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SSC CGL Tier3 Descriptive writing FAQ by Pinnacle

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SSC CGL Tier3 Descriptive writing FAQ by Pinnacle

SSC CGL Tier3 Descriptive writing FAQ by Pinnacle

SSC CGL Tier 3 Frequently asked questions (FAQ ) by students and answers given by Pinnacle.

Q1.  I have read the instructions mentioned on the ssc chsl response sheet that candidates don't have to write any personal address or any personal information in booklet anywhere. so I am in dilemma that if i create any fake address in writing letter then it may resemble to examiner as personal address. sir I want to know that if i use any address or name other than mine then whether it will be considered as personal ??

Pinnacle Answer.

Pinnacle is following CBSE pattern ( Neeru Madam Video) and an imaginary address is suggested or suggest the use of limited ABC / XYZ.  Sometimes students start writing for everything XYZ that gives a bad impression and indicates poor imagination/ creative skills.

However this is expected from SSC to give a hypothetical name and address so that uniformity can be ascertained. In otherwise scenario student has to use his creativity following SSC guidelines not to disclose personal information but at least decent address not just ABC, Delhi.  E.g.



New Delhi -1100065




New Delhi -1100065


The Editor

The Hindu


In above case since mobile/ contact numbers are not mentioned but a decent address is given which has a professional look ( below not recommended)

















The Hindu



ABC newspaper

DEF City

However nothing is 100% wrong or right but comparatively more convincing and logical for you to opt.

However if SSC says Rakesh kumar resident of Pitampura Delhi then students job will be easier. But SSC wants to evaluate writing skills then creativity is also part of writing. In that scenario you have to play safe but at the same time you need to be convincing and authoritative in your writing.

Neeru madam Videos indicate that imagination and creativity along with convincing is expected from students. She emphasized to avoid excessive or deliberately creating XYZ situation at every place where the student could write convincing and creative. E.g. in 1009 All India test held on 11th March test few students wrote


Examination Hall



Examination Hall


This is not convincing as in question it was said that you are a Principal of College. A principal cannot be in examination hall.So read the question carefully before you create a sender’s address

SSC will be more informative and directive or only stop malpractices is the sole motto will be clear on 19th March. Nakal Mafia and coaching centres are big hurdles for SSC to evaluate student's creativity and fine-tune the objectivity of the test of descriptive writing.

So you can appropriately reconcile SSC and descriptive writing objectives as per situation on 19th March.

Q2.  in formal letter whether Sir will be after the subject or before?

There are different people , different approaches , different boards , institutions you will find few variations and evolutionary approaches in writing style. We have followed in Neeru madam videos NCERT/ CBSE pattern. Refer CBSE Model answer sheet . See marking scheme of CBSE Click here. We consider NCERT as an authentic source. Also Government of India manual to ask its all department / employees to follow this pattern. Link

However other boards have variations such as ICSE and state boards. It does not mean that others are wrong. So both using the subject  before or after the salutation are correct. Similarly using words like Sir or Sir/madam , Dear sir or respected sir or respected sir / madam all are correct. Let the ideas of evolution flourish instead of becoming judgmental in narrow context. No body is going to deduct marks in SSC exam. No commission wants to create a controversy and remain in dilemma of fixed thoughts. This is a test of writing skills and reasonably expected format not rules or absolute format that creates controversy. NCERT is also advocating this. NCERT has mentioned the difference “ Exit versus Entrance Exams”.Link .

We advice that you should keep 1st Subject then Sir . Majority of boards and governments follow this. It is also more logical and makes more continuity with introduction. But if you write Sir and then subject it is not wrong, you can do that. But examiner may be sometimes rigid and take a stand what Government of India uses then it will be risky. So better is to avoid confusion and go with majority boards and Government of India. However in few business communication books you may find first sir than subject and body portion is very brief. It does not mean that is wrong but a style of conveying information instead of wasting so much time on introduction.

