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SSC CGL 2015 daily challenge : Quiz 6

SSC CGL Test Series 2015 Test Code 104: GK portion

SSC CGL Test Series 2015 Test Code 104: GK portion 

SSC CGL Test Series 2015 Test Code 104: GK portion
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GK 151-200
Q151 Where is the maximum ozone in the atmosphere found?
A) Between 20kms to 25 kms .
B) Between 20kms to 40 kms .
C) Between 30kms to 50 kms .
D) Between 10kms to 15 kms .
Q152 The word metamorphic is taken from which language. It means change in form-
A) Latin B) Greek
C) Spanish D) Persian
Q153 Swahili is the-
A) Oldest surviving African language.
B) Oldest surviving African tribe.
C) Oldest script of Africa.
D) A kind of African cruisine.
Q154 Sirocco a local wind blows from-
A) Sahara to Mediterranean
B) Mediterranean to Sahara
C) From Mediterranean outwards in all directions
D) From Sahara outwards in all directions

SSC CGL Test Series 2015 Test Code 104: GK portion

Q155 Which of the following covers the maximum ocean floor ?
A) Canyons B) Trenches
C) Oceanic Floor D) Continental slope
Q156 Salinity does not affect-
A) Movement of oceanic water
B) Distribution of Marine lives.
C) Density of water
D) None
Q157 Which of the following countries is the home to green revolution?
A) Thailand B) USA
C) Britian D) Phillipines
Q158 Loas,Thailand and Myanmaar are countries forming the golden triangle for the cultivation of-
A) Wheat B) rice
C) Opium D) Jute
Q159 The largest city of the world which is a non capital city is-
A) Shanghai B) Sao Paulo
C) Bombay D) Los Angeles

SSC CGL Test Series 2015 Test Code 104: GK portion
Q160 The building of temples in India began at the time of which dynasty?
A) Guptas B) Harshvardhan
C) Cholas D) Chalukyas
Q161 How many articles did the constitution have when it came into force?
A) 399 B) 395
C) 392 D) 388
Q162 What is the source of the constitution?
A) People of India
B) Parliament
C) Constituent Assembly
D) Supreme Court oF India.
Q163 Which of the following Directive Principles of State Policy lays down for the state to take steps to set up village Panchayats?
A) Art 42 B) Art 40
C) Art 39 D) Art 36

