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SSC CGL One word substitution beginning with H

SSC CGL One word substitutions beginning with H

SSC CGL One word substitutions beginning with H


  1. HOMICIDE : The act of killing a human being
  2. HAWKER : One who travels from place to place selling miscellaneous articles
  3. HEDONIST : One who believes that pleasure is the highest tool.
  4. HORTICULTURE : The art of cultivating and managing gardens
  5. HYPERBOLE : Exaggerated statement made for the sake of effect
  6. HOSTAGE : Person given to an enemy as a pledge
  7. HALLUCINATION : Seeing something which is not actually present.
  8. HAVEN : A place of calm and safety.
  9. HALLUCINOGEN : A drug that causes one to hallucinate.
  10. HEDONISM: Belief that the most important thing in the world is pleasure.
  11. HENCHMAN: Faithful supporter.
  12. HERBIVOROUS: Animals which feed on vegetation.
  13. HERCULEAN: Having enormous strength or size.
  14. HETEROGENOUS: Things which contain elements of different nature.
  15. HEDONIST : One who lives for pleasure.
  16. HERBIVORE : A plant-eating animal.
  17. HEXAGON: A figure with six sides and angles.
  18. HOMICIDE: Murder or murderer of a man.
  19. HOMOGENEOUS Things which contain elements of the same nature.
  20. HONORARY: A post for which no salary is paid.
  21. HOSPITABLE: Fond of entertaining guests.
  22. HYPOCONDRIA: Imaginary ailments
  23. HISTRIONICS : Overreacting in a theatrical manner.
  24. HOLOCAUST : Great destruction and the loss of many lives; the mass killing of Jews in World War II.
  25. HOLSTER : A leather holder for a pistol.
  26. HOMICIDE : The killing of one man by another man.
  27. HOMONYM : A word same as another in pronunciation but is different in meaning and spelling.
  28. HONORARY : An office for which no salary is paid.
  29. HOOLIGAN : A noisy rough person who causes trouble.
  30. HORTICULTURE : The art of garden cultivation.
  31. HUB : The central part of a wheel.
  32. HYPERCRITICAL : Excessively critical.
  33. HYPOCHONDRIAC : One who has exaggerated anxiety about his health.
  34. HYPOCRITICAL : Pretence of virtue or goodness; saying one thing while thinking another.
  35. HYPOTHESIS : Supposition made as basis for reasoning.

SSC CGL One word substitutions

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