Q3. there are various types of letters like in hindi these are avedan patra, sampadak k naam patra, ardhsarkari patra, suchna sambandhi patra, press vigyapti etc. and all these have different formats as i've seen in a book of arihant publication so which you consider to be important for which we really need to focus on?

In broader sense you can segregate in formal and informal letter. Then as per sense and requirement you can modify little bit however basic character shall remain same. In modern times impressive presentation is better word to denote format. So ideally nothing is wrong or right be assured. How do you communicate within reasonable sense of formal and informal format / structure is the trend which is never constant and should not bother your creativity.  Be creative less formative.

Q4. sir in ssc chsl exam  instruction was, that +10% may be evaluated but the word "may" creates doubt so whether we should strictly stick to the word limit of 250 ?

This is more indicative less judgmental. If 250 words are asked so ideally there is a range of around 240- 270 in which you should finish. No body is deducting marks in real exam on such issues to create controversy and suppress writing skills. However somebody is crossing limits with margins (10%) that is reflecting not able to express within expected quantum. So SSC may choose to skip extra portion to evaluate instead of penalizing. But when you cross words limit examiner sense something missing and indirectly will evaluate it as poor quality contents so ultimately you will suffer.

In general no government organization wants to create controversy for such issues and kill creativity , innovation, presentation ability.

You should not pay much attention what others are interpreting. Be confident. 250 means 240-270 is safe.
Q5. I want to know whether we have to write subject after salutation in letter according to new CBSE format.

CBSE is not claiming any new format. CBSE advocates flexibility in learning and creative writing. Even if we take it as new pattern, can we say CBSE was wrong so many years and now today it is right? Can we say Government of India is wrong in its manual? Link.  No need to become confused. In fact there is no new pattern existence.  Are 30+ boards in India wrong and only one thing is correct. Is our level of learning so immature and defective.

Q6. In word limit of letter 150 is for entire letter or for body only.

Entire letter. You can keep it within 140-160 words limit.

Q7. If we write more than prescribed word limit, will they cut the extra portion or they won't evaluate the whole paper.

They will evaluate within word limit. Obviously marks won’t be zero but will be lower side for not completing word limits and it will also impact quality of contents.

Q8. Do we have to remember launch date of government schemes as seen from chsl descriptive evaluation.

If you know then it is good. It depends on the topic and significance of the date for that topic. Writing effective and relevant data can be helpful in securing more marks.

Q9. Also suggest some must do topics for the exam which are likely to come.

Focus on writing skills so that you can write on any topic. Still you want topics you can select current topics from Pinnacle Paper codes. Go to Tier 3 Dashboard. All papers are at one place.

Q10. Also I want to improve my score so that I can score 80+ .kindly make a video on last minute exam tips to get an edge over other candidates.

Based on your medium prepare 20 quotations. See toppers response sheets. Make notes for impressive lines and words. Try to infuse those in your writing.

Q11. there is a new format for letter writing told by some coaching institutes. Which is the correct one?

Commercial coaching centres always tell new format just like when you go to any showroom the sales boy will tell you about new arrival. You will be happy. In fact these new arrival could be last year stock clearance. So judge that arrival in the larger context. In fact coaching centres need attention and will do something like new scheme, new syllabus, changed syllabus, new trends, new pattern, sure questions, important topics, new tricks, trendy tricks, guaranteed selection, X% discount, free etc. In marketing a quote is “if you cannot convince then confuse him you have done your job”. In market economy ultimate goal is profit. Now students or consumers have to become intelligent.

Q12.  can fluid/whitener be used in exam? how to manage cuttings if some of them are unavoidable?

Very important. You should have fluid /whitener and if you do any cutting then use it. In this way you can save some blocks also.

Q13. Will we get options for essay and letter?

SSC should provide it so that students are not penalized for their different background. SSC is conducting descriptive writing exams for ssc cgl 1st time. So we expect 50% chances that SSC will provide options otherwise just like CHSL exam there will be no options.

