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SSC CGL Preposition and their Correct Usage

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SSC CGL Preposition and their Correct Usage

SSC CGL Preposition and their Correct Usage

In this article, we are sharing some important Prepositions: English Grammer for SSC CGL. It is very important to have an understanding of the "Usage of Prepositions" in English Grammar.

Preposition is the most confusing but interesting part of English grammar. So Here, we are trying to explain such confusing pairs among/between, amongst/among in/into etc. It will be helpful for the students preparing for any competitive exam like SSC CGL, CHSL & other competitive exam etc.


Prepositions fix the position of a noun or verb in relation to another noun.

1. Prepositions Place (point) to, at, from–to a point, at a point, from a point eg,

(i) She went to the hotel.

(ii) I met her at the door.

(iii) She came from Canada.

The hotel, the door andCanada are used as a point of arrival, meeting and


2. Prepositions Place (line) on, off, across, over, along–on the line, off the line,

across the line, over the line, along the line eg,

(i) It was a foul as the ball fell on the line.

(ii) The fielder fell off the line holding the ball and so it was a six.

(iii) The ball rolled across the line. It was four.

(iv) It was a clear six as the ball went over the line.

(v) The fielder ran along the line towards the ball to save it from crossing the


3. Prepositions Place (surface) on, off, across, over, through–on the surface, off

the surface, across the surface, over the surface, through the surface eg,

(i) The passengers were waiting on the platform.

(ii) A crowd pushed and one of them fell off the platform on the track.

(iii) A vendor was prowling across the platform selling his newspaper.

(iv)  A crow flew over the platform snatching a piece of bread from a child.

(v) Some trolleys were piercing their way through the platform.

4. Prepositions Place (area) in, into, out of, through–was in the

playground, came into the playground, came out of the playground, went

through the playground eg,

(i) The first team was already in the playground.

(ii) After five minutes the second team came into the playground.

(iii) After ten minutes one of the players was sent out of the playground.

(iv) The game was stopped and the refree went through the playground to check what was wrong.

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5. Prepositions  Position

over, above–A beautiful carpet was there all over the floor, a blue shining

floor under the carpet, a ball thrown over the table, a shuttle shot over the

net, a plane/helicopter hovering over the town, the sun shined vertically

over/above head in mid summer, millions of poor have not roof over/above

their head, an exquisite fan handing over/above the table, star shining like a

diamond in the sky which is up above the world so high, above average

marks/student, 40% people living above poverty line, the flooded river went

above the danger mark.

under, below–a small child standing below the table, lived under/below the

same roof, no man under/below the sky knows, ground hollow below the

surface, below average, below the danger mark, below poverty line under,

underneath, beneath–a carpet underneath the table, a cat sitting

under/beneath the table, underneath the carpet polished and shimmering

tiles seen here and there.

in front of, behind, by, beside–one chair in front of the table, another

behind it, a small stool in front of adressing table, wall behind the dressing

table, the bed, the windows and doors hidden behind the curtains,two

mongoose hiding behind the bushes, train came behind time means came late,

before time is early.

by, beside–a side table by/beside the bed, sit beside me, a tower standing by

the river, passed by me.

round, around–a shop round the corner (nearby), a car moved around the

building/roundabout, turned round and round, the earth moving round the

sun, the periphery around the shrine.

in front of (just next in the row/line), opposite (facing), next

(adjacent)–sitting in front of me, sitting

opposite facing each other, a building opposite the school across the road, a

building next to it or in front of it, the girl next door.

between, among–stuffing between two slices of bread, no grudge between

you and me, between 6 P.M. and 9 P.M., a woman sitting between two men,

river flows between its banks, an orange in the bowl among many apples, a

man sitting among many women.

6. Means and Instrument

by, in, from, with–by hand, by air, by writing, cooked from oil/butter, with

knife/screw-driver/hammer eg,

(i) The money was delivered by hand

(ii) The handicraft shop sells things made by hand.

(iii) Travelling by air is faster than travelling by train or by car.

(iv) We informed them by writing a message.

(v) Food is cooked here from pure butter.

(vi) He drove a nail in the wall with a hammer.

7. Prepositions  Time

  • at, on, in–at 4 o’clock, on Monday, in March
  • for (summed up time), since (beginning time)–for two hours, since morning.
  • before, after–woke before the day break, slept after the night fall
  • from-to, between-and–from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., between 6 p.m. and 9 m.
  • during, within, till–during the entire day, within three days, till the day after tomorrow, till yesterday eg,

(i) This happened at 5 in the morning on a Monday in January in 1992.

(ii) It has been raining since last week and it has already rained for seven days.

(iii) She worshipped before eating and she worshipped after eating.

(iv) The show runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

(v) You can see the doctor between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

(vi) We went to Nainital during the holidays.

(vii) You will have to complete the test within the time provided.

(viii) I was quite unaware of this fact till yesterday.

(ix) They will keep the decision on hold till next week.

8. Prepositions    Cause, Purpose

of, from, for : died of cholera, suffering from fever, worked for social welfare

Rate: at, by–at the speed of 140 km/h, sugar sells by the kilogram, cloth by the metre and milk by the litre