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SSC CGL Synonym & Antonym / SSC CHSL Exam Preparation (Part-3)

SSC CGL Synonym & Antonym / SSC CHSL Exam Preparation

SSC CGL Synonym & Antonym / SSC CHSL Exam Preparation

Dear Readers,

Here we are providing some important Synonym and Antonym, for SSC CGL exam.

Clam  नमी

Synonyms – peaceful, quiet, serene, placed, detached, nonchalant

•Antonyms -turbulent, violent, wild


Casual  अनौपचारिक

Synonyms – accidental, informal, natural, relaxed,

•Antonyms -planned, premeditated, deliberate


Caustic  कठोर

Synonyms – acerbic, biting, scathing, sharp, pungent

•Antonyms -calm, mild, soothing


Cautious  सावधान

Synonyms – careful, prudent, wary

•Antonyms – rash, hasty, imprudent, unguarded


Cease    रोकना

Synonyms – check, discontinue, halt, stall, arrest

•Antonyms -commence, continue, initiate


Certainty  निश्चितता

Synonyms – assurance, confidence, conviction, sureness

•Antonyms -ambiguity, doubt, uncertainty


Charming  आकर्षक

Synonyms – delightful, enchanting, attractive, appealing, lovely

•Antonyms -offensive, repellent, terrifying

Synonym & Antonym

Chaos  अव्यवस्था

Synonyms – clutter, confusion, disarray, jumble, disorder

•Antonyms -calm, harmony, order


Cheater  धोखेबाज़

defrauder, swindler, trickster, crook, scammer, deceiver

•Antonyms -honest, truthful, simple


check  नियंत्रित करना

Synonyms – arrest, stop, quit, stall, bridle, constrain

•Antonyms -allow, assist, permit


Cherish  पोषण करना

Synonyms: nurture, treasure, foster, encourage

•Antonyms: abandon, forsake, renounce, discard

SSC CGL Synonym
Chastise  सजा देना

Synonyms: punish, admonish, scold, reprove

•Antonyms: cheer, comfort, encourage, stimulate


Clumsy  बेअदब

Synonyms – awkward, graceless, unskilled, inept

•Antonyms: expert, dexterous, adroit


Coarse  खुरदुरा

Synonyms – crude, rough, uncivilized, uncouth, filthy

•Antonyms -smooth, refined, sophisticated


Collusion  मिलीभगत

Synonyms- conspiracy, connivance, intrigue, plot

•Antonyms -discord, separation, estrangement


Commence  आरम्भ करना

Synonyms – begin, embark, inaugurate, initiate, launch, undertake

•Antonyms-cease, finish, end

Synonym & Antonym

Compact  संक्षिप्त करना

Synonyms- dense, close, crowded, packed, tight, heavy

•Antonyms -loose, slack, uncondensed


Compel  मजबूर करना

Synonyms – coerce, oblige, pressure, force, obligate, make

•Antonyms -impede, obstruct, hinder


Competent  सक्षम

Synonyms – capable, skilled, proficient, efficient, decent, sufficient

•Antonyms -inefficient, incapable, inept


Compile  इकट्ठा करना

Synonyms – assemble, gather, garner, collate , consolidate

•Antonyms -disperse, disassemble, scatter


Complain  शिकायत करना

Synonyms – grouch, grump, whine, fret, fuss, grieve

•Antonyms -applaud, commend, praise


Complex  पेचीदा

Synonyms – complicated, intricate, elaborate, knotty, tangled

•Antonyms – evident, obvious, plain.


