________ dinner.
A) before B) at C) in D) earlier to
Q26. Before the game started she felt certain ……………….. winning, but after a few minutes she realized that it wasn’t going to be easy.
a) of b) for c) to d) from
Q27. I am not afraid ……………….. tell the truth.
a) of b) to c) for D) in
Q28. You seem very sure ……………………… passing the test.
a) of b) on c) to D) at
Q29. I am interested …………………. finding out what she did with that money.
a) in b) to c) of D) for
Q30. I was interested …………………. the project but had no time.
a) in b) to c) at d) No preposition
Q31. I am not accustomed …………….. giving personal information about myself to strangers.
a) to b) of c) with D) in
Q32. I don’t drive fast because I am afraid ……………….. crashing.
a) of b) to c) for D) by
Q33. I am sorry ………………. losing my temper this morning.
a) about b) of c) to D) from
Q34. I am keen ……………….. building a career in publishing.
a) for b) on c) at D) to
Q35. She insisted ………………… coming with me.
a) to b) on c) at d) to
Q36. You must be back ___ four o'clock.
A in B to C for D by
Q37. Workout is necessary ______ health.
A by B to C for D in
Q38. The Woman is looking _______ her diamond ring
A to B in C inside D at
Q39. She is holding cup of tea ____ her hands
A from B in C on D by
Q40. What are you doing ____ coming Sunday ?
A from B in C to D on
Q41. We are going to watch a movie ____ this coming Friday.
A on B in C from D to
Q42. Two persons are sitting _____ the chair
A on B in C from D to
Q43. They went to Manali _____ train.
A by B on C into D from
Q44. There is another man sitting ______ to Sachin.
A opposite B on C by D in
Q45. The train went _____ the tunnel
A to B from C in D through
Q46. The Moon is a barren, rocky world _____ air and water
A in B from C without D to
Q47. The Sweater will protect you _____ cold.
A for B from C with D to
Q48. Students are responsible ____ any kind of irresponsible behaviour.
A from B for C with D to
Q49. Ramesh is sitting _____ the laptop
A in front of B to C into D with
Q50. The Prime minister has full authority _____ his ministers
A among B over C to D for
Q51. Prachi distributed the sweets ________ her friends.
A for B with C among D to
Q52. My friend has been living in UK________ twenty years now.
A for B among C with D to
Q53. My brother's birthday is _____ 22th July.
A in B to C on D from
Q54. I will finish this work _____ this evening.
A on B from C by D into
Q55. I was born _____ the year 1990.
A to B in C with D from
Q56. The special classes for weak students will be held at Pinnacle _______ next Monday.
A in B from C since D to
Q57. I can see, Rupesh ______ the picture
A from B to C in D with
Q58. His thoughts are identical _____ mine.
A to B with C on D from
Q59. She came______ foot although she could come by car.
A on B under C by D in
Q60. He was sitting with his back _____ me
A in B towards C from D to
Q61. He was continuously looking ______ me
A from B in C towards D at
Q62. He takes pride _______ his great command in Computer Science.
A without B from C in D with
Q63. He refused _____ accept the appointment letter.
A from B to C for D with
Q64. He is prepared _____ the examination.
A with B to C for D from
Q65. He got over his illness ________ two months.
A in B from C to D from

Answer Key


1 A 11 A 21 D 31 A 41 A 51 C 61 D
2 D 12 A 22 B 32 A 42 A 52 A 62 C
3 D 13 C 23 A 33 A 43 A 53 C 63 B
4 B 14 B 24 A 34 B 44 A 54 C 64 C
5 C 15 D 25 A 35 B 45 D 55 B 65 A
6 C 16 C 26 A 36 D 46 C 56 B    
7 B 17 A 27 B 37 C 47 B 57 C    
8 A 18 B 28 A 38 D 48 B 58 A    
9 B 19 D 29 A 39 B 49 A 59 A    
10 D 20 C 30 A 40 D 50 B 60 B