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SSC English Idioms Phrases starting from K

SSC English Idioms Phrases starting from K

  1. Kangaroo court – A group of self-appointed court members set up hastily to judge and punish.
  2. Keen observer -Sharp in observing.

    SSC English Idioms Phrases starting from K

    SSC English Idioms Phrases starting from K

  3. Keep a civil tongue in your head -Speak politely with good manners the way society expects.
  4. Keep a secret -Don’t tell anybody.
  5. Keep a straight face -Try not to break out into laughter in an inappropriate place or situation
  6. Keep abreast of -Stay up-to-date.
  7. Keep an eye on someone -Watch someone to see what he does.
  8. Keep an eye out for -Be on the lookout for.
  9. Keep astride of -Keep up-to-date; keep abreast of.
  10. Keep in check -Restrain
  11. Keep in step with the times- Up-to-date.
  12. Keep in touch -Remain in contact.
  13. Keep it brief -Short and to the point
  14. Keep it to yourself – Don’t tell this to anyone.
  15. Keep it under your hat -Keep it a secret.
  16. Keep me posted -Keep me up to date; let me know what is going on.
  17. Keep mum -Keep it quiet.
  18. Keep on plugging -Don’t stop trying your best.
  19. Keep one’s cards close- to one’s chest Not to reveal one’s plans.
  20. Keep one’s word -To keep one’s promise.
  21. Keep out of sight- Do not let yourself be seen.
  22. Keep pace with -Keep up with; keep abreast of.
  23. Keep plodding on- Keep going despite the drudgery.
  24. Keep quiet -Stop talking and don’t say anything more.
  25. Keep someone at a distance- Maintain distance from someone.
  26. Keep someone at-arms length -Keep your distance from a person
  27. Keep tabs on someone -Watch and observe what someone says and does.
  28. Keep the ball rolling -To maintain the progress of a project or plan.
  29. Keep the faith -Don’t give up confidence in the struggle
  30. Keep the wolf from the door -To avert poverty/ starvation.
  31. Keep track of- Follow the progress and development of
  32. Keep up the good work- Continue doing the same kind of good work
  33. Keep up with the times Stay up-to-date.
  34. Keep your balance Maintain equilibrium.
  35. Keep your chin up Don’t let your chin hang down in discouragement
  36. Keep your end of the bargain Be true to your promise
  37. Keep your eyes peeled for Be on the lookout for
  38. Keep your fingers crossed A sign that you are hopeful .
  39. Keep your hands off me Stay Away.
  40. Keep your mouth shut Keep it secret
  41. Keep your nose clean Don’t cause any more trouble
  42. Keep your slate clean Don’t let anything bad get on your record.
  43. Keep your temper Don’t become angry and lose control of yourself
  44. Keeping abreast Staying up-to-date; having the very latest information.
  45. Keeping your head above water Just barely making a profit but earning enough to live on.
  46. Keeping-up appearances Trying  for  an impression that things are well for you when  it’s not so actually.
  47. Kept under wraps Kept confidential, ready to be revealed
  48. Key to success Secret of becoming successful
  49. Keyed-up Excited
  50. Kick in the face An unjustifiable action meant to harm you
  51. Kick in the pants A kick in the backside.
  52. Kick the bucket Die
  53. Kick the habit Give up an addiction.
  54. Kick up your heels To waste time waiting.
  55. Kickback Illegal commission or percentage
  56. Kicking around an idea Considering something.
  57. Kick-up a stink Start up a fuss
  58. Kid gloves  Handle someone carefully and gently
  59. Kill two birds with one stone Solve two problems with one action
  60. Killing time Keeping yourself busy doing something to keep from being bored.
  61. Kindred spirit Someone who feels exactly the same way you do.
  62. Kith and kin Family and relatives; nearest and dearest.
  63. Knick nacks Small ornaments and souvenirs on display on a table or shelf.
  64. Knight in shining armour A man who comes to the rescue of a woman in distress
  65. Knit-picker  Someone too attentive to small details.
  66. Knit one’s brow
  67. Knock around together  Run around together as friends, pals, hang-out together.

SSC English Idioms Phrases starting from K
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