SSC English: Idioms and Phrases starting from D

SSC English: Idioms and Phrases starting from D

SSC English: Idioms and Phrases starting from D

SSC English: Idioms and Phrases starting from D

SSC English: Idioms and Phrases starting from D
SSC English: Idioms and Phrases starting from D
    1. Dabble in – Play around at and enjoy doing something a in an unprofessional way.
    2. Democle’s sword – Constant threat.
    3. Damp squib – Complete failure though earlier thought to be exciting.
    4. Dampen your hopes – To discourage your spirits and make you lose hope.
    5. Dance to one’s tune – Obeying one’s order.
    6. Dance attendance upon – To be in servile attitude all the time.
    7. Dark days ahead – A dim and dismal future
    8. Dark horse – A person with little hopes of winning something  surprises everybody and wins.
    9. Dash off home – Hurry or rush home
    10. Day and night – All around the clock continuously without stopping.
    11. Day in and day out – Constant day-by-day routine
    12. Day of doom – The end of the world.
    13. Dead and buried – An old story that is long since forgotten.
    14. Dead beat – Really tired.
    15. Dead broke – Penniless.
    16. Dead duck –  A  idea that has failed and is too late to be altered
    17. Dead end – A street that goes in and just stops at the end; goes nowhere.
    18. Dead giveaway–  Something that shows clear evidence of deceitful, secret or hidden intentions.
    19. Dead heat – Even draw.
    20. Dead letter – A law or ordinance that is no longer enforced.
    21. Dead in the water – Something not making headway.
    22. Dead of night – The darkest hour of the night.
    23. Dead on your feet – So tired you can hardly stand up
    24. Dead on target – Hitting exactly what you aimed for.
    25. Dead set against – Absolutely opposed.
    26. Dead wood – Something useless that needs to be cut out, like deadwood.
    27. Deadpan face – Showing no emotion.
    28. Dead-set-against – Absolutely opposed to.
    29. Dead-tired –  So tired that you almost feel dead.
    30. Death and taxes – Inevitable as death and taxes.
    31. Death toll – The number of dead counted.
    32. Death’s doorstep – The moment before death.
    33. Debatable point – An uncertain; questionable; doubtful
    34. Debt of gratitude – To  be indebted to someone due to thankfulness for something that was done.
    35. Deciding factor – The main contributing factor that determined the outcome.
    36. Deciding moment – The moment circumstances came together to result in the final effect.
    37. Decked-out-in your Sunday best – All dressed-up in your best clothes to make a good impression .
    38. Decline an invitation – Not accept.
    39. Decline comment – Refuse to say anything.
    40. Deep down inside – Hidden in the unconscious mind.
    41. Deep water – In deep trouble.
    42. Deep, dark secret  – A well-kept secret that no one knows.
    43. Deep-rooted – Deep-seated , deeply-embedded.
    44. Defensive attitude –  Aggressive behaviour .
    45. Defer to someone’s opinion – Give in and follow the other person’s view or attitude.
    46. Defuse the situation – Resolve and smooth out a tensed situation.
    47. Degenerate behavior – Immoral behavior below generally accepted standards.
    48. Degrading remark – Demeaning,
    49. Delegate authority – Designate and entrust someone to do a job.
    50. Delusions of grandeur–  False,  inflated ideas of your own importance.
    51. Depths of depression – The worst, lowest levels of sadness.
    52. Dereliction of duty- Neglect and disregard for one’s delegated responsibilities.
    53. Derive from – Get, gain or originate from.
    54. Derogatory comments – Belittling, derisive, critical remarks.
    55. Deserve better – Be worthy of better treatment or circumstances.
    56. Deserving cause – Worthy; justifiable.
    57. Desperate measures – Undertake strong, forceful actions to prevent unwanted events from happening.
    58. Despicable behavior – An appalling, dreadful, shameful way of behaving.
    59. Despicable deed – A wicked and shameful act
    60. Detained for questioning – Held by police for interrogation
    61. Deviate from the norm – Diverge, differ and digress from the mean.
    62. Devil in disguise – A bad influence dressed up as a good intention.
    63. Devious intentions – Deceitful, sneaky, tricky, underhanded, scheming motives.
    64. Devoted to the cause – Committed to the cause with loyalty and devotion.
    65. Diatribe against – Verbal attack.
    66. Die a dog’s death – To die a shameful death.
    67. Die down – Settle down and become quiet.
    68. Die in harness – Die while in service.
    69. Die with your boots on – Die like a man, while still active and working.