Conceal  छिपाना

Synonyms- block, hide, obscure, clock, shroud, mask

•Antonyms -disclose, divulge, expose


Concise  संक्षिप्त

Synonyms – brief, compendious, laconic, succinct, terse, summary

•Antonyms -expansive, elaborate, lengthy


Conflict  विरोध करना

Synonyms – confrontation, hostility, strife, discord, dissent, variance

•Antonyms-agreement, concord, peace


Conquer  जीतना

Synonyms – defeat, overcome, subdue, rout, surmount, vanquish

•Antonyms-retreat, succumb, yield


Consensus  सर्वसम्मति

Synonyms – unanimity, accord, agreement, consent

•Antonyms -disagreement, discord, dissonance


Consistent  अनुकूल

Synonyms – accord, congruous, harmonious, unchanging

•Antonyms -incongruous, varying, erratic


Criterion  मापदण्ड

Synonyms: measurement, test, standard

•Antonyms: fancy, probability haphazard, conjecture


Covetous  लालची

Synonyms: cupidity, avarice, greed, voracity

•Antonyms: liberality, benevolence, selfless, magnanimous

Synonym & Antonym

Corpulent  मोटा तथा भारी

Synonyms: obese, ugly, fat, awkward

•Antonyms: thin, lean, slim, delicate


Convert  परिवर्तित करना

Synonyms: change, transform

•Antonyms: persist, maintain, enduring, perpetual


Convenient  सुविधाजनक

Synonyms: handy, suited, comfortable

•Antonyms: unsuitable, tedious, unpractical, fatiguing


Contrary  प्रतिकूल

Synonyms: dissimilar, conflicting, contradictory, opposite

•Antonyms: similar, alike, homogeneous, resembling


Contradict  विपरीत होना

Synonyms: impugn, deny, oppose, confront

•Antonyms: approve, confirm, sanction, endorse


Catastrophe  तबाही
Synonyms :disaster, calamity, misfortune, mishap

•Antonyms : prosperity, blessing, restoration, resurgence


caricature   हास्य चित्र बनाना
Synonyms :exaggeration, imitation, ridicule, parody

•Antonyms :: exactness, precision, reality, truth


caress    दुलारना
Synonyms :fondle, embrace, hug, snuggle

•  Antonyms: repulse, spurn, displease, repel


captivity  कारावास
Synonyms :imprisonment, confinement, apprehend

• Antonyms :: freedom, liberty, liberation, release


captivate  मंत्रमुग्ध होना
Synonyms :charm, fascinate, lure

•  Antonyms :: disillusion, offend, scorn, despise


capable  लायक़
Synonyms :competent, suitable, qualified, able

•  Antonyms : incompetent, inefficient, imbecile, inept


Cease  रोकना
Synonyms :terminate, pause, desist, discontinue

•  Antonyms :: commence, continue, initiate, originate


circumlocution  कपटपूर्ण बातें

Synonyms :redundancy, verbosity, verbiage                       .

