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SSC CGL Paper 4 ( Assistant Audit Officer) Questions | Tier 2

SSC CGL Paper 4 ( Assistant Audit Officer) Questions | Tier 2

Dear Aspirants,

Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) in CAG through SSC CGL Exam is one of the most sought after posts advertised from 2016 onward. This is the only gazetted post so it is in demand very much. Since this is a gazetted post, it requires some specialized knowledge and skill of Accounts & Finance. In this Article we are sharing questions based on SSC CGL paper 4  to boost your preparation

We wish you good luck for the upcoming SSC Exams.


Q1. What is the importance of globalization for multinational firms?

(a)Home demand, home factor conditions and domestic rivalry are no longer important to multinational firms

(b)A multinational firm can gain a competitive advantage in a foreign country

(c)The home base is no longer important to multinational firms

(d)Regions are no longer important in global competition

Q2. The new economic policy has components:




(d)All of these

Q3. The popular route of privatization of public enterprises in India has been


(b)Initial public offer

(c)Outright sale

(d)Sale of strategic partner

Q4. With reference to deficit financing, monetized deficit is the part that is financed through

(a)borrowings from public sector scheduled commercial banks

(b)external commercial borrowings

(c)borrowings from RBI

(d)none of the above

SSC CGL Paper 4 ( Assistant Audit Officer) Questions | Tier 2
Q5. The Economic Survey is complied by:

(a)Office of economic advisor.

(b)Central Statistical office ( CSO )

(c)National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO)

(d)Department of economic affairs.

Q6. Consider the following statements and identify the right ones.

  1. While calculating GDP, income generated by foreigners in a country is taken into consideration
  2. While calculating GDP, income generated by nationals of a country outside the country is taken into account

(a)i only

(b)ii only



Q7. Which of the following is added to national income while calculating personal income?

(a)Transfer payments to individuals

(b)Social security contributions

(c)Corporate taxes

(d)Undistributed profits

Q8. The value of NNP at consumer point is

(a)NNP at factor cost

(b)NNP at market price

(c)GNP at market price

(d)GNP at factor cost

Q9. The value of national income adjusted for inflation is called

(a)Per capita income

(b)Disposable income

(c)Inflation rate

(d)Real national income

SSC CGL Paper 4 ( Assistant Audit Officer) Questions | Tier 2

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Q10. The standard of living is often measured by:

(a)Real GDP Per capita

(b)Real GDP

(c)Real GDP * population

(d)Real GDP plus depreciation

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