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SSC CHSL Paper solution : English section 9th Nov Morning Shift

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SSC CHSL Paper solution : English section 9th Nov Morning Shift

SSC CHSL Paper solution


Q1) Veteran

Veteran means an experienced person.

Answer: C Novice meaning a person who has newly begun learning something.

Q2) Superfluous

It means beyond what is required or sufficient.

Answer : D Necessary

Q3) Equilibrium

It means balanced

Answer: C (Imbalance)

Q4) Immortal

It means not liable or subject to death.

Answer : D (Temporary)

Q5) Focus

It means a point at which rays of light meet.

Answer: B (Disperse means to scatter in different directions)


Q6) Vivacious

It means full of energy and spirit

Answer: B (lively)

Q7) Sporadic

It means having no pattern or order of time

Answer : B (Scattered)

Q8) Persevere

It means to remain constant to an idea even in the face of opposition.

Answer : ( B) Persist

Q9) Petition

It is a formal written document requesting a right or benefit from a person or group in authority.

Answer : C (appeal)

Q10) Proposition

It is a plan suggested for acceptance

Answer : C (Proposal)


Q11) In his salad days he was quite a dandy.

Answer B (adolescence)

Q12) He is cool about working at night.

A) Ready to work
B) Not ready to work
C) Excited about working
D) Grudgingly working

Answer A

Q13) You cannot throw dust into my eyes.

A) terrify me
B) Cheat me
C) hurt me
D) abuse me

Answer B

Q14) He spoke well though it was his maiden speech.

A) Long speech
B) First speech
C) brief speech
D) emotional speech

Answer B

Q15) The students were all ears when the speaker started talking about the changes in the exam.

A) smiling
B) silent
C) restless
D) attentive

Answer D

Sentence improvement

Q16) One cannot be indifferent to one’s health, can’t one
A) can’t be
B) can one?
C) isn’t it?
D) no improvement

Answer B

The sentence already has a negative (cannot) so there cant be any other negative in the Question Tag.So the correct answer is B

Q17) The mother with her children were expected.

A) was
B) will
C) have
D) no improvement

Answer A (If two nouns or pronouns are joined by with the verb used will be according to the first subject)

Q18) Sohan is pleased at the news yesterday.

A) has been pleased
B) had been pleased.
C) was pleased
D) no improvement

Answer C ( The sentence is in the past tense as the word yesterday has been used)

Q19) She did not like the movie, nor I did.

A) nor did I
B) nor I like it.
C) nor did I like it.
D) No improvement

Answer A ( nor will be followed by the helping verb and then the subject will be used)

Q20) Old habits die hardly.

A) Hard
B) too hard
C) much hardly
D) no improvement

Answer:A (Hard means to do with a good deal of effort and Hardly means scarcely or rarely)

Q21) Answer A (alimony is the allowance made by the husband to his wife when they are legally separated)
Parsimony is miserliness.
Matrimony is related to marriage.
Honorarium is the payment given for a professional service that are given nominally without charge.

Q22) Answer B (Fantasy is wild imagination)
Whim is a sudden desire or change of mind.

Q23) Answer C (A sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines)                                               Ballad is a poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas.                                 Psalm is a sacred song or hymn related to Jewish or Christian religion.           Carols are religious songs sung on Christmas.

Q24) Answer D (Infallible is one incapable of making mistakes)                 Erroneous is by mistake                                                                                         Incorrigible is one who can’t improve his behavior                                           Unbeatable is one who can’t be defeated.

Q25) Answer A (Credulous is one who believes everything that one hears)       Credible means something which can be believed.                                         Creditable means deserving praise.                                                                     Credential is some aspect of a person's background, especially when used to indicate their suitability for something.


Q26) Answer : B (Libertarian)

Q27) Answer : D (Emphatic)

Q28) Answer : B (Mountaineer)

Q29) Answer : A (Happened)

Q30) Answer : C (Sentimentalist)

Cloze test

Delhi (31)the capital of India.People from all parts of the country and the world-(32)to Delhi.There(33)many historical buildings.People(34) the Rajghat ,Shanti Van and Vijay Ghat.We visited Delhi last year(35)our cousins.There(36)_ many other historical cities.Agra_(37)_ one of them.We (38)_visit Agra and Jaipur next time.The Red fort of Delhi and the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur were(39)famous for their Mughal(40)_Rajasthani architecture respectively.

Q31) A) was B) are C) is D) were : Correct answer C

Q32) A) came B) comes C) come D) coming: Correct Answer C

Q33) A) has B) were C) is D) are: Correct answer D

Q34) A) visit B) visited C) visiting D) visits: Correct answer A

Q35) A) for B) on C) Of D) with : Correct answer D

Q36) A) is B) are C) were D) was : Correct answer B

Q 37) A) are B) was C) is D) were : Correct answer C

Q 38) A) will B) would C) could D) can : Correct answer A

Q 39) A) much B) very C) too D) more : Correct answer B

Q 40) A) either B) because C) or D) and: Correct Answer D

(Q31 to 34) The initial part of the passage is in simple present tense.So the blanks will also be filled with verbs of simple present.It is a simple passage and can be filled easily)

Spot the error in the sentence

Q41) A interesting book(A)/"A tale of two cities"(B)/was written by Alexander Dumas.(C)/No error(D)

Answer A (A interesting book will be replaced by an interesting book)

Q42) In India (A)/there are(B)/many poors (C)/No error(D)

Answer C (Poors will be replaced by poor)

Q43) I worked (A)/as medical representative (B)/for eight months (C) /No error (D)

Answer B : Use a before medical representative.

Q44) Shakespeare has written (A)/many plays(B)/as well as some poetries.(C)/No error(D)

Answer C (Usage of poetries is incorrect)

Q45) Neither of the girls (A)/were willing to (B)/ accept the proposal(C)/No error(D)

Answer B : replace were with was

Fill in the blanks

Q46) There is no____ evidence to support your assertion.

A) facile B) fictitious C) facetious D) factual

Answer : D

Note : Facile means superficial/Fictitious means artificially created/facetious means frivolous/factual means concerned with what is actually the case

Q47) Throw a stone____the fierce dog.

A) at B) upon C) on D) above

Answer : A

Q48) Is not learning superior _____ wealth?

A) than B) from C) by D) to

Answer: D ( With superior preposition to is used )

Q 49) A group of agitators _____the mob to break down the vice Chancellor's door.

A) wished  B) excited C) threatened D) incited

Answer D (incited means to urge to do something wrong or unlawful)

Q50) Turn the lights _______before you go to bed.

A) on B) off C) out D) down

Answer B (off)