•  Antonyms :: terseness, compression, directness, brevity


commotion बेचैनी
Synonyms :turmoil, disturbance, agitation, excitement

• Antonyms :: tranquility, stillness, quietness, calm


Cajole  चापलूसी करना

Synonyms – blandish, coax, honey, wheedle, persuade, convince

•Antonyms -bully, force, repel


Candid  साफ दिल का

Synonyms – downright, forthright, honest, ingenuous, plainspoken, straight

•Antonyms -deceitful, devious, crafty

Synonym & Antonym

Captivate  मोह लेना

Synonyms – beguile, bewitch, harm, allure, enchant, entrance

•Antonyms -disgust, disillusion, repulse


Cessation  अंत

Synonyms – closure, completion, end, termination, finish, discontinuation

•Antonyms -beginning, commencement, inception


chaste  पवित्र

Synonyms – decent, modest, nice, pure, virgin, virtuous

•Antonyms -corrupt, lewd, wanton


Chivalrous  शौर्यवान

Synonyms – courtly, gallant, courageous, gracious, knightly, stately

•Antonyms -cowardly, frightened, humble


Circuitous  घुमावदार

Synonyms – meandrous, circular, devious, indirect, oblique, tortuous

•Antonyms -straight, direct, in-line


Coax  चापलूसी इत्यादि से कोई काम कराना

Synonyms – blandish, cajole, honey, wheedle, persuade, convince

•Antonyms -bully, force, repel


Coherent  समझने में सरल

Synonyms – congruous, consistent, logical, meaningful, lucid, orderly

•Antonyms -illogical, irrational,unorganized


Colloquial  बोलचाल संबंधी

Synonyms – chatty, confabulatory, conversational, informal, demotic, popular

•Antonyms -formal, standard, stilted


Colossal  बहुत बड़ा

Synonyms – behemoth, elephantine, gigantic, immense, jumbo, massy

•Antonyms -small, teeny, tiny


Combative  लड़ाकू

Synonyms – bellicose, belligerent, contentious, hostile, quarrelsome

•Antonyms -agreeable, compromising, peaceful


Compendious  संक्षिप्त

Synonyms – brief, concise, laconic, succinct, summary, terse

•Antonyms -enlarged, unabridged, lengthened


Complacent  आत्मसंतुष्ट

Synonyms – conceited, satisfied, content, serene, gratified, smug

•Antonyms -dissatisfied, discontented, concerned


Comply  अनुपालन करना

Synonyms – abide by, adhere, conform, follow, obey, observe

•Antonyms -obstruct, prevent, block


Concede  स्वीकार करना

Synonyms – acknowledge, admit, avow, confess, grant, accord

•Antonyms -contradict, repudiate, reject


Concord  मेल खाना

Synonyms – accord, harmony, rapport, tune, symphony, pact

•Antonyms -discord, disunity, disagreement


Condone  माफ करना

Synonyms – excuse, forgive, pardon, remit, ignore, overlook

•Antonyms -censure, condemn, punish


Confine  सीमीत रखना

Synonyms – circumscribe, limit, restrict, bar, closet, imprison

•Antonyms -free, liberate, release


Confiscate  जब्त करना

Synonyms – grab, seize, snatch, annex, usurp, impound

•Antonyms -give, offer, release


Congregate  एकत्र करना

Synonyms – assemble, convene, cluster, muster, summon, gather

•Antonyms -divide, scatter, separate


Synonym & Antonym

Constraint  प्रतिबंध

Synonyms – coercion, duress, circumscription, confinement, restriction, inhibition