Q164 Who is the executive head of the Indian republic?
A) Prime Minister
B) Chief Justice of The Supreme court of India.
C) President
D) The council of Ministers
Q165 In Bradycardia the heart beats at-
A) Below 60 /min
B) Below 100 /min
C) Over 60 /min
D) Over 100 /min
Q166 Human eye is sensitive to wave length ranging from-
A) 380 mm to 760 mm
B) 450 mm to 700 mm
C) 180 mm to 380 mm
D) 380 mm to 500 mm
Q167 What is the largest part of the human brain called?
A) Hypothalamus B) Cerebellum
C) Cerebrum D) Pia matter
Q168 The hyoid bone is a part of the-
A) Thigh B) Knee Cap
C) Wrist D) Skull
Q169 The total number of RBC is the total count of which of the following per microliter of blood?
A) erythrocytes B) lymphocytes
C) Basophilis D) Leucocytes
Q170 Man does not possess taste buds for tasting which of the following which is there in Rhesus monkey?
A) Milk B) Juice
C) Water D) Alcohol
Q171 What do anti Histamines control-
A) Allergic reactions
B) Involuntary responses.
C) Eye blinking
D) Body temperature.
Q 172) Kerosene oil rises up in the wick of a lantern because of-
A) Diffusion of the oil through the wick.
B) Surface tension
C) Buoyant force of Air
D) The gravitional pull of the wick
Q173 Water from inside the Earth rises through the trunk of a big tree to leaf high up.The main reason for this is-
A) High viscosity of water
B) Gravitational force
C) Evaporation of water
D) Capillary action
Q174 A ball is falling freely in the air.After some time it achieves a terminal velocity .This is-
A) Boltzmann’s law B) Stokes law
C) Newton’s law D) Millikan’s law
Q175 The wavelength of radiation emitted by a body depends on-
A) The nature of its surface
B) The area of its surface
C) The temperature of its surface
D) all of the above
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Q176 Water waves are –
A) Longitudinal B) Transverse
C) Both a and b D) Neither a nor b
Q177 Alternating current is converted to direct current by-
A) Rectifier B) dynamo
C) Transformer D) Motor
Q178 Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the longest wavelength?
A) heat waves B) Visible light
C) Radio frequency waves D) Microwaves
Q179 Green house effect is the heating up of earth’s atmosphere due to-
A) Green plants B) infra red rays
C) X Rays D) Ultra Violet rays
Q180 Which of the following is used in optical fibres?
A) Total internal reflection B) Scattering
C) Diffraction D) refraction
Q181 Which of the following is an example of heterogeneous substance?
A) Bottled water B) Table salt
C) Pieces of Copper D) Candle
Q182 Generally liquid drops assume spherical shape because-
A) A sphere has maximum surface area.
B) A sphere has minimum surface area.
C) sphere is symmetrical in shape.
D) None of these
Q183 Hydrogen can behave as a metal
A) At very high temperature
B) At very low temperature
C) At very high pressure
D) At very low temperature
Q184 Which of the following is most abundant in the Earth’s crust?
A) Boron B) Aluminium
C) Gallium D) Thallium
Q185 When a mixture of air and steam is passed over red hot coke the outgoing gas is
A) Producer Gas
B) Water Gas
C) Coal Gas
D) None of these gases
Q186 Which of the following was the first great experiment of Gandiji in India?
A) Champaran Satyagraha
B) Kheda Satyagraha
C) Jallainwala Bagh Massacre
D) Ahmedabad Mill strike
Q187 At the time when Vijaynagar empire was being set up who was the emperor of Delhi?
A) Md Bin Tughlaq
B) Firoz Shah Tughlaq
C) Shah Alam
D) None of these
Q188 Who was the first muslim to attack India?
A Muhammad Ghori
B Muhammad Ghazni
C Alpatgin.
D None of these.
Q189 The fourth Buddhist council was held in-
A) Pataliputra B) Ujjain
C) Kashmir D) Vashali
Q190 In which of the following sessions of the Congress did the extremists reunite with the Moderates?
A) 1918 B) 1916
C) 1919 D) 1924
Q191 The shuddi movement was started by who among the following?
A) Swami Vivekanad
B) Swami Dayanand
C) Justice Ranade
D) Ramakrishna Paramhansa
Q192 Neel Darpan is a famous play wriien by Deenbandhu Mitra which shows the atrocities committed on farmers growing which crop?
A) Rice B) Indigo
C) Jute D) Cotton
Q193 Which of the following was not introduced by or introduced at the time of lord Dalhousie?
A) Doctrine of Lapse
B) General service enlistment Act
C) Introduction of Railways
D) Introduction of Post and Telegraph
Q194 Which among the following cities is the venue for the first national tribal festival “VANAJ”?
a) Kolkata
b) Dispur
c) Guwahati
d) New Delhi
Q195 The Vembanad Kol Lake which is South India’s largest wetland ecosystem, is located in which of the following states?
a) Kerala
b) Goa
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Andhra Pradesh
Q196 The Union government of India has recently launched commemorative stamps on-
A) Bharatratna awardee Sachin Tendulkar
B) Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan
C) PM Narender Modi
D) Lala Lajpat Rai
Q197. In Economics the terms ‘Utility’ and ‘usefulness’ have—
A) Same meaning
B) Different meaning
C) Opposite meaning
D) None f the above
Q198. The present Indian monetary system is based on—
A) Gold Reserve System
B) Proportional Reserve System
C) Convertible Currency System
D) Minimum Reserve System
Q199. One of the essential conditions of monopolistic competition is—
A) Many buyers but one seller
B) Price discrimination
C) Product differentiation
D) Homogeneous product
Q200. Gresham’s law is related to—
A) Consumption and demand
B) Supply and demand
C) Circulation of money
D) Deficit financing