  1. Die-hard – One who is too old-fashioned  and unwilling to change.
  2. Different strokes for different folks- Not everybody likes the same things.
  3. Dig down deep into your pockets -Give generously and be charitable.
  4. Dig up dirt on – Uncover something scandalous that has been kept secret.
  5. Digging your own grave – Setting up the situation for your own destruction.
  6. Dilly-dally – Wasting time hanging about.
  7. Dim-witted – A little dull when it comes to intelligence.
  8. Dime-a-dozen – Things in over-supply, and easily available.
  9. Dirt cheap -As cheap as dirt; for almost nothing.
  10. Dirt poor  – Very poor
  11. Dirty deal   – An unfair transaction in which someone is cheated
  12. Dirty looks – Looking displeased.
  13. Disadvantaged children –  Children with no family, no means of support.
  14. Disappear into thin air – Do a disappearing act so no one can catch or find you.
  15. Disapprove of – Take a dim view of something as being a wrong attitude or action.
  16. Disciplinary measures –  Rules of discipline being imposed to encourage others to follow regulations.
  17. Disdainful attitude-  Scornful, derisive way of looking down on others.
  18. Dismal end – A miserable, unhappy final result.
  19. Dismal prospect – Depressing outlook and expectation for the future.
  20. Disparaging remark – Reproachful, disapproving, belittling comment.
  21. Dispense with the formalities – Skip the preliminary formal introductions.
  22. Disputatious person – Argumentative individual.
  23. Dissolute person –  Someone with a dissipated way of life.
  24. Distant corner of the world – A far off place.
  25. Distinguished gentleman –Well-known gentlemen.
  26. Distinguishing marks – Birthmarks or scars that help to distinguish a person.
  27. Disturbing the peace – Making noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.
  28. Ditch somebody-Break off the relationship.
  29. Do a good turn- Perform a good deed in the service of others.
  30. Do an about-face – Turn to face in the opposite direction.
  31. Do as you are bid – Follow orders.
  32. Do hand-stands – Acts to please a person.
  33. Dog in the manger – A person who prevents others from enjoying what he cannot.
  34. Do or die –To act such as to avoid defeat or destruction.
  35. Do someone’s bidding Do as requested
  36. Do the legwork Perform the preparatory work in order to set things up for a venture.
  37. Do without  Be deprived of.
  38. Do your level best Try your hardest and do the best you can.
  39. Do your utmost Strive as hard as you can and do your absolute best.
  40. Do’s and don’ts  The things that you should and should not do.
  41. Dodgy deal                 Crooked, corrupt, dishonest agreement or transaction.
  42. Doesn’t hold water                 Not arguable or logical.
  43. Doesn’t know the time of day Someone is really stupid and doesn’t   know anything.
  44. Doesn’t know which end is up Unintelligent
  45. Dog eat dog world An uncivilized world.
  46. Dog’s life Very miserable life.
  47. Dog’s years Many long years
  48. Dog-eared When the corners of pages of books have often been folded.
  49. Dogmatic opinion Inflexible, unbending, narrow view or attitude.
  50. Donkey’s years                 A long time.
  51. Do-gooder Someone who is always trying to do the good, often wrong reasons.
  52. Domineering manner Bossy, dominant, assertive, authoritarian manner.
  53. Don’t badger me Stop bothering again and again with the same thing.
  54. Don’t be a crybaby Don’t be one of those people who cry for sympathy every time.
  55. Don’t be a litterbug Don’t throw and scatter trash around on the street or ground.
  56. Don’t be a quitter Don’t be one of those people who gives-up easily.
  57. Don’t be cross with me Don’t be angry or annoyed or sore with me.
  58. Don’t be duped Don’t be fooled
  59. Don’t be short with me Do not talk curtly
  60. Don’t be so cranky Don’t be so irritable; bed-tempered.
  61. Don’t be so miserable Try not to look so unhappy all the time.
  62. Don’t be so silly Don’t be foolish.
  63. Don’t be so snooty Don’t be so stuck-up;
  64. Don’t be such a grouch Grumbling and complaining all the time.
  65. Don’t be such a sourpuss Don’t make such a long face.
  66. Don’t be too hasty Do not act too quickly.
  67. Don’t befuddle me Confuse me.
  68. Don’t breathe a word Don’t tell anyone.
  69. Don’t bug me. Stop bothering me.
  70. Don’t dawdle. Do not waste time.
  71. Don’t dilly-dally.                 Do not waste time.
  72. Don’t dwell on the past. Free yourself from the past by forgetting about it.