Q14. can gel pen be used in the exam?

You can use gel pen but it is risky as quality of paper may not support it. It is advisable to use blue or black ball point good quality pen. You should have 2-3 pens with you while going in the exam centre. You should also have pencil/ eraser for rough work especially for essay to gather few important points and making those in sequence.

Q15. will wrist watch, clipboard be allowed in the exam?

This exam is 1st time. Wrist watch , clipboard should not be a problem. We recommend that you should carry wrist watch and clipboard.

Q16. are there separate marks in essay for mentioning the launch date of the program for essays like skill india, demonetisation.

You may not find in question paper but uniform evaluation of all regions and from different evaluators SSC will give guidelines for evaluation and specify in that for those evaluators. It depends on the topic what is the most important thing about that if date/launching is important then marks will be allotted like in the above said cases.

Q17. do hindi medium students score better in ssc descriptive exam than english medium ones. Is there any such evident bias considering CHSL trends?

There should not be any bias according to us. Hindi medium students can also write better. Pinnacle is a classical case. Pinnacle offers course in English medium basically. Despite this in many cases toppers are from Hindi medium. Average score of Hindi medium is also more. Pinnacle is a process based organization. Many English medium students changed their medium after seeing Jyoti Dwivedi writing. They found change as useful. Even most of students for tier 3 in South India know Jyoti Dwivedi for her writing abilities. Many English medium students follow her response sheets.

Q18. will we get some space for rough work?

SSC is taking descriptive writing exam 1st time. You may get some space on the backside of the question paper or rough work paper. It is advisable that you take along with you one A-4 sheet for rough work. If you are not allowed then you can do with pencil behind the paper.

Q19. Which type of paper ssc will give, plane A4 or box format?

50% chances are there SSC will give you box format like in CHSL. But SSC can also give A4 or space in question paper to write.

Q20. And after how many days of tier 3 , tier 4 will be conducted? 

Tier4 paper will be conducted by different regions on different dates and that can range in 15 days schedule. It can be scheduled in April/May.

Q21. I came across the following mark split used for CHSL descriptive correction in a facebook group. 

Here, more importance has been given to points (35/50 marks). Specifically like GK test.

In this case we have to concentrate on dumping more data in our paper.

Have you come across such a mark allocation? does this snapshot seem to be true? Should we give more time for specific data on the topic like this split up says?

Or can we follow our normal method we did for tier-3 preparation?

Answer: It depends on the topic.  Generally Pinnacle evaluation process takes care of the above issues.

Q22. Will rough sheet/space be provided for creating the draft before writing the Essay?

It is not necessary that you will get. However you can use back space or blank space with pencil and then you can erase. SSC is conducting 1st time this test for SSC CGL.

Q23. This is with reference to your mail I have a query that in exam there comes a question where one has not any idea about the topic what to write? might be he / she had not gone through it before. Then how to deal with the situation at that time where question of scoring high to get selected arises. I request you to suggest me how to make ourself to deal with? In case above mentioned situation comes.

Answer : You should know 15-20 quotations from diversified range. Think which can be the closest. Find few points /terminologies on rough sheet; develop a picture in mind, and draw simultaneously in that rough paper in sequence. Then start writing. It seems little time consuming but worth to explore ideas.

Q24. Sir, I am your student of tier 3 as well as tier 4. But being a working I am not getting time for both. Many of my test paper of tier 3 programme have left. So I have decided that I will give my whole time in tier 3 programme from now till 19 March.    So Please confirm me that till when my tier 4 programme will active. Can I start preparing of tier 4 after tier 3. Hope you will co-operate.

Yes, you can start your preparation after tier 3. Your tests will not lapse.

Q25. Is there any difference in Letter writing and Application writing as both are mentioned in syllabus ?

Letter can be formal or informal. But application means you are applying for anything in a formal language like asking 2 days leaves in an office cannot be informal.

