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SSC CGL Phrasal verbs beginning with alphabet =”E” by neeru mam

SSC CGL Phrasal verbs beginning with alphabet =”E” by neeru mam

In this article, we are providing Phrasal Verb which has its own importance in the exam. It covers phrasal verbs starting with”E”. Learn them effectively and impetus yourself for all the upcoming exams regarding English Section in just a needed time and prepare yourself flawlessly.

We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.

ease off

It means to becomes weaker or less powerful.

The pain eased off after the doctor gave me a pain killer.

phrasal verbs by Neeru madam watch 

eat into

It means to use up, or reduce the amount of, something of value

The medical bills are eating into my savings

Eat into is used with savings, profits, income, time, free time.

egg on

It is used when we encourage someone to do something risky or foolish

His drunk friend egged him on to increase the speed of the car to 100 kms per hour which was the cause of the accident.

SSC CGL Phrasal Verbs

SSC CGL Phrasal Verbs

embark on/upon

It means to begin something, usually something that will be challenging and time-consuming

I wished her all the best when she embarked on her new job

Used with: career, campaign, venture, program, policy, project, course

empty out

It means to remove everything from inside something

At the immigration counter he was asked even to empty out his pockets.

She emptied out her bag and there was nothing but cosmetics.

Empty out is used with pockets, purse, bag, suitcase, bin, container, desk, drawer, cupboard, boot

end in

It is used when there is a certain result at the end of something

The state government’s policy of banning alcohol completely in the state ended in huge amount of financial loss to the treasury.

end with

It is used for the final part of something

The Olympics ended with a spectacular fireworks display.

engage in

It is used when one becomes involved in something related to competition or conflict, such as a debate, a battle, or a dispute.

These days I am engaged in preparing my son for the speech to be given on his annual day.

Used with: dispute, debate, conflict, war, warfare, battle, competition, struggle,

enter into

It is used when one gets involved in something like a discussion, an agreement, or a partnership.

The government has entered into talks with the rebel soldiers.

Used with : agreement, contract, deal, negotiations, partnership, relationship, talks

entitle to

It is used when one has a right right to have something or the right to do it.

As a Citizen of India you are entitled to many rights and privileges

entrust to

It is used when we give somebody responsibility for something of importance or value

The responsibility of running the household is entrusted to my wife.

SSC CGL Phrasal Verbs

entrust with

It is used when someone is given responsibility for something of importance or value

He was entrusted with the important files in the absence of his manager.

even up

It means to balance or equalize

We need to score five more points to even up the match.

expose to

When someone is exposed to something, one is introduced to something they might not otherwise see or experience.

Children should not be exposed to internet at a very young age.

expose to

It is used to make someone face a danger or a hazard

Nuclear weapons expose millions of people to deadly nuclear radiation.

Used with- danger, gunfire, radiation, heat, sunlight, hazardous chemicals

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