  73. Don’t get along together Cannot agree.
  74. Don’t get hyper Don’t get up-tight; over-stressed.
  75. Don’t get hysterical Don’t go into a panic and lose control of yourself.
  76. Don’t get me wrong Don’t get the wrong idea and think I am against you.
  77. Don’t get the wrong idea Don’t get a false impression that something wrong is happening.
  78. Don’t get your hopes up Don’t be too optimistic;
  79. Don’t give a hoot Don’t care
  80. Don’t give me a hard time Do not be so difficult, disagreeable and hard to get along with.
  81. Don’t hand me that line Don’t tell me that old familiar lie.
  82. Don’t hide your light under a bushel Don’t hide your talents.
  83. Don’t know the first thing about it Don’t know anything about the matter.
  84. Don’t lay a finger on me Don’t touch me in any way.
  85. Don’t let it go to your head Don’t hink you’re better than you are.
  86. Don’t let on you know Keep it secret.
  87. Don’t let them get you down Don’t let people discourage you, no matter what they do to you.
  88. Don’t lose faith Remain optimistic and follow what you believe in.
  89. Don’t lose your cool Don’t get upset by anything.
  90. Don’t mention it Not at all; it was nothing.
  91. Don’t overdo it Don’t over-react.
  92. Don’t push me Don’t try to force me and make me act against my will.
  93. Don’t push the panic button Do not be alarmed and lose self-control.
  94. Don’t see eye-to-eye Unable to agree with someone about something.
  95. Don’t settle for less Don’t be satisfied with less than you want, hope or demand.
  96. Don’t stand a chance No hope of success
  97. Don’t take it personally I have nothing personal against you
  98. Don’t take my word for it Don’t believe me
  99. Don’t tread on anyone’s toes Not to do anything that hurts someone and makes aggressive.
  100. Donkey’s years For a long time
  101. Doodling away the time Doing nothing useful
  102. Dose of your own medicine Being bad to people so people are bad to you in turn.
  103. Double standards                                  One standard applies to one group and another to another.
  104. Double trouble The cause of big trouble.
  105. Double-dealing                                 The cheating way someone talks, behaves, and does business.
  106. Double-edged sword Act that will harm oneself as well as the others.
  107. Down on my luck Things are no going too well for me at the moment.
  108. Down side The opposite of the good side.
  109. Down-and-out Homeless , penniless and destitute.
  110. Down-hearted Depressed
  111. Down-in-the-dumps Depressed; sad
  112. Down-in-the-mouth Looking sad and unhappy
  113. Draconian law Extremely severe law.
  114. Drag someone over the coals Give someone a good grilling or questioning.
  115. Drained- of energy Lost all power.
  116. Draw a line                                 Set a limit.
  117. Drawn out Long and extended in time, as if it will never end.
  118. Draw the long bow To tell large stories or to exaggerate.
  119. Drawn battle/ match A battle or match in which no party wins.
  120. Drenched to the skin Soaking wet from the rain.
  121. Dressing-down
  122. Drift away Be carried away from the topic by thoughts and fantasies.
  123. Drill with questions Interrogate intensively
  124. Drink like a fish Be an alcoholic
  125. Drinking binge An extended period of non-stop drink.
  126. Drive a wedge between Separate two groups or persons.
  127. Drive home the idea Stress the point until you get it into the head of another person.
  128. Drives me buggy Makes me irritated.
  129. Driving me wild Making me over-excited and about to lose control.
  130. Drone-on-and-on Continue talking on in the same mono-tone voice.
  131. Drop in on Stop by and visit without notice.
  132. Drop in the ocean Very insignificant amount.
  133. Drop in the bucket Very little compared to the overall whole.
  134. Drop me a line Don’t forget to write to me.
  135. Drop of a hat Instantly
  136. Drop the subject Change the topic
  137. Drop-out of Fail in the attempt
  138. Drum-up support Go out and talk to people or parties to get their support.
  139. Dutch treat Share the cost equally.
  140. Duck in a thunder storm In a painful condition.
  141. Ducks and drakes To waste money.
  142. Dutch courage Bravery under alcoholic influence.
  143. Dwindling resources Declining assets
  144. Dying for a chance Would do anything to get the opportunity.
  145. Dying to know Very interested in knowing
  146. Dying wish Last wish made on the death bed before the moment of death

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