SSC CGL Tier 1: 26th Oct Solved Paper

SSC CGL Tier 1: 26th Oct Solved Paper 

SSC: Analysis and explanations of SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper ( English)  held on 26th October morning session. for Evening click Here

Q 151) But for your illness (A)/you would have secured (B)/ first rank in the                     examination.(C)/No    error(D)

The error lies in part C as ordinals are preceded by article “the”. So               replace first rank by the first rank.

Q152)  A test like this one (A)/is far too difficult (B)/for weak pupils(C)/No error

Answer is d (no error)

Q153)  Being a blind man(A)/ day or night made(B)/ a little difference to him(C)/No error(D)

The error lies in part C .Replace a little with little.

Note: “a little” means “some” while “little” means “almost no”

Q154)  It’s time (A)/we take (B)/a holiday to our native place(C)/No error(D)

The error lies in part B.If the sentence begins with It’s time/It’s high time and is followed by a pronoun or noun which is then followed by a verb.The verb used will be in the past tense.

Sentence structure: Its time/It’s high time +Noun/Pronoun+ Verb (2nd Form)

Correct sentence: It’s time we took a holiday to our native place.

Q155)  The drawings are very good(A)/almost everyone(B)/of them deserves a gold  medal(C)/No   error(d)

Answer d

Q156) Hypocrites try to______ appearances.

Correct answer is c (keep up) .It means to maintain something.

Keep up on /with means to stay informed For an example to keep up on current events.

Keep over means  to cover something with, put something above. Example: I keep a paper weight over the newspaper to prevent it from getting scattered.

Keep away means to put away.Example : He said,”Children keep away your books as we are going out to play.”

Q157)     Reaction to Jane Austen’s novels has oscillated between _______ and condescension.

Correct answer is B that is disapproval.

Usage of the word oscillated in the sentence means to move to and fro.So we have to look for the word having the opposite  meaning to condescension which means  behavior that is appreciative and patronizing.

Indifference means lack of interest

Disapproval means criticing.

Dismissal means to remove from job etc.

Adoration means deep love and respect.

Q 158)    _________refused to acclaim the conference as successful

Correct answer is C (Detractors)

Reprobate means an unprincipled person.

Defector in politics, a defector is a person who gives up allegiance to one state in exchange for allegiance to another, in a way which is considered illegitimate by the first state.

Detractor means a person who regards someone or something of little worth.

Protector means a person or thing which protects something else.

Q159)     The shirt is not expensive. I bought it________

Correct answer is cheap.

Q160)   He led her with the utmost courtesy ______ the assembled guests.

The correct answer is C (through).

Mission SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2-Day18Q161)     Anticipate

Correct answer is A

Presuppose means to presume.

Contemplate means to think over something.

Assert means state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully.

Q162)     Emancipation.

Correct answer is C (freedom)

Autonomy means freedom from external control.

Sovereignty means supreme power.

Servitude means state of being completely under control.

Q 163)    Vacillate

Correct answer is (A) waver.

Vacillate means to move back and forth between different opinions.

Waver means to move back and forth.

Relegate means to give an inferior rank or position.

Sustain means to support.

Chastise means to punish.

Q164)     Grandiose

Correct answer is C (Unpretentious)

Grandiose means very grand

Affected  means pretentious.

Unpretentious means simple and not pretending.

Q165)     Disjointed

Correct answer is A (united)

Disjointed means unconnected.

Q166)     Cogent

Correct answer is C (Dissuasive)

Cogent means clear and convincing.

Dissuasive means not convincing

Weighty means of importance.

Persuasive means convincing.

Q167)     Many would be leaders have feet of clay

Correct answer is C.

Q168)     The incident calls for immediate intervention but the authority seems to be dragging its feet.

Correct answer is A

Q 169)    The players stormed out of the stadium after a hot headed game.

Correct answer is D

Q170)     The situation in Haiti was getting hotter by the minute.

Correct answer is A

Q171)     After her failure she started refusing to be led by the nose.

Correct answer is C.

Q172)     The cook book is tailor made for amateur vegan cooks.

Tailor made means perfectly fitted to a condition.

Customized means to make or alter to individual or personal specifications.

Correct answer is B/D

Q173)     Hairfall is one of the worst manifestations of damage.

Correct answer is D.Manifestations means shown

Q174)     Impurities in drinking water may be removed by placing small filtration devices at the    sink and faucets.

Correct answer is D

Q175)     Through the ages ,the people of many cultures have used talismans and charms to ward off evil and invoke special powers.

Correct answer is C/D
Q176)     Ram Kumar is a heavily built man.

Correct answer is C sturdily.

Q177)     All the time there are a large variety of sounds to be heard in the forge.

Here the subject is “a large variety” so the verb used will be singular.

Correct answer is C

Q178)     Kunal laughed at Rakhi after which she walked out.

Correct answer is C (whereupon).Whereupon means in close consequence of which.

Q179)     Mr Chaudhary bought a machine with moving arm for picking up objects.

Correct answer is C (movable).Movable means capable of being moved.

Mission SSC CGL 2018 Tier1-Day21-Mathematics Comprehensive revision seriesQ180)     For me money is only the means to an end.

Correct answer is D, No improvement

Q181)     The bullet struck a wall and was diverted from its course.

Correct answer is B (deflected)

Deflected means to cause something to change direction .

Q182)     Wild and noisy disorder

Correct answer is A (pandemonium)

Q183)     A person who is solely motivated by money or personal gain.

Correct answer is A (mercenary)

Charlatan means a person who makes elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; a quack or fraud

Q184)     Something that is beyond the power of nature.

Correct answer is D (Supernatural)

Q185)     Description of a disagreeable thing by an agreeable name

Correct answer is C (Euphemism) A euphemism is a word or              expression used in place of one that may be found offensive or suggest something unpleasant.

Q 186)  A Swagger means to walk about in a proud manner.

Q 187)    The part of a stage in front of the curtain.

Correct answer is A (Proscenium)

Amphitheatre is an open air venue for entertainment.

An arena is an enclosed area, often circular or oval-shaped, designed to showcase

theater, musical performances, or sporting events.

Podium is a raised platform.

Q188)     One who does something not professionally but for pleasure.

Correct answer is A (Amateur).

Novice means an inexperienced person.

Q 189)    Correct answer is D (Architecture)

Q190)     Correct answer is A (Epilogue)

Q191)     A/B

Q192)     D First two lines of the paragraph.

Q193)     D

Q 194)    C      (Last line: There is no ultimate satisfaction in the cultivation of one element of  human nature at the expense of all the others……………….)

Q 195)    C      (Fifth line of the passage: Love for power like vanity is a strong element in normal human nature and as such is to be accepted)

Q 196)    A      Sixth line: Email servers accept, forward, deliver and store messages.

Q197)     A      Internet email message consists of three components the message envelope, message header and the message body.

Q198)     D      The message header contains control information, including minimally ,an originators email address and one or more recipient addresses.

Q199)     A      Historically the term electronic mail as used …………………

Q200)     C      Some early email systems required that the author and the recipient both be online at the same time in common with instant messaging.


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