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SSC English Study Material

SSC CGL Tier 2 English practise test 201: Explanation

SSC CGL Tier 2 English practise test 201: Explanation


SSC CGL Tier 2 English practise test 201 Question Paper 

Q1 B The first part of the sentence uses the verb die which is in simple present tense so the second part will also be in simple present tense.Explanation

Q2 A How efficient,how safe will be followed by how inexpensive

Q3 D Amitabh Bachahan is not the subject.The subject is his dancing and acting skills.

Q4 A First part of the sentence is in simple past (perfected) so the latter part will also be in past tense.

Q5 A Counsel means advice. Council is a group of people. Student council is singular as it is a collective noun so continues will be used along with it.

Q6 A Distorted stories is plural.So have will be used instead of has.

Q7 A If anything in motion is caught we use the word catch. Eg catch a ball,catch a butterfly etc.

Q8 D It’s a phrase.

Q9 B Every student is singular .So we will use needs.

Q10 A Subject is plural – classic such as Mahabharat or other similar great Indian stories.The verb used will be plural according to the subject.(become)

Q11 D It’s a phrase which means sleeping for a short time.

Q12 A Lay is to lay eggs: Lie is to lie down in a sleeping posture.

Q13 D
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Q14 B The latter part of the sentence is in past tense so the first part will also be in past tense. And the subject is singular so was will be used.

Q15 A Its not a habitual action so use did not.

Q16 A Local authorities is plural.

Q17 D The plural of homework is homework.

Q18 C In case of multiple pronouns the first person pronoun is last to be used. (Sentence uses simple past in the first part so visited will be used.)

Q19 B

Q20 A

Q21 C At an average will be used.

Q22 C To seek employment in India. (RULE : To is followed by first form of the verb)

Q23 B At the border (Border is not a closed area so we cant use in with it. We use in with closed areas.)

Q24 C Use leaving behind in place of leaving up.

Q25 C In non interrogative sentences a questioning word (what, where, when, why etc) is not preceded by that so remove that.

Q26 C All prepositions except to are followed by verb + ing. So replace reduce by reducing.

Q27 A Remove to

Q28 A Insured should be replaced by assured.

Q29 B Lay of will be replaced by lay off.(It’s a phrase which means to remove)

Q30 A up to should be replaced by up in.

Q31 C Use were with boarding and lodging charges as they are plural.

Q32 C Will should be replaced by would.

Q33 A One of the students(One of the is always followed by a plural word.

Q34 D

Q35 B One another should be replaced by each other. In case of two persons or things we use each other. If more than two we use one another. Here it’s a couple so each other will be used.

Q36 A called of /called off(Phrase meaning cancelled)

Q37 B took /had taken (There are two events that took place and we want to show one happened before another so past perfect will be used)

Q38 A Remove at. We don’t use at after reach if it is followed by the place.( Eg reach Delhi, Reach home, reach university)

Q39 B With no sooner ………..Than is used.(replace when by than)

Q40 A Remind will be replaced by remember or recall.

Q41 A Naïve;A person who easily believes others and is very submissive.

Q42 B Faction(means a part)

Q43 A

Q44 C

Q45 A

Q91 to Q111 ( While changing from active to passive and vice versa the sentence of the given sentence will not change)

Q91 B (Given sentence is in simple present and in a, c and d the tense changes so the answer is b)

Q92 A (Sentence is in present continuous and A is in present continuous)

Q93 C (Sentence is in past perfect )

Q97 B Q98 C (In active passive sentences the tense should not change and the same meaning should be conveyed as is given in the original sentence)

Q101 C (In interrogative sentences the interrogative word will be followed is a helping verb and then the subject .So between a and c choose c)

Q115-Q142 (select the right reporting verb, make sure tense is changed correctly,then check if pronoun is changed properly)

Q115 A Ordered is the right reporting verb.

Q116 C Simple past is changed to past perfect and the connecting word if is used.

Q117 B Simple past is changed to past perfect and last night is changed to the earlier night.

Q118 D Will changes to would so the choice is between c and d. Told is not followed by to so the answer is d.

Q119 A Present continuous changes to past continuous so the choice is between a and b.The sentence is not in interrogative pattern so why will be followed by the subject. Correct answer is a

Q120 D In exclamatory sentences the appropriate reporting verb is exclaimed.

Q121 C Will changes to would and connecting word if is used.

Q122 D In sentences if we use requested as the reporting verb then we don’t use please in the sentence. So a and b get eliminated. The given sentence is in interrogative form and the same tone is derived from the option d.

Q123 A

Q124 B

Q125 D Commanded is the right reporting verb.

Q126 D Hear changes to heard and will to would

Q127 D

Q128 D
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Q129 B

Q130 C Can changes to could with connecting word if

Q131 A

Q132 A Connecting word whether and have changes to had.

Q133 B

Q134 A now changes to then

Q135 C Me changes to I, and can changes to could and( it is very rough to it was very rough)

Q136 C simple past will change to past perfect in the first and second part of the sentence.

Q137 B simple present changes to simple past

Q138 A

Q139 C

Q140 C
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Q141 B

Answer of all questions already there. 


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