Answer key 104 GK Portion
151 a
152 b
153 a
154 a
155 c
156 d
157 d
158 c
159 a
160 a
161 b
162 a
163 b
164 c
165 a
166 a
167 c
168 d
169 a
170 c
171 a
172 b
173 d
174 b
175 d
176 c
177 a
178 b
179 b
180 a
181 d
182 b
183 c
184 b
185 d
186 a
187 a
188 d
189 c
190 c
191 b
192 b
193 b
194 d
195 a
196 b
197 b
198 d
199 c
200 c
Q 151 A (Cloudy Sky)
For dew formation to take place presence of cloud cover is a hindrance as it will obstruct the heat from escaping at night. Dew formation takes place when at the night the surface temperature becomes very low.
Q 152 A
Q 153 A
Q 154 B (Fishing)
The Grand Banks of Newfoundland are a group of underwater plateaus southeast of Newfoundland on the North American continental shelf.
The cold Labrador Current mixes with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream here.The mixing of these waters and the shape of the ocean bottom lifts nutrients to the surface. These conditions helped to create one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.
Q 155 D
Fold mountains are mountain ranges that are formed when two of the tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s crust push together at their border. The extreme pressure forces the edges of the plates upwards into a series of folds.
Examples of fold mountains include:
Himalayan Mountains in Asia.
The Alps in Europe.
The Andes in South America.
The Rockies in North America.
The Urals in Russia.
The Vosges mountains are in France and are not fold mountains.
Q 156 D
All the given winds are local winds.
Harmattan is a dry northerly wind across central Africa.
Chinook is a warm dry westerly wind off the Rocky Mountains.
Mistral is a cold northerly wind from central France and the Alps to Mediterranean.
Q 157 A
Dhariwal is most famous for its woolen mills. Dhariwal is a 5th largest town and a municipal council in Gurdaspur district in the state of Punjab, India.
Q 158 B
The original poem written by Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali was translated into Hindi-Urdu by Abid Ali.
Q 159 A
Q 160 B
Amravati is in Andhra Pradesh .The region between Krishna and Godavari rivers was an important place for Buddhism from the 2nd century BCE with Amaravati being one of them. Buddhist stupa was built during the reign of Ashoka in 200 BCE, was carved with panels that tells the story of Buddha.
Nagarjunakonda is a historical Buddhist town. It is named after Nagarjuna, a southern Indian master ofMahayana Buddhism who lived in the 2nd century AD, who is believed to have been responsible for the Buddhist activity in the area.
Q161 B
A bicameral legislature is one in which the legislators are divided into two separate assemblies. Seven Indian States, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Jammu-Kashmir, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, have bicameral Legislatures, these are called legislative councils (Vidhan Parishad).
Q162 A
A writ means an order. Anything that is issued under an authority is a writ.
In this sense, using the power conferred by Article 32, the Supreme Court issues directions, orders or writs.
Habeas corpus, mandamus quo warranto and certiorari are Latin words.
They have different meaning and different implications. The writs have been explained very briefly below.
Writ of Habeas corpus
By Habeas corpus writ the Supreme Court or High Court can cause any person who has been detained or imprisoned (this means violation of his fundamental right to liberty) to be physically brought before the court. The court then examines the reason of his detention and if there is no legal justification of his detention, he can be set free.
Writ of Mandamus
Mandamus means “we order”. The Supreme Court or High Court orders to a person, coropration, lower court, public authority or state authority.
Writ of Prohibition
The writ of prohibition means that the supreme court and High Courts may prohibit the lower courts such as special tribunals, magistrates, commissions, and other judiciary officers who are doing something which exceeds to their jurisdiction or acting contrary to the rule of natural justice.
Writ of Certiorari
Certiorari means a writ that orders to move a suit from a inferior court to superior court.
Quo Warranto
Quo warranto means “by what warrant”? This means that Supreme Court and High Court may issue the writ which restrains the person or authority to act in an office which he / she is not entitled to. This writ is applicable to the public offices only.
Q163 A
The governor of a state is appointed by the President of India for a term of five years, and holds office at the President’s pleasure.He can be removed by the president of India before his term comes to an end.
So the answer is Pleasure of the President.

Q 172 Kerosene oil rises up the wick of a lantern because of capillary action. If the surface tension of oil is zero then it will not rise. So oil rises up in a wick of a lantern due to surface tension.
Q173 A lot of water evaporates through the stomata present along the lower surface of the leaf .This loss of water in the form of vapour from the leaf into the atmosphere is called Transpiration.Due to this the leaf creates a suction which pulls water from xylem cells by Capillary action
Q179 Infrared rays is the cause of green house effect.The glass transmits visible light and short infrared rays which are absorbed by plants.Then it emits long infrared rays which are reflected back by glass.
Q180 The basic principle of communication in fibre opyics is based on the phenomenon of Total internal reflection.
Q181 Candle is a heterogeneous mixture of wax and threads.Copper is an element while bottled water and table salt are compounds.
Q182 Liquid drops assume spherical shapes because a sphere has mimimum surface area.
Q184 Aluminium does not occur in the free state in nature but is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust.
Q185 Producer Gas ( CO + hydrogen ) is prepared by incomplete combustion of Coal,coke or charcoal.
Water gas (CO + Hydrogen)is prepared by blowing steam through the layers of incandescent coal and coal gas is obtained by destructive distillation of coal at about 1000 degree centigrade.

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