ssc cgl one word substitution beginning with I

ssc cgl one word substitution beginning with I 

ssc cgl one word substitution beginning with I


  1. ICONOCLAST: One who opposes established institutions or beliefs.
  2. IDOLATRY: The worship of idols or images.
  3. IDEALISM: Practice of forming and following ideals.pinnacle coaching centre
  4. IDEOLOGY: Set of ideas at the basis of certain economic or political systems.
  5. IGNORAMUS: A thoroughly ignorant person.
  6. INVALID : A person who is sick
  7. INCENDIARY : One who maliciously sets fire to building
  8. INSOLVENT : One who cannot pay one’s debts
  9. INVINCIBLE : That which cannot be conquered
  10. INCOMBUSTIBLE : Incapable of being burnt
  11. INVISIBLE : That which cannot be seen
  12. IMAGINARY: Existing only in the mind.
  13. IMMIGRANT : One who comes into a foreign country to settle there
  14. IMMUNE: Free from infection
  15. IMMORTAL : Living for ever.
  16. IMPALPABLE : Incapable of being perceived by touch.
  17. IMPENETRATABLE: That which cannot be penetrated.
  18. IMPERCEPTIBLE: That which cannot be perceived by sense.
  19. IMPERIALISM: Policy of extending a country’s empire and influence.
  20. IMPERTINENT: Not showing proper respect. pinnacle coaching centre
  21. IMPIETY: Lack of respect or religious reverence.
  22. IMPONDERABLE : That which cannot be guessed or calculated.
  23. IMPOSTER: One who assumes a character or title not his own to deceive others.
  24. IMPREGNABLE: To strong to be overcome or defeated.
  25. IMPRESARIO: A manager or director of a ballet, a concert, a theatre or on opera company.
  26. IMPROMPTU: Something said or done without preparation.
  27. IMPUDENT: Rude and not respectful.
  28. IMPUNITY: Freedom from punishment.pinnacle coaching centre
  29. INACCESSIBLE: Incapable of being reached.
  30. INADMISSIBLE: That which cannot be admitted or allowed.
  31. INAUDIBLE: A sound that cannot be heard.
  32. INCENDIARY: Designed to cause fire/ likely to cause violence.
  33. INCOMBUSTIBLE : That which cannot be burnt.
  34. INCOMPARABLE : That which cannot be compared.
  35. INCORRIGIBLE:Incapable of being corrected.
  36. INCREDIBLE: Which can’t be believed.
  37. INCURABLE: Which cannot be cured.
  38. INDEFATIGUIBLE : Incapable of being tired.
  39. INDEFENSIBLE: Which cannot be defended.
  40. INDELIBLE: Which cannot be erased or forgotten
  41. INDEMNITY: Compensation for loss.
  42. INDESTRUCTIBLE : That which cannot be destroyed.
  43. INDIGNANT: Angry at injustice.
  44. INIMITABLE : That which cannot be imitated
  45. INDEFATIGABLE : Persons that cannot be wearied
  46. INTERNECINE : Causing destruction to both sides
  47. INTERPOLATE : Make (spurious & misleading) additions to a book
  48. ILLEGAL : That which is contrary to law.
  49. ILLEGIBLE : Handwriting which cannot be read.
  50. ILLITERATE : One who is unable to read or write.
  51. IMMEMORIAL : Too old to be remembered, ancient beyond memory.
  52. IMMINENT : About to happen.
  53. IMMORTAL : That which never dies.
  54. IMPASSABLE : That which cannot be passed through.
  55. IMPLACABLE : Impossible to satisfy, change or make less angry.
  56. INACCESSIBLE :That cannot be approached or reached.
  57. INAUSPICIOUS : Not of good omen.
  58. INCORPOREAL : Without a body.
  59. INCREDIBLE : That cannot be believed.
  60. INDEFATIGABLE : One who is incapable of being tired.
  61. INDELIBLE : Incapable of being effaced or cancelled or obliterated.
  62. INDIGENOUS : Belonging naturally to a place.
  63. INEDIBLE : Something which cannot be eaten.
  64. INEVITABLE : That which is bound to happen.
  65. INEXPLICABLE : That which cannot be explained.
  66. INFLAMMABLE : Capable of catching fire.
  67. INFLATE : To fill with air or gas.
  68. INGENIOUS : Very clever.
  69. INIMITABLE : That which cannot be imitated.
  70. INNATE : That which one is born with.
  71. INNOCUOUS : That which is quite harmless.
  72. INTANGIBLE : That cannot be mentally grasped.
  73. INTELLIGENTSIA : The class of people who think independently.
  74. INTOLERABLE : That which cannot be endured.
  75. INTROSPECTION : Examination of one’s own mental processes.
  76. INTUITION : Immediate apprehension by mind reasoning.
  77. INVINCIBLE : That cannot be conquered or defeated.
  78. INVULNERABLE : That which cannot be wounded.
  79. IRREPARABLE : That which cannot be repaired.
  80. IRREPROACHABLE : So good that no criticism can be made.
  81. IRRECONCILABLE:Impossible to find an agreement between.
  82. IRREVOCABLE: That which cant be altered.
  83. INTERCEPT : To check
  84. ITINERANT: One who travels from place to place.

ssc cgl one word substitution

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