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SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive new online batch from 21st Sept

SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive JobAssure Program 

Pinnacle SSC CGL online coaching is starting a new online batch for SSC CGL Tier 3 I SSC CHSL Tier 2 Descriptive paper from 21st Sept. 2020.  Pinnacle is the premier coaching institute and in fact, the only institute in India which provides a descriptive writing course for SSC students.  This coaching is provided online which means students from home will be able to develop the required skills for descriptive writing. 

Why is the Pinnacle Course Unique

It is a comprehensive course for descriptive paper. Unique features of the course are 20 live mock tests, paper evaluation, feedback, toppers comparison , video analysis and 300+ essays and 300+ letters which are already conducted since 2016. So ultimately students get

  • 300+ essays, 300+ letters written by toppers from different batches on a diversified range of topics, and analyzed through video of each essay and letter. For a sample, you can watch youtube videos. What are the changes the world will experience after the corona era?
  • You are Roshan Singh Sodhi, a senior doctor of AIIMS Delhi on special duty during corona. Write an application to the concerned authorities requesting to sanction you leave for 2 weeks. Give reasons why do you need the leave.
  • Students are required in the real exam to write spontaneously on any topic. Many students try to mug a few topics and expect they will write the exam. This method is faulty and can land you in big trouble. As essay and letter topics
  • Therefore those students who understand that topic can be from a category like current issues, sports, polity and governance, science and technology, social media, social issues, environment, education, health, culture and heritage, history, quotes, proverb, etc. Basic understanding of general studies and practice, the art of writing, developing a mindset for writing will help you to score high in the exam.
  • A descriptive paper needs to be taken seriously. You can develop writing ability in 1 or 2 days. 15-20 marks can be game-changer.
  • The Pinnacle JobAssure program is based on the above-mentioned theme. So it is a practical course that requires your active involvement in schedule, writing, getting assessed and continuous improvement.

How to access the course

After the purchase of the course, students will get a payment receipt. Students will get a dashboard within 24 working hours in their official email which the student used during purchase. In that dashboard, complete details on how to use are given.

In Dashboard day wise schedule is given, theory videos are given in Hindi and English. Topic wise essays and letters are given written by toppers and video analysis, feedback, how to improve by Neeru madam/ Baljit Dhaka sir. Students should go through at least 50 essays and 50 letters so that mindset can be developed. Once students have basic idea and mindset they should write and send the papers as per given process and schedule which is explained on the dashboard or students can contact Pinnacle support team to understand the process.

You can be the next this time. Pinnacle selected students

Pinnacle selected students

Pinnacle coaching is a serious institute and works very hard to ensure students deliver results. A paper evaluation is very hectic, tough and costly process but Pinnacle encourages students to write as writing and practice is the only way to build skills. Students should join timely as admission can be closed at any time because of the huge rush.

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