•Antonyms -freedom, release, liberty


Content  सन्तुष्ट करना

Synonyms – gratified, happy, satisfied, complacent, fulfilled, pleased

•Antonyms -depressed, upset, wanting


Conventional  पारम्परिक

Synonyms – orthodox, recognized, sanctioned, traditional, formal, accepted

•Antonyms -exotic, unusual, strange


Cordial  मैत्रीपूर्ण

Synonyms – affable, amiable, congenial, pleasant, sociable, warm

•Antonyms -hostile, indifferent, inhospitable


Counterfeit  नक़ली

Synonyms – bogus, fake, fraudulent, phony, spurious, sham

•Antonyms -genuine, real, true


Cowardice  कायरता

Synonyms – cravenness, dastardliness, funk, pusillanimity, unmanliness, timidity

•Antonyms -bravery, courage, fearlessness


Credible  विश्वसनीय

Synonyms – believable, plausible, authentic, convincing, true, trustworthy

•Antonyms -implausible, unlikely, improbable


Crooked  मुड़ा हुआ

Synonyms – bending, curved, corrupt, venal, dishonest, mercenary

•Antonyms -straight, honest, simple


Cumbersome  भारी-भरकम

Synonyms – heavy, .lumpish, ponderous, hefty, inconvenient, unhandy

•Antonyms -graceful, adroit


Callous  कठोर ह्रदय

Synonyms – hardened, heartless, unfeeling, apathetic, careless

•Antonyms:  compassionate, sensitive, sympathetic


Camouflage छिपाने का साधन

Synonyms – disguise, dissemble, dissimulate, mask, masquerade, deceptive

•Antonyms:  reveal, show, uncover


Canker  नष्ट हो जाना

Synonyms – infect, poison, brutalize, debase, vitiate, pervert

•Antonyms:   bless, elevate, upgrade


Censorious  सख़्त

Synonyms – captious, carping, critical, faultfinding, hypercritical, belittle

•Antonyms:   laudatory, praising, flattering


Chary  सावधान

Synonyms – cautious, circumspect, prudent, wary, sparing, thrifty

•Antonyms:  heedless, rash, careless


Chastise  सजा देना

Synonyms – castigate, penalize, discipline, admonish ,rebuke, reprimand

•Antonyms:  cheer, comfort, encourage


Cede  झुकना

Synonyms – abandon, abdicate, demit, renounce, demit, waive

•Antonyms:  defend, guide, fight


Chide  निन्दा करना

Synonyms – admonish, castigate, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, scold

•Antonyms:   compliment, laud, praise


Circumspect  चौकन्ना

Synonyms – careful, cautious, chary, wary, prudent, gingerl

•Antonyms: indiscreet, rash, audacious


Clamorous  कोलाहलपूर्ण

Synonyms – blatant, boisterous, obstreperous, strident, vociferous, noisy

•Antonyms: quiet, restrained, silent


Clandestine  गुप्त

Synonyms – covert, secret, closet, concealed, stealthy, surreptitious

•Antonyms:  forthright, truthful, open

Synonym & Antonym

Clemency  कृपा

Synonyms – charity, grace, lenience, mercy, compassion, forbearance

•Antonyms:  cruelty, harshness, meanness


Cognizant  जानकार

Synonyms – alive, awake, aware, sensible, sentient, wise

•Antonyms -ignorant, unaware, uninformed


Conciliate  सन्तुष्ट करना

Synonyms – appease, assuage, calm, mollify, placate, pacify

•Antonyms -aggravate, incite, provoke


Concoct तैयार करना

Synonyms – contrive, devise, fabricate, formulate, hatch, invent

•Antonyms -divide, separate,- detach

SSC CGL Synonym
Conducive  सहायक

Synonyms – contributive, helpful, leading, productive, accessory, promoting

•Antonyms -adverse, hindering, unfavorable


Conform  पुष्टि करना

Synonyms – accord, chime, square, tally, match, befit

•Antonyms -differ, fight, refuse


Confound  उलझाना

Synonyms – befuddle, bewilder, dizzy, jumble, muddle, discomfit

•Antonyms -clarify, enlighten, clear


confront   सामना करना

Synonyms – accost, encounter/face, dare, defy, stand up

•Antonyms -back, surrender, yield


Congenial  अनुकूल , सौहार्दपूर्ण

Synonyms – affable, amiable, cordial, genial, pleasant, grateful

•Antonyms -incompatible, unfriendly, ill-suited


Congruity  उपयुक्तता

Synonyms – accordance, agreement, conformity, harmony, congruence, consistency

•Antonyms –conflict,- difference, variation

Synonym & Antonym

Contravene  उल्लंघन करना

Synonyms – breach, break, infringe, violate, contradict, negate

•Antonyms -concur, consent, endorse


Converge  मिलना

Synonyms – close, centre, channel, focalize, focus, meet

•Antonyms -disperse, diverge, scatter


Copious  प्रचुर

Synonyms – abundant, ample, bounteous, generous, plentiful, substantial

•Antonyms -meager, needy, scarce


Cozy  आरामदायक

Synonyms – comfortable, easy, snug, comfy, cushy, secure

•Antonyms -uncomfortable, afflictive, distressing


Crave  लालायित होना

Synonyms – hunger, itch, lust, desire, implore, plead

•Antonyms -abjure, dislike, spurn


Cryptic  छिपा हुआ

Synonyms – enigmatic, mysterious, hidden, secret, puzzling

•Antonyms -obvious, plain, seen


Curt  संक्षिप्त

Synonyms – abrupt, blunt, brief, brusque, crusty, gruff

•Antonyms -gracious, lengthy, polite


Cynical  चिड़चिड़ापन

Synonyms – ironic, sardonic, distrustful, acrid, burlesque, caustic

•Antonyms -considerate, deferential, savory

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