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SSC CGL Math : How to score 230 -250 out of 250 in tier 1 and Tier 2

SSC CGL Math : How to score 230 -250 out of 250 in tier 1 and Tier 2

SSC CGL Math : How to score 230 -250 out of 250 in tier 1 and Tier 2

SSC CGL math complete strategy discussion is done by Baljit Dhaka sir. In this video composition of ssc cgl tier 1 and tier 2 is discussed in details.

In box 1 which is the most important there are five chapters. 57 questions came in ssc cgl 2017 mains from these 5 chapters of box 1 and this trend is the same since last many years. However the trend is likely to remain same for 2018 and coming years. Level of questions can vary but overall structural scenario is likely to remain the same. Which are these five chapters and their contribution in box 1?

  1. Geometry 10 questions
  2. Mensuration 15 questions
  3. Trigonometry 10 questions
  4. Algebra 10 questions
  5. Number system : 12  questions

Students are advised to focus on these five chapters and their 80% time should be invested on these five topics i.e. box 1 chapters.

2nd box consists : 34 questions

  1. Ratio and Proportion : 6 questions
  2. Percentage : 4 questions
  3. Average : 4 questions
  4. CI & SI : 4 questions
  5. Work and Time : 4 questions
  6. Profit and loss : 4 questions
  7. Discount 4 questions
  8. Time and distance : 4 questions

This box chapters are comparatively easy and expected that all questions should be correct from this box. 70-80% of student’s time should go to box 1 while preparing for math while 15-20 percentage time should go to 2nd box.

While the third box which need not much preparation as questions are easy and weightage is less. So 1-2 days is enough.

Students should focus on four components :

  1. Concepts
  2. Tricks
  3. Practice
  4. Management

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SSC CGL Math : How to score

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