Q26. Sir please tell about 20-30 important topics for the same

If you want to focus on few topics only then give first priority to current issues /topics. From Pinnacle students dashboard you can access all papers and select those which are based on current.

Q27. I have joined this Tier3 course late. I went through the videos and documents. The are very helpful . I am also going through the toppers evaluation videos .

I have few queries regarding Formal Letter writing. They are as follows:

1- In videos you have said not to write "To" and "From" but in documents shared, it is written "To" and "From" in letter format.

    secondly, i show many letters of toppers shared there...may have written " To" but not "From". This is creating confusion for me as while  evaluating you don't discuss about that point. considering all are right..


Both are correct. Prefer not to use “To” and “From”.

Q28.  While ending the letter... do we have to use full stop after thanking you... and coma after yours truly we have to leave a line between thanking you and yours truly and also between yours truly and name..

after video it was clear..after evaluation i got confused as many have written comma after every line i.e thanking you, yours truly , xyx... and some of them have not given either comma nor full stop, but said very good written.
please guide me.


Answer. Not advisable to use comma , full stop

Q29. sir, my handwriting is poor so i prefer  writing each alphabet separately. due to it my writing becomes legible.

will marks be reduced for it ?????

or shall i practice writing in cursive ?


Answer : but it should be in flow. Practice whatever you are writing in your day to day life. In box format it should not make any difference.

Q30. Sir I want to know there will be block in writing.  So does preposition,  conjunction like to,  for all these be count as a word and we have to write it in separate box or this would not be count as another word?

Answer : anything written in a box will be counted as a word. It is advisable not to write in separate box or waste box for just full stop.

Q31. I have a query regarding Tier 4. Is it compulsory to qualify DEST minimum requirement for all posts ?

In result para 5 it was written that DEST has to be given by all. While initial notification tells DEST for few posts. Notification has changed many times since notified. SSC has to issue corrigendum or give more clarity. Till then you should consider it compulsory for all to be on safer side.

Q32. 1. What should I study in last days ?

It depends on individual to individual preparation.

  1. Should I practise test papers ?

Obviously practice is the solution of many problems.

  1. Should I read new topics or keep on revising the topics on which I had prepared my notes ?

It depends on your existing preparation level.  But revision is the key.

  1. Is there chances that 3 questions will come ?

There are chances even though very less.

Q33 . if I write descriptive in Hindi language. 

Can I  give typing test in English or not? Or I will have to give tying/CPT in hindi as well?

You can give in English language.

Q34. In sender's address, should we write 'Examination hall, Allahabad' in address or any dummy address?

It depends on the topic. Examination hall is not the only solution, be prepared from different aspects.

Q35. Should we mention word limit?

There is no need until it is asked.

Q36. My query is - "can i write on the line of the box like we write on basic notebook?  or    writing in the middle of the box will be the most appropriate pattern to write.? " 

Writing in box is advisable.

Q37. I would like to know the application format and some examples.

Check formal letter format in video lectures. Application is also a formal letter.

And also in formal/informal letter do we need to leave a line between senders address and date (In Block format)

You can leave a line

Receivers address and subject(In Block format)


Q38. What is marking scheme for the Essays on abstract subjects/ Subjets other than government scheme









It depends on the topic. Pinnacle evaluation pattern covers everything.


Q39. How should the examples be put in Essay of Abstract topic?


It is your creativity. There cannot be rules. However your examples should be relevant and mature. You can refer toppers response sheets to have more ideas.


Q40. can we start an english essay with a sanskrit quote?

Nothing is wrong. But it is not advisable. Avoid controversy.

Q41. can we end-up essay by a question mark?

Nothing is wrong. It depends on your creativity and objectivity.


Q42. Is writing 'Respected sir' superfluous? As 'sir' only means respected salution.


You are right. Sir itself denotes respect. Respected sir or sir both are correct. You may prefer only sir.


Q43. What is the difference between an application and letter . Kindly provide the format and sample of the same.


Application is a formal letter.

E.g. Write an application to your boss for two days leave.

