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SSC English Idioms and Phrases starting from E

SSC English Idioms and Phrases starting from E

SSC English Idioms and Phrases starting from E

SSC English Idioms and Phrases starting from E

    1. Each man for himself : Everyone look out for himself with no help from anyone else.
    2. Each to his own : Everyone has the right to his own taste, opinion or choice.
    3. Eager beaver : Someone who works and tries hard with all his heart.
    4. Eagle-eyed : With eyes as sharp as those of an eagle.
    5. Early bird : Someone who  catches the first opportunity before others get there.
    6. Early grave : Death before expected.
    7. Early memories : Early experiences.
    8. Earn your keep : Make money to live on.
    9. Earthly desires : Worldly sensual craving.
    10. Earth-shattering : Earth shaking.
    11. Ease someone into something : Start off  a new activity and work one’s way into it until one gets used to it.
    12. Ease up on me :  Don’t be so harsh; take it easy on me.
    13. Easier said than done : That is easier to say than to do.
    14. Easiest thing in the world : Very simple.
    15. Easy as pie : Not hard at all
    16. Easy come easy go : Taking things in a relaxed manner.
    17. Easy does it : Take it easy.
    18. Easy money : Money that comes without one’s having had to work very hard for it.
    19. Easy option : The easier of two choices or alternatives.
    20. Easy touch : Someone naive and trusting who is easily cheated.
    21. Easy-going : Relaxed and taking it easy in a friendly and happy way.
    22. Eat away (at one’s resources) : Keep slowly consuming something so it continues diminishing.

  1. Eat one’s words : Take a statement back.
  2. Eat into : Cause to diminish; become less.
  3. Eating binge:  As  alcoholics go on a drinking binge, so some bulimics go on an eating binge.
  4. Eat humble pie : To apologize
  5. Eats like a bird : One who eats very little.
  6. Eaves-drop on someone : Listen to everything one says without him knowing it.
  7. Eccentric individual : An odd, peculiar, unpredictable person who behaves in an unconventional way.
  8. Educated guess : A calculated guess based on the knowledge that one has.
  9. Egg on : To urge somebody to do something that is generally wrong
  10. Egocentric person : A person who sees himself as the center of the world.
  11. Eke out a living : Work hard to earn just barely enough to eat and survive.
  12. Elaborate upon : Give more information about.
  13. Elbow grease : Working hard with the hands, especially to rub and polish;
  14. Elbow room : Space in which to move freely, without being squeezed in-together.
  15. Elbow your way : Force yourself in the crowd, using your elbows to dig and push your way ahead.
  16. Elixir of life : Nectar of life.
  17. Embezzle funds : Steal money in business or government by using dishonest bookkeeping.
  18. Empty promises : Promises made with no intention of fulfilling them.
  19. Empty threats : Threats made with no intention of carrying them out.
  20. End of smoke : Come to nothing.
  21. End of the line : As far as it goes; nothing left to do.
  22. End up : Reach the final result.
  23. Ends of the earth : All over the world, in every place.
  24. Enduring effort : Non-stop effort with no pause or let-up.
  25. Engage in conversation : Talk together with another or others.
  26. Enlarge upon : Explain in greater detail.
  27. Enlist support : Call for backing for.
  28. Enough is enough : Too much.
  29. Enough to tide me over : Money enough to get through a lean patch.
  30. Enticing offer : A tempting offer which attracts someone into accepting something that will not necessarily be good for him.
  31. Equal opportunity : The same opportunities as everyone else in society.
  32. Equal to the task : Able to meet the challenge; Good enough for the task.
  33. Equitable conditions : Fair and balanced circumstances.
  34. Err on the side of caution : Take heed to be too careful as opposed to being too cautious.
  35. Erratic behavior : Unpredictable, irregular, inconsistent ways of behaving.
  36. Erroneous belief : Mistaken, wrong, incorrect belief based on error.
  37. Escape one’s lips: Speak unintentionally or unexpectedly
  38. Error in judgment : Mistake in judging something.
  39. Establish yourself : Get on good footing in your professional foundation.
  40. Evaporate into thin air : A person who disappears suddenly without a trace.
  41. Evasive answer : An ambiguous, vague reply.
  42. Ever and Anon : Now and then.
  43. Every dog has his day : Good fortune comes sooner or later
  44. Every eventuality : Every possible condition that might arise.
  45. Every Inch : Completely
  46. Every man for himself : One  has to save yourself when there’s no one there to fight for you.
  47. Every man has his price : Everybody can be bribed into doing the wrong  if he is paid enough.
  48. Every trick in the book : All the devious, dishonest tactics and devices possible.
  49. Everything but the kitchen sink : A lot of unnecessary things; a lot of extra stuff.
  50. Exact information from someone : To obtain or extract information from someone by questioning.
  51. Excruciating circumstances : Terrible, agonizing, unbearable conditions.
  52. Exercise restraint : Practice moderation.
  53. Exert yourself : Make your strongest effort.
  54. Exist on borrowed time : Live beyond life expectancy.
  55. Expand your horizon :  Broaden your point of view.
  56. Express condolences : Convey or communicate sympathy, pity and kind understanding.
  57. Extenuating circumstances : Justifiable, explainable, mitigating circumstances beyond your control.
  58. Extort money from : Force someone to give you money by making threats.
  59. Extrasensory perception : Sixth sense.
  60. Extricate yourself from : Get yourself out of a situation so you don’t have to take the blame.
  61. Eye-opener : An experience that serves as an awakening.
  62. Eyes in the back of your head : Have the capability to see what is coming  going on behind your back.
  63. Eye-to-eye :  See things the same way; share the same view; agree.
  64. Eye-wash : A lot of lies

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