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SSC CGL maths best ebook based on TCS

SSC CGL maths best ebook based on TCS

If any student is preparing for ssc exams his first priority should be that he must study relevant contents. Now a days so many platforms are there but in the competition many are deviating from the relevant contents to attract students. This dangerous trends we saw in 2018 SSC CGL Tier 2 papers where students prepared only hard questions while actually exam was just based on TCS pattern.

What is the definition of relevant content and how to judge it?

As such there is no definition for relevant but students should take into consideration which agency is taking the exams. Once you know that agency you can easily understand that every agency has a team of subject matter experts. E.g. if math questions are prepared by XYZ, then more likely he will make similar questions for ssc cgl tier 1, tier 2, cpo, chsl and mts. This pattern we have seen earlier in sify and now in tcs. Therefore as a smart student it is highly recommended that he should practice all questions which was conducted by this agency that is TCS. He will be the closest in understanding the pattern of SSC.

Where to find relevant content?

If you are looking for this content then Pinnacle 3200 MCQ TCS SSC Math eBook is the best and only such option available in the market.

Highlights of the ebook

  • It covers all TCS questions till date
  • All questions exam conducted by TCS SSC CGL Tier 1 2018, SSC CGL Tier 1 2019, SSC CGL Tier 2, SSC CHSL , SSC CPO , MTS
  • varieties of questions are given in starting so that students can revise quickly.
  • In fewer time students can cover the syllabus
  • At the starting of the chapter required concepts are given.
  • A detailed explanation of each question is given along with possible tricks
  • This e-book is divided in 90 days schedule. So it is beneficial for those who face difficulty in managing schedule.
  • Students can do any topic whenever he wants
  • This ebook is in viewable format therefore students need not to search his entire laptop or desktop. He can login at www.ssccglpinnacle.com and start studying.
Index Page of the ebook

Is this ebook part of SSC CGL Online course?

No, e-books and books are 2 other segments. So students have to choose Online courses, eBooks and books. In the online course, we provide PDF related to videos. Here eBook covers the entire syllabus.

Which other ebooks are coming in future related to SSC exams?

Find the list of e-books which you can purchase


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