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16th Feb SSC CGL Normalization court case update I exam status I Next date 10th April

16th Feb SSC CGL Normalization court case update I exam status

16th Feb SSC CGL Normalization court case update I exam status

SSC CGL Normalization : Today there was hearing in CAT related to normalization and stay order.

Petition was filed by aggrieved party so that ssc cgl tier 2 could not take place as per schedule till the verdict does not come on normalization. Another aspect was since ssc revised tier 1 result due to this extra 40,000 qualified tier 1. These candidates could not get sufficient time so exam should be postponed. But honorable high court dismissed the plea.


Exam postponed status (Tier 2) : CAT dismissed the plea. Therefore exam will be as per schedule now.

1st Case : Tier 2 will be as per schedule

Court didn’t find any convincing reasons to postponed. Since already few times this exam is postponed. So postponement and harassing existing qualifiers can not be way to solve normalization issue. If CAT order normalization ( 2nd case ) , SSC or other students may also go to high court so ongoing process can not be stopped. If normalization happens then separate exam can also be conducted. So conclusion is online process of tier 2 and tier 3 will be going as per schedule. All the best for tier 2 exam tomorrow !


Note :  “Application” means and includes Original Application(OA’), Review Application(RA’), Transferred Application (TA’), Miscellaneous Application (MA’) and Petition for Transfer (`PT’);

Above case is related to MA ( Miscellaneous Application )

2nd Case :  Normalization Status : next date 10th April 

CAT ( Central Administrative Tribunal ) could not decide and final verdict is yet to be announced by the court.

Next hearing will be on 10th April 2018. It means normalization issue is not over. OA ( Original Application ) was filed on 3rd Oct 2017 and after many hearing still CAT could not give its verdict. In other words case is strong and SSC is not able to handle it properly yet and playing delaying tactics. Anyway counter filing /supplement arguments and proof to support the case will be assessed by  the court and will come to conclusion on 10th April perhaps.

Hearing adjourned with directions.


All the best for SSC CGL Tier 2 exam !!!

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