We have given many such topics in Pinnacle Paper codes in which you are asked to apply or request.

Q44. I have not got 'report part 4 video' and pdf but neeru mam cited in 3rd part that there is also part 4 related to various examples.

Now we are focusing on essay and letter writing.  Still you can refer toppers video and toppers papers if you need in which report is explained.

Q45.  1. Should we write receiver's address in informal letter? or only sender's address, date and greetings

Only sender’s address to be written in informal letter. Don’t write receiver’s address.

  1. format of address any fake name or xyz?


Use XYZ.


  1. Is this format correct in address?

door no/ house no  




It is fine


or should sender's name also be included in address?

No need to write the sender’s name as it will be used at the end of the letter.


  1. After writing yours sincerely/faithfully, Is name enough or should designation also be mentioned again?

In formal letters designation should be written

Example- Ravi Kapoor

(Principal, DAV College)



Q46. Can we underline important points in essay?

You should avoid this. In 250 words if you use few underlined sentences it can irritate the evaluator.
Q47.   I have joined 27th January batch of descriptive module. I have written more than 10 tests but I am unable to improve the writing skill as well as content of the descriptive paper. I scored 450 marks (Tier I+Tier II) and comes in OBC category. Please guide me how I should write more effective descriptive paper so that I can got an interview post especially MEA or CSS. In tests I am getting 60 to 72 marks. Kindly help me. I desperately need your help.  

  • See toppers response sheet
  • Memorize 20 quotations on diversified topics
  • Note down few important terminologies / words / examples for effective writing
  • Practice

Q48. can i write down the quotes with blue sketch pen

You should use only one pen. It is the contents which are important not drawing.

Q49. and second one is that in block format pragraph space will also be counted in word limit.


Q50 suppose we get essay on pradhan mantri jan dhan yojana (PMJDY) , can we use the rerm PMJDY in our essay after once mentioning the full form in introduction.? 

1st time you should use full form in bracket short form. After that you can use short form.

Q51. is the format of application writing and letter writing same?

Application is a formal letter.

Q52. can we use black pen for highlighting the facts if we are writing rest of the part in blue pen?

Nothing is wrong. But you should use one pen. Impress from the quality of contents instead of colour of the pen. Don’t Highlight

Q53. sir in formal letter..

if question is to write to the income tax department then 

shall i write income tax commissioner or 

or directly to the income tax department.

ideally you should first write income tax commissioner then Dept of Income tax

and sir after finishing one para 

next para should be started from extreme left or some gap can be given before starting next para.

Give a gap. All the paragraphs should have the same gap left before beginning the paragraph.

and sir if block format comes in exam then is it necessary to give gap between

senders address , date. receivers address and subject..

 gaps will be much larger in block format answer sheet...

kindley help me in these querries...

Yes. These should stand out in your letter.

Q54. In letter can we use 'Respected Sir / Or Dear Sir' as salutation or only 'Sir' ?

All are correct. But only “Sir” is enough.

Q55. In essay do we have to write the heading? And will it be included in the word limit? 

Heading is not part of world limit. You can write

Q56. Should we have to write 23 as twenty three??

You can write June 23 or 23rd June. In body if you have to write then it is advisable to write in words “twenty three “ . But what is the context and what are you writing are important.

Q57. can we use jai hind in last sentence ??

Not advisable. Avoid controversy.

Q58. What should be use for India it or she??

can we underline?? 

You may use “it”. Avoid underline.

Q59. Sir can we write eng quote in hindi essay ??

Not advisable. It depends on evaluator how he will take it. It can backfire also. Avoid controversy. Play safe.

Q60 .Can we mention some really apt hindi or sanskrit quote while wtiting in english language?..such as tamso maa jyotirgamaya..

Play safe. Not advisable to use Hindi in English or English in Hindi. Also don’t expect evaluator knows everything. He may not understand your quote also. It is controversial and depends on how evaluator takes it.

Q61. Can we use " I "  while expressing our view point such as in a kind of essay like "My vision of India."

You may use “I”.
Q62. When we have various good reasons for any issue...what's better... whether to write all of them by just giving names...or to explain 2 or 3 of them that how are they responsible we have to be in word limit.

Avoid bullet points. Effective description is important rather than creating so many points. However nothing is wrong.

Q63. Suppose we want to mention Mahatma  Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act...then can we just write MGNREG Act..and save our boxes or do we have to devote 6 boxes for it..?

You can use MGNREG directly as it is famous but for unknown things or those that are not so well known you should write full length and after that short form.

Q64. Sir i am working very hard on essay but my handwriting is preventing me to cross 70 marks , kindly help in that aspect sir.

Write neat and clean. Remove fear from mind. There are other things which are also important like content quality.

Q65. sir how do really count words in essay? we have to exclude preposition and article or not.

A , on , the,  all are counted as words. Whatever you write in a box it will be counted as word.

Q66. Please find my queries below :

1 queries in essay : 

  1.     a) can we use short forms like GST , PMGKY etc ?

You can use like Goods and Services Tax (GST) and after that only GST. But if topic is GST then you can use GST directly.

  1.     b) will there be just one option ? 

It may be one topic only.

2 queries in letter /app/precise 

  1.     a) do we need to write the heading inside the boxes or it can be written over it on the top of the page?

As you wish

  1.     b) where should we write venue /time details in a letter ?

In the second paragraph

  1. Generic queries:
  2.     a) can we carry examination pad in cgl tier 3 ?

Yes , you should have to avoid any hurdle.

  1.     b) how should we distribute time for letter / essay ?

It depends on the topic and individual ability of writing skills. Essay will take more time. May be 70% essay and 30% on letter in many cases.

Q67. What is the correct format of letter writing in Hindi for both formal and informal letter? Every website on internet and each faculty is telling different format. As there are some marks for format it is very important to write in correct format.

We have uploaded Hindi toppers response sheets. Also you can refer model answer by CBSE in Hindi. You can refer those.  Click here Other model Answer by CBSE. There may not be a fixed format and advisable to be flexible.

Q68. Can you give any example of circular?


Q69. For essay question, if the question is in negative attitude towards a positive mission, for example the I.S.R.O.question given in practice tests of Pinaccle, What should be the response then? Should we write in favour of the question mood or should we clarify that the argument is wrong.

Your analysis, logics, clarity of thoughts is important that reflect broader mind set. Nothing can be fixed. Take a balance approach with clarity in thoughts.

Q70.   Is the date to be written in one box only i.e. 12th March 2017 in one box only?


Q71. It is beneficial for the candidates to choose the least common topic in essay section to fetch more marks?

If you have options and you can write impressive on the least common topic, it may be beneficial. Even in the most common topic you can create impression by writing creative. Toppers response sheet can be learning in this case.

Q72. . If the heading for a Para/essay/report/précis is more than 5 words then can we continue the heading in 2 lines  

         as there are only 5 boxes in the box format. Will it be Okay to write in 2 lines.

You can write in two lines if there are only five boxes as you don’t have any option.

Q73. Suppose if there are 2 small words coming together like "to a" or "by a", then in that case will it be coming in same box of two different boxes.

You should avoid writing two words in a single box as it can confuse evaluator. One word and one box is the basic idea.

Q74. When starting a new paragraph should we leave a complete line in between 2 paragraphs or start a new paragraph leaving single box or 2 boxes empty.

You should prefer to leave one complete line. That will make your writing impressive. Otherwise it can be confusing.

Q75. If at the end of an essay or precis or paragraph writing if we are left only with only 2 ~ 3 words to write then in that case should we complete the essay in the same page by writing 2 words in 1 box or take it to the next page. Which one is recommended?

There is no harm if it go next page. However try should be that such situation does not occur. But if it occurs let it go to next page instead of making the last impression bad. In one box two words can